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Even the most well-rounded diet can have gaps. One day you might skip eating your green, leafy vegetables. This could result in low levels of B vitamins and iron. There are many different nutrients that are necessary for your body to function properly. It’s easy to miss some of them. There are a number of ways that you can fill these gaps, including taking a multivitamin powder.

There's no doubt that men, women and kids can benefit from taking multivitamins. So whether you're looking for a women's plant-based multivitamin or a kids organic multivitamin, finding a well-rounded multivitamin product is crucial.

They come in a few different forms, and we’re going to be talking about multivitamin powder today. This is a versatile product that you can use in foods and beverages to get the nutrients that your body needs. We’ll look at specifics you should pay attention to when shopping around for a multivitamin powder as well as some specific products to get you started.

Quick Table of Our Top-Rated Picks

Product Name

What you get




1st Phorm Micro-Factor Powder

Antioxidant, multivitamin, probiotic, CoQ10, Fruit & Veggie formula, goMCT

Mango Pineapple, Mixed Berry, Orange


4.9/5 (Over 40 reviews)


Vitamins and Minerals, Superfood Complex, Dairy Free Probiotics, Antioxidants, Enzyme and Mushroom Complex

Greens Powder Only


4.6/5 (Over 13,000 reviews)


20 Key vitamins and minerals, beetroot, insoluble and soluble fiber, prebiotics blend, Bacillus coagulans probiotic



4.5/5 (Over 20 reviews)

Equi Life Daily Nutritional Support

Vitamin, Minerals, Antioxidant, Electrolyte, Vegan Protein

Chocolate, Vanilla (Vitamin, Mineral and Protein Formula)


4.8/5 (Over 900 reviews)

Steel Multi-V

Antioxidant, minerals, vitamins

Old Fashioned Lemonade, Spiced Apple Cider (Needs work, according to customers)


4.2/5 (Over 100 reviews)

Sport Formula Multi-Vitamin Powder

BCAA, Electrolytes, Natural B Energy Complex

Fruit Punch


4.3/5 (Over 650 reviews)

Are Vitamins Better In Powder Form?

guide to multivitamin powders

When you take a multivitamin tablet, it will be broken down by your digestive system. The powder from the vitamin will then be absorbed into your body. This entire process takes quite a bit of time, often resulting in minimal absorption of nutrients. When you’re using a multivitamin in powder form, you usually mix it with some sort of fluid and then drink it. This allows the body to better absorb the nutrients so you make the most out of the supplement you’re using. You may see faster results as well.

What to Look For in a Powder Multivitamin

finding powdered multi vitamins

You may know that your body will benefit from the use of a multivitamin, but do you know what you should be looking for in a product? Here are some tips to get you started.

Trust: Brand and Ingredient Transparency

Customers that trust a brand are going to purchase products and come back often to buy more. Trust is how a multivitamin supplement brand gains popularity. This trust comes from being very transparent about how a product is made and with what kinds of ingredients. Many reputable companies go as far as to disclose where they source their ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. When you’re going to be taking something daily, it’s important that you know what you’re dealing with.

Rating: Verified Customer Reviews

Verified customer reviews can come from a few different places. First, check the company website for the product brand that you’re considering for your multivitamin powder. You can also look for reviews on trusted websites such as TrustPilot, Amazon or wherever else you might be shopping. Look at the positive reviews to see what people liked, but don’t skip over the negative reviews. There might be some important information in those reviews that you don’t want to miss.

Safety: Third-Party Tested

When a product is third-party tested, this means a separate company is putting that product through a very rigorous testing process to determine if that product is safe, to confirm its purity, potency and often to check for contamination (allergens, heavy metals, etc.).

The 5 Best Powder Multivitamin

Now it’s time to look at what I think are the five best multivitamin powder products for sale right now. These products come from reputable and trustworthy brands that have a loyal customer base. Feel free to do a little more of your own research beyond what I’m including here today.

#1: 1st Phorm Micro Factor Multivitamin Powder

micro-factor multivitamin powder

Micro Factor Multivitamin Powder from 1st Phorm combines six different features into one delicious product. For a strong immune system and to fill in nutritional gaps, 1st Phorm has included Phyt02 and Spirulina to repair free radical damage in your body. These antioxidants can also reverse signs of aging. Precise amounts of vitamins and minerals have been selected for optimal performance each day.

1st Phorm has also included a probiotic in their multivitamin powder to boost the amount of beneficial bacteria that’s present in your microbiome. CoQ10 increases cellular energy and C8 and C10 MCT’s help your body with ketone conversion.

This product is a great over 40 women's vitamins powder as well.


  • Has a pleasant, mild and natural flavor
  • Natural energy boost without a crash later on
  • Contains beneficial fruits and vegetables
  • Fills in nutritional gaps while also boosting your gut health


  • Contains artificial sweeteners (sucralose)

#2: AG1

ag1 multivitamin green powder

Athletic Greens is made from high quality ingredients while adhering to strict standards of manufacturing. This formulation (one of our best super greens powder for losing weight as well) is based on scientific research, providing your body with what it needs to thrive. Bioavailable ingredients have been chosen to make sure that you’re absorbing everything that is included in your powder multivitamin.

AG1 contains 75 different vitamins and minerals that are sourced from whole foods. This product boosts your gut health thanks to prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It also boosts your immune system along with a healthy dose of vitamin C. Easy absorption provides you with consistent energy throughout the day.

Learn more about AG1 in our Opti-Greens 50 compared to Athletic Greens article.


  • You mix together one scoop of product into an eight-ounce glass of water once per day for easy preparation and consumption
  • Vegan, Paleo, and Keto-friendly
  • Better absorbed than pills or capsules
  • This is essentially a multivitamin, minerals blend and probiotics in one
  • Gluten free, nut free and dairy free


  • Not recommended for use during pregnancy, but you should be utilizing a specially formulated prenatal at that point in time anyway

#3 CardioFitMD from 1MD Nutrition

CardioFitMD multivitamin powder

CardioFitMD is a doctor-formulated multivitamin drink mix packed with superfoods for all-in-one daily nutritional support. Plus, this vitamin powder focuses on heart health, allowing users to maintain their healthy, active lifestyle through all ages and stages.

1MD Nutrition includes in its formula a potent combination of 20 key letter vitamins and minerals, insoluble and soluble fiber, and a prebiotics blend, helping you to take an all-encompassing approach to your health and well-being.


  • It’s an all-in-one drink mix, no need for multiple daily supplements
  • Doctor-formulated
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, soluble and insoluble fibers, prebiotics, and probiotics
  • Tasty Berry Lemonade flavor
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Supports blood pressure levels and circulation
  • Can help you to maintain a healthy weight
  • Very affordable monthly costs


  • This formula contains its own blend of pre and probiotics, so be aware if you’re already taking a separate supplement

#4: Equi Life Daily Nutritional Support

equi life powder nutrition support

Equi Life Daily Nutritional Support is much more than just a multivitamin supplement. This product is designed to provide your body with the fuel that it needs on a daily basis. Even eating healthy each day can’t get you this many nutrients. It’s a vegan, hypoallergenic protein powder that contains activated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and detox ingredients.

A lot of protein powders and supplements focus on simply increasing your protein intake. This is a unique product in that it is formulated to also provide micronutrients to your body. Not only will you feel better, but your body will function more efficiently. You may also see a change in how your skin, hair and nails look. Support hydration levels to boost your energy, detox the body and keep your system functioning optimally.


  • Equi Life Daily Nutritional Support is 12 nutritional supplements in one
  • One serving contains 15 grams of protein (vegan sourced)
  • Electrolytes help increase your hydration, energy levels and heart health
  • Antioxidants and minerals support optimal immune function
  • Supports liver detoxification


  • This isn’t just a powdered multivitamin, it’s also a protein powder

#5: Steel Multi-V

steel multi V

Steel Fit USA’s Multi-V product is an advanced multivitamin and multimineral product that is designed to boost your energy and performance. You receive more than 30 nutrients in each dose, meeting all of your body’s nutritional demands. Various formulated complexes have been added to support metabolism, antioxidant function and cognitive health. Easy to mix and consume, you get all of your necessary nutrients from this well-rounded product from Steel Fit USA

Some of the key nutrients in this product include:

  • Vitamin A- A fat soluble vitamin that is essential for vision, immune support and cellular communication
  • Vitamin D- Promotes adequate absorption of calcium, supports bone health and improves cellular growth
  • Vitamin E- Contains antioxidant properties that protects and repairs cells
  • Vitamin K- Required for protein synthesis and healthy clotting of blood. Boosts metabolism and regulates calcium levels.
  • Vitamin C- Necessary for collagen production and protein metabolism. Also boosts the immune system.
  • Vitamin B1- A water-soluble vitamin that boosts energy metabolism and cellular function
  • Vitamin B2- Riboflavin helps maintain adequate levels of homocysteine in the body
  • Vitamin B3- Helps the conversion of food into energy while also repairing and replicating DNA
  • Vitamin B6- Essential for ample energy and a properly functioning immune system


  • Contains antioxidants that will detox your body
  • Increases your performance ability
  • High potency formula fills in nutritional gaps and nourishes your body
  • Aids in weight management by boosting your metabolism


  • Flavor choices are a bit unique (Old Fashioned Lemonade, Spiced Apple Cider)

#6: Sport Formula MultiVitamin Powder

sport formula multivitamin powder

Sport Formula’s Multivitamin Powder allows you to build thirty-percent more muscle while burning thirty-percent more fat. It’s an essential product to have if you're paying close attention to your weight. Not only do you get all of your essential nutrients in one dose of this product, but you can use it as a preworkout and electrolyte combination as well. Sourced from fresh, raw and cold processed nutrients, your body will use this multivitamin powder from Sport Formula to process proteins into muscle and carbohydrates and fat into energy.


  • Contains 2000 mg of BCAA per serving of powerful amino acids like Arginine, L Glutamine and L Carnitine
  • Increases mental clarity
  • Completely dissolves in water with just a few stirs
  • Ingredients like citrus bioflavonoids, cysteine, lysine and methionine all strengthen the organic cell wall
  • Organic greens superfood product also available


  • The product says it can be taken orally without fluid, but this doesn’t seem like a pleasant way of consuming it

Top Three Benefits of Multivitamin Powders

benefits multi vitamin powder supplements

Multivitamins provide your body with essential nutrients, minerals and so much more. There are countless benefits of adding a supplement like this into your routine, but let’s look at the top three benefits of multivitamin powders.

Builds Stronger Immune System

There are a number of vitamins and minerals included in the majority of the multivitamin products on the market which will boost immune function. You’re probably aware of the benefits of vitamin C supplementation for immune health, but there are other nutrients you can benefit from for this purpose, such as vitamins E, A and D. Many of these products also contain probiotics and prebiotics, which boost your gut health. Much of our immune system is located in our gut microbiome.

Helps Keep Nutritional Balance

While you may have the best intentions when it comes to eating a healthy and organic diet, there will inevitably be gaps in your nutrient consumption each day. It’s hard to determine what you’re missing on any given day, so the best thing you can do is utilize a multivitamin powder to fill in those gaps. This allows you to be sure you’re getting a steady and comprehensive flow of nutrients every day so you can maintain nutritional balance within your body.

Could Improve Brain Health

Brain health is managed through vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and even the state of your gut. You can improve your brain health with the use of a multivitamin product that contains ingredients like vitamin B6, B9 and B12. Vitamins E and C boost brain health and also protect against things like Alzheimer’s disease.

The Bottom Line

Multivitamin powders come in different formulations from different brands, targeting specific demographics of people. Some brands sell products geared towards women and men separately and within different age brackets.

There are products that pregnant and nursing women (postnatal multivitamins) use to fulfill the unique nutrient requirements that they have during this time of their life. On the flip side, there's also some great multivitamins for TTC (trying to conceive). Teens and young children have very different nutritional requirements than adults do because of the fact they're growing and developing so much each day.

In this article we specifically took a look at powdered multivitamin supplements for adults. Not only do these products provide you with nutrient supplementation, but they offer unique formulations that are easy to mix and consume.

A lot of multivitamin capsules and tablets don’t get properly absorbed by the body. That means that no matter how many beneficial ingredients are included in a product, you’re not going to be able to reap the benefits of everything if you’re not absorbing it.

Each of these products offers a slightly different formulation, making them a great place to start if you’re interested in purchasing a multivitamin powder supplement in the near future. Consider your specific nutrient needs and what you are looking to accomplish with a supplement, and you'll be on your way to picking the perfect multivitamin powder.

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