One of the biggest pitfalls of working out from home is finding the space to store the equipment you need. Of course, you can exercise without any equipment at all, but having some can amplify your results and provide you with the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

Treadmills are one of the handiest pieces of fitness equipment you can have; they provide so much versatility and allow you to walk and run indoors, some of the best cardiovascular workouts you can perform. 

The problem is that treadmills are notoriously bulky and expensive. Enter the Mobvoi Home Treadmill. This compact, foldable treadmill caught my attention and I knew that I wanted to take a closer look, sharing my complete Mobvoi Treadmill review with you here so that you can determine if this is the right fit for your home.

We’ll analyze the specs, the brand, and the benefits, helping you to decide if this treadmill is worth it for you.

What is Mobvoi?

There are a lot of players in the fitness equipment industry, and Mobvoi isn’t likely to be one of the first names you think of. That’s because Mobvoi is more of an AI/tech company than a fitness company, but considering these two concepts are so intertwined now, it makes complete sense. In fact, AI is giving traditional gyms a run for their money

mobvoi brand logo

A up and coming tech company.

Overall, the company strives to redefine human-machine interaction by creating a more natural way for people to interact with machines. Since 2012, Mobvoi has been releasing innovative products that are breaking new ground in the tech space. Their treadmill is just the latest release in a line of cool tech gadgets, including their massively popular TicWatch.

The Mobvoi Home Treadmill is their first venture into the home gym equipment space, so let’s take a closer look at what it is, what it does, and why you might consider it for your home.

convenient treadmill for small spaces

A connected tread that is so convenient for small spaces and busy people.

Mobvoi’s Home Treadmill is a slim, compact, stow-able treadmill that’s meant to fit neatly into any home or situation. Where traditional treadmills are bulky and cumbersome, Mobvoi’s model is sleek and easy to fold and store in a corner, under your bed, or inside a closet. Plus, the four included transport wheels make it simple to maneuver around anywhere.

Adding to the convenience and versatility of this tread is the fact that there are two different modes; walking mode and running mode. When utilized in walking mode, you can use your treadmill as an under-the-desk option. For running, the handrail is engaged and ready to support you during your run.

Below are some additional features of this treadmill:

Mobvoi Treadmill - Features

mobvoi home treadmill features

LED touchscreen display

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

2.25HP ultra-quiet motor

Five-layer running belt with a water-resistant surface, sound-insulation layer, high-strength support layer, shock-absorbing layer, and compression layer

Remote control for speed

Safety key

Smooth, easy movement

Water-resistant surface

Shock absorbing layer

Next, let’s dig into more details that will help you determine this treadmill’s worthiness.


specs of mobvoi home treadmill

Max Speed:

Walking mode (max 4km/hour)

Speed Range:


Working Voltage:

AC - 110V, 50 Hz

Motor Power:

DC 0.75 HP



Control Method:

Touch screen + remote controller

Running Belt:

Diamond Pattern

Walking/Running Area:

400mm x 1000mm / 15.75 x 39.37 Inch

Max User Weight:


Product Size:

L1235 x W685 x H1065 mm / L49 x W27 x H42 Inch

Folding Size:

L1325 x W685 x H112 mm / L52 x W27 x H4.4 Inch


Tech and Design

It’s clear that Mobvoi had two goals in mind when creating their home treadmill:

  1. To make it compact and easy to store.
  2. Fill it with cutting-edge technology.
tech and design of mobvoi treadmill

Typically, these two goals were mutually exclusive; you couldn’t have both. Most compact treadmills feature the bare-bones tech (see: Treadly) and most advanced treadmills are large and bulky (see: Peloton Tread). Mobvoi, on the other hand, has managed to combine these two and make a compact treadmill that we actually would want to use.

compact treadmill that folds

As far as design goes, it’s compact, foldable, slim, and convertible. You can use the treadmill with the arm down in its walking mode, or you can pop the arm up and use it for running, the choice is yours. 

It also includes a robust, 5-layer belt that’s quite impressive for such a low-cost treadmill. Anyone who has ever walked or ran on a treadmill can attest to the fact that the quality of the belt makes a big difference in your experience. One of the reasons that treadmills get such a bad reputation is because they can be so jarring on your joints. Mobvoi’s 5-layer support helps to absorb that shock and lessen the burden on your body.

Safety Features

Safety was a big consideration for Mobvoi when designing this machine, as evidenced by the inclusion of multiple safety features. Like most treadmills, there’s an included safety key that can be attached to your clothing. If for some reason you fall, the safety key will pull out and immediately stop the treadmill’s belt.

In addition to the safety key, they also included a remote control which allows you to control your speed and stop/start the treadmill at any time with just a quick click of the button. Using the remote instead of leaning forward and using the touchscreen allows you to remain more in control and mitigate the risk of injury.


This treadmill is quite impressive in the power department, especially considering the size of the machine. Boasting a powerful 2.25 HP motor, this treadmill has more power than most full-size options. Couple that with the fact that it’s super quiet and you have yourself the perfect machine for using any time, including while the kids are napping or while you’re on a conference call for work. 

Unfortunately, the powerful motor doesn’t translate to high speeds for the belt. The top walking speed is 4km/h or 2.48 mph and the top running speed is 12km/h or 7.45 mph. Luckily, these speeds are very average and will be plenty sufficient for most walkers and runners. However, advanced individuals may find that the top speed is a little too low for them.

Who Is The Mobvoi Home Treadmill Best For?

This piece of fitness equipment, like any piece of fitness equipment, is not made for everyone. You should consider the Mobvoi treadmill if you:

  • Are short on space and desire to have a treadmill that you can easily stow away when not in use.
  • Would like to have an under-the-desk treadmill to help you get more movement and steps into your day.
  • Like to both walk and run and would like the option to choose between the two.
  • Don’t have a desire to run fast or sprint.
  • Want to experience smart fitness technology without paying a lofty price tag.
  • Need your treadmill to be quiet.
  • Have sensitive joints that require extra cushioning and support to help absorb the impact and keep you safe.

On the other side of the coin, is those who should NOT choose Mobvoi for their treadmill. Don’t go with Mobvoi if you:

  • Are a serious runner and need to achieve speeds faster than about 7 mph for your training.
  • Would like to adjust your incline to provide an additional challenge to your workouts.
  • Wish to enjoy all the bells and whistles that many modern treadmills have these days.
  • Want a treadmill that comes with programming and workouts like Peloton, NordicTrack, or Echelon.

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Pros - What I Love About Mobvoi’s Home Treadmill

  • Slim, space-saving design makes the Mobvoi Home Treadmill an easy fit for most situations and space accommodations.
  • The foldable design and included wheels make it easy to move around the room and/or stow away under the bed or in a closet when not in use.
  • Included phone/tablet holder allows you to watch your favorite shows or listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook while you walk or jog.
  • Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to what you want without needing headphones.
  • There are two modes to choose from; walking or running and the speed ranges are based on which mode you’re in (handle up for running, and down for walking)
  • The tread belt is multi-layer, making it smooth to use and safe for your joints.
  • It’s incredibly quiet when in operation.
  • The motor is impressively powerful for the price.
  • Can be used as an under-desk treadmill to enhance your fitness and work/life balance.
  • There is a safety key that will automatically stop the belt should you slip or fall while running.
  • You can control the belt either with the touchscreen LED display or by using the handy remote control for a hands-free experience.
  • You can get this treadmill for less than $500!

Cons - Things to Consider Before Buying the Mobvoi Treadmill

  • The max running speed is just over 7 mph, which is enough for casual joggers, but probably not enough for experienced runners or those who are training or pushing their speed.
  • There is no option for incline adjustment, the incline is fixed which means you won’t be able to add the additional challenge of “hills” in your workouts.
  • Max user weight is 265 lbs, which is less than most home treadmills.

Final Thoughts: Is The Mobvoi Home Treadmill Worth It?

Yes, the Mobvoi Treadmill is a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a simplistic, affordable treadmill that you can easily fold, move, and store when it’s not in use. Additionally, many people find that this is the perfect under-desk treadmill to help them incorporate more movement into their workday.

For those looking to do the basics with their treadmill, i.e. walk, jog, and watch/listen to media, you’ll find that the Mobvoi Home Treadmill ticks all the boxes for you. Overall, I am impressed with the value that Mobvoi provides at a price point that feels affordable to most. There are some exciting safety and functionality features that you don’t typically see on most treadmills that fall into the budget-friendly category, so that’s a major plus in my book.

Most recreational walkers and joggers will find that the Mobvoi Treadmill covers all their needs and then some. Although it’s a new product to the market, judging off from Mobvoi’s other products and their success, it’s promising that their treadmill will be just as popular and it’s only a matter of time before we start reading rave Mobvoi Treadmill reviews. For less than $500, this piece of fitness equipment is a very worthy investment!

Think the Mobvoi Treadmill is a good fit for you?

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