Tight, toned abs; we all want them but don’t always know how to get it done. I’ll preface this medicine ball workout for abs by saying that the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen,” is quite true. You won’t be able to see any ab definition if you have a layer of fat over them and the only way to lose that fat is to eat in a calorie deficit.

However, targeted ab workouts also play a hand in building your core muscles. Combine the two and you have yourself a recipe for tight, toned abs that not only look and feel great, but that contribute to your strong, capable body!

Since my medicine ball exercises for legs and my medicine ball workout for arms has been gaining popularity, I decided to up the ante and put together a core workout.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to my favorite medicine ball workout for abs, using just 6 movements. So grab your medicine ball and let’s get to work strengthening your core.

6 Movements for Toned Abs Using a Medicine Ball

Let’s jump right into the movements that we’re going to use in this medicine ball ab workout. I chose my favorites and I’ll walk you through how to perform each one before we get ready to put them all together and tackle this workout.

1. Medicine Ball V-Ups

V-ups 1
V-ups 2
  • Begin by lying flat on your back with your legs extended
  • Holding your med ball in your hands, pull your arms overhead
  • Simultaneously lift your hands and your feet, meeting in the middle of your body so that you’re forming a V shape
  • At the top, slowly lower your arms and legs back down to the floor

2. Medicine Ball Crunches

med ball crunches 1
med ball crunches 2
  • Begin by lying on your mat with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor
  • Hold your med ball with both hands , arms extended, in front of your chest
  • Begin raising your torso, keeping your arms extended, until you’re in the sitting position
  • Allow your med ball to extend overhead
  • Slowly lower yourself back down to the floor

3. Medicine Ball Russian Twists

med ball russian twist 1
med ball russian twist 2
  • Begin by sitting on your mat with your feet planted on the floor
  • Hold your medicine ball in front of your torso with both hands
  • Balancing on your tailbone, begin rotating your torso while moving your ball side to side

4. Medicine Ball Leg Raises

med ball leg raises 1
med ball leg raises 2
  • Begin by lying flat on your mat, holding your med ball between your feet
  • Keeping your head, neck, and shoulders on the mat, slowly lift and lower your feet, keeping the med ball squeezed throughout the entire motion

5. Medicine Ball Lunging Woodchop

lunging woodchop 1
lunging woodchop 2
  • Begin by standing with your hips shoulder width apart
  • Lift your med ball over one shoulder, holding it with both hands
  • Lunge your opposite foot forward, keeping your front knee in line with your front foot
  • “Chop” your med ball across your body towards the lunging knee
  • Return the ball back to your shoulder while simultaneously standing back up

6. Medicine Ball Overhead Circles

med ball overhead circles 1
med ball overhead circles 2
  • Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart with a soft bend in your knees
  • Holding your med ball in both hands, lift it over your head
  • Begin to circle your ball in a circular motion, focusing on making the largest circles you can while maintaining control and a neutral spine
  • Perform for the prescribed amount of reps in one direction before switching to the other direction

Medicine Ball Abs Workout

Now that you have the 6 movements down, let’s put them together into an effective 10-15 minute circuit that will light your abdominal muscles on fire. Want to increase the challenge? Add on an extra round or two of these circuits!

Circuit 1: Repeat 2X

  1. Medicine Ball Crunches 15 reps
  2. Medicine Ball Russian Twists 16 reps (alternating sides)
  3. Medicine Ball Overhead Circles 8 reps in each direction

Circuit 2: Repeat 2x

  1. Medicine Ball V-Ups 10 reps
  2. Medicine Ball Leg Raises 10 reps
  3. Medicine Ball Lunging Woodchop 8 reps each side

Build Your Core and Boost Your Confidence

I hope you enjoyed this medicine ball core workout! If you did, come let me know in my Facebook group, on Instagram, or through email. I love hearing your feedback!

As a final note, I want to remind you that there is no magic pill to get abs, it requires hard work and dedication. Also, keep in mind that having defined abs might not be as rewarding as it’s cracked up to be. Those people that you see with chiseled abs? They’re likely on a very strict diet and exercise regime, and, spoiler alert: they’re probably not as happy as they appear on Instagram.

If you want to strengthen your core and feel better in your clothes, this workout will help you accomplish that. There’s nothing wrong with having aesthetic goals, but try not to live and die by them, ok? Life’s too short to be anything but happy and confident in the skin you’re in.

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