Waking up with a stiff and aching body in the morning is a familiar sensation to many older women. However, you don't have to put up with this kind of discomfort.

Certain natural compounds can ease joint pain and help you to move more freely at any time of day.

You have several choices when it comes to supplements that support healthy joints. Unfortunately, many of them are not as effective as others. These less-beneficial options tend to have all sorts of fillers, binders and other unnecessary ingredients that have no positive effects at their best and could potentially be harmful at their worst.

As a nutritionist, I try to be pretty careful about what I put in my body. I conducted a review of the labels of several joint relief supplements, using my academic and professional background as a lens to help me determine which are the most likely to be beneficial.

From an objective, scientific standpoint, I discovered that certain supplement products appear far more likely to be clinically effective than others.

One product that I believe has the potential to offer enhanced benefits to users is Liposomal Joint Relief from Manna. Let's learn more about this product as well as competing options that also could be good choices depending upon your preferences and needs.

Is Liposomal Joint Relief Absorbed Better Than Traditional Capsules?

This is what really sets Manna Liposomal Joint Relief apart from the competition. Liposomes are a subject that I encountered while undergoing my education as a nutritionist. However, I realize that they may not be as familiar to others.

Simply put, liposomes are minuscule molecules that are closely related to the cell membranes that are found throughout the human body. Manna injects the ingredients in their supplements into liposomes. Because the supplement ingredients are encased in a membrane that is a great deal like ordinary cell membranes, the body recognizes the supplements as a naturally occurring part of the body.

When the body discovers foreign substances, it looks to flush them away as quickly as possible. This is why vitamins and other supplements that are delivered in traditional ways, such as in capsules, are not absorbed as completely by the body. Accordingly, you aren't getting the full benefit of the contents of the supplement when you take a capsule.

Liposomal delivery is different. The body doesn't try to flush away the liposomes so you can take full advantage of the active ingredients in the supplement.

Manna Liposomal Joint Relief Overview

spoon and manna joint relief

Like other products that they make, Manna Lipsomal Joint Relief relies on liposomes as a delivery method. Manna has actually developed a proprietary system called Nanofuse Lipsomal technology. All Manna products rely on liposomal delivery to ensure that their products are absorbed by the body up to ten times better than competing products that are in capsule or powder form.

Using an all-natural formula and offering a 90-day money-back guarantee, Manna Liposomal Joint Relief contains only ingredients that support better joint health. These include glucosamine, chondroitin, curcumin, quercetin and MSM. These natural anti-inflammatory agents could significantly improve your ability to move freely, recover from tough exercise sessions and wake up with fewer aches and pains.


I really like the nutritional label on Manna Liposomal Joint Relief. It contains precisely what is needed to help loosen up your joints and nothing else. Without fillers, binders or other questionable, non-active ingredients, this seems like a safe and effective supplement.

Moreover, I really appreciate the liposomal delivery of this supplement. Manna refers to liposomes as "life jackets" for nutrients, and this is an apt comparison. Average supplements in capsule or powder form are believed to only be absorbed at a rate of ten percent. Manna's Nanofuse Liposomal technology brings supplement absorption up to nearly 100-percent, and that's exactly what you want when you're hoping for greater mobility and fewer aches.


If I had to make a complaint about Manna Liposomal Joint Relief, it would be the price. A single bottle will run you about $60, and that bottle will only last you one month.

Of course, it looks like Manna has a good reason for charging this price. The ingredients not only are on-target but also of superior quality. With nearly 100-percent absorption, this is one supplement that might be worth the price.

Manna Joint Relief Ingredients

spoon serving of manna joint relief

Here's what I really like about this product. The ingredient list is plain and simple without any additives or fillers. What you get in the bottle is simply natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to support joint health.

Let's examine each of these ingredients and what they can do to help with mobility and leading a pain-free lifestyle.


Chances are good that you've heard of glucosamine before. This naturally occurring substance is found in the cartilage in your body. It's a tough tissue that provides essential cushioning to your hardworking joints.

The breakdown, inflammation and loss of cartilage frequently accompany aging, but regularly supplementing with glucosamine can help to stop and reverse this damage. Glucosamine is widely used, well-known and typically does not have harmful side effects. Many people who suffer from osteoarthritis and other joint problems find great relief through glucosamine.


Like glucosamine, chondroitin occurs naturally in the human body as it is one of the major building blocks of cartilage. Chondroitin excels at attracting and absorbing water into connective tissues. As an added bonus, this molecule prevents certain enzymes from destroying cartilage. It can even help your body to build new cartilage when it's needed.

Curcumin & Quercetin

These powerful antioxidants are super performers when it comes to bringing down and preventing inflammation in the body. People who suffer from arthritis as well as general joint stiffness and pain frequently report that they experience a reduction in symptoms when they regularly take a supplement that contains curcumin and quercetin.


MSM is an acronym for methylsulfonylmethane, and it's a natural chemical that is found in people and animals. People often report that pain and swelling can be lessened through the use of a supplement that contains MSM. In addition to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, MSM can be beneficial for people who are suffering from tenosynovitis, tendinitis and bursitis.

Reality vs. Claimed Benefits

Manna makes many claims for its Liposomal Joint Relief supplement. They call this a product that provides "complete joint support" that improves comfort and mobility. In addition, the manufacturer claims that users can expect superior absorption when compared to other joint relief products, which means that muscle recovery is improved and connective tissue actually gets healthier.

These are pretty lofty claims, but I have to say that it looks like Manna's formulation likely lives up to the hype. The clear and simple nutrition label really says it all. As a nutritionist, I can attest that all of these ingredients have been clinically proven to be effective for minimizing joint pain and stiffness. When taken together, these ingredients could be extremely beneficial for those suffering from chronic discomfort.

Manna Joint Relief vs. The Competition

Of course, Manna isn't the only player in this game. Several other supplements claim to help people find considerable relief from stiff, painful joints.

How does the competition stack up? Let's take a closer look.

FlexAgain vs Manna Joint Relief

FlexAgain doesn't have fillers, which is always a big plus in my book, but after reviewing their website, I'm left with a multitude of questions. The website contains things you want to see, such as references to several scientific studies. At the same time, it is so filled with spelling and grammatical errors that I find myself wondering how serious and professional this company is. If they can't take the time to produce a professional website to sell their product, how careful are they about the ingredients that go into the supplement?

Still, the list of ingredients contains everything that's on the list for Manna Liposomal Joint Relief plus a few extras like Omega 3s, bromelain and ginger. It is in pill form, which suggests that absorption likely is poor. Also, the instructions say to take four pills per day, and this seems like it would be uncomfortable or at least inconvenient for most people.

JOCKO Joint Warfare vs. Manna Joint Relief

This offering appears more professional and reputable than FlexAgain. Containing glucosamine, curcumin and MSM in addition to Boswellia Serrata, Joint Warfare has a different formulation when compared with Manna. It's a nice combination of joint support and anti-inflammatory compounds. Some people may be bothered that that this product contains ingredients that are derived from shellfish including shrimp and crab. Steer clear if you have an allergy or object to the use of animals in this manner.

Jocko appears to be an overall more professional operation than FlexAgain. However, I don't see evidence of scientific research backing up their claims on the website. Various user reviews suggest that the capsules are not particularly stable, and this also is unlikely to be as effective of a delivery method as Manna's liposomal approach.

1st Phorm Joint Mobility vs. Manna Joint Relief

1st Phrom is a brand that generally appears reputable, and a review of their other products indicates that they rely on high-quality ingredients and science-backed formulations. The label for this product doesn't feature MSM or glucosamine, which seems like an oversight for a joint relief supplement. Since these ingredients support the reparation of cartilage, I'm less inclined to recommend it for those suffering from joint pain and stiffness. That's because it is unlikely to promote long-term relief from these symptoms.

There's no shellfish in this formulation, which can be a huge advantage for many people. In each gelatin capsule are ingredients such as cissus quadrangularis aerial parts extract and ParActin. Cissus is well-known in Africa and Asia for its healing properties. Asian countries also have made widespread use of Andrographis paniculata, a healing herb, for millennia.

The company recommends taking three capsules a day to experience relief. Only available for sale on their website, this product is missing a few joint relieving ingredients that I'd like to see. Still, it's alternative ingredients could be more effective for some users.

Real Manna Joint Relief Reviews and Product Rating

holding manna joint relief

It's always valuable to see what people who have actually used a product have to say about its effectiveness. In the case of Manna Liposomal Joint Relief, it was easy to find positive reviews and ratings.

User Josie M. declares, "I can't believe I'm pain free!" Jonathan H. compares his experience with Manna to those he had with other products, saying, "I was taking multiple pills a day trying to manage my back and knee pain. Now I'm just down to one easy liquid vitamin."

In other reviews, Jayson S. claims that Manna's Liposomal Joint Relief has "been a game changer for my joint health," while Susan S. asserts that she's "seen a noticeable difference in my joint comfort."

I think it's only fair to search out a few negative reviews as well to see what the naysayers are experiencing. Even users who only give this Manna product three stars still have mainly positive comments. Sheila H., who gives Liposomal Joint Relief three stars on the product's website still says, "I have seen a noticeable improvement in my joint health and mobility since using this product."

When even the so-so reviews have a positive cast, this leads me to believe that a product is reliable and worth trying.

Cost and Where to Buy

The easiest place to find this product is on the company's website. If you want to give the product a try without making a commitment, you can make a one-time purchase of a single bottle for $59.95. One 15.22 fluid ounce bottle is enough for one month.

If you like the product and feel that it is effective for you, you can subscribe and save as much as 27-percent. This makes each 30-day supply cost $50.96. That's just $1.69 per dose.


How does it taste?

Manna advises that this product can be taken alone or mixed into water or juice. It's really up to you. User reviews indicate that there is no unpleasant taste associated with this product, but if you find it objectionable, then it probably makes sense to mix it into a drink that you enjoy.

How long does one bottle of Manna Liposomal Joint Relief last?

One bottle contains enough product to last for 30 days for one user. Just one tablespoon of Lipsomal Joint Relief is all that's needed on a daily basis.

How should Liposomal Joint Relief be stored?

After opening and taking the first dose, be sure to store Manna Liposomal Joint Relief in the refrigerator. If possible, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or extremes of heat.

What’s the difference between Joint Relief and Curcumin?

Curcumin actually is one of the components that is found in the Joint Relief formula. This ingredient is a well-known and trusted antioxidant that supports greater joint mobility and comfort. However, it does not contain certain nutrients that are crucial to the maintenance and overall health of joints. Accordingly, it is mixed into Joint Relief with other ingredients to provide a more robust profile.

Is Manna Joint Relief made in the USA?

Manna manufactures its products, including this one, in the US.

Can I take Joint Relief with my other supplements or multivitamins?

Joint Relief is compatible with other supplements and multivitamins that you take on a regular basis. You can take Joint Relief at the same time as these other supplements or by itself. The choice is yours.

Closing Remarks

My background as a nutritionist makes me a compulsive label reader. This made it relatively easy for me to arrive at the conclusion that Manna Liposomal Joint Relief has plenty to offer those who suffer from joint stiffness and pain. Not only does it contain a solid lineup of trusted ingredients but also the liposomal delivery system appears to be optimal for improved absorption.

With few complaints about the flavor, this is a supplement that should be easy to take while also being effective and beneficial for joint health.

How to Enhance a Joint Relief Supplement Like Manna

I hate to break it to you, but taking a supplement alone usually won't do the trick. The key to joint pain relief is eating a healthy diet, full of high-protein foods and consistent exercise! If you don't know where to start, consider signing up to our free weekly meal plans and check out our fitness for women section of the blog.

About the Author
Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Macro Coach, Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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