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January 22, 2021 1:07 pm

Review of Love Wellness: Vaginal Health & Personal Care Products

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Ladies, you know I’m all about normalizing vaginal hygiene and care. I think it’s high time we stop feeling awkward and embarrassed about our health.

I’ve been familiar with the Love Wellness brand for some time now, discovering it when it first launched back in 2016. Since then, I have followed along as they’ve grown and expanded and have used several of their products and am very impressed.

So I figured now is the perfect time to share my Love Wellness reviews with you. Here’s my unsponsored, real review of the Love Wellness brand and their key products.

About The Brand

Raise your hand if you were secretly (or not so secretly!) obsessed with the reality show The Hills back in the day? Me too, girl. If you’re familiar with that show, then you’re going to recognize the founder of Love Wellness, Lauren Bosworth (Lo, for those of us on the inside).

Lauren founded the company back in 2016 out of frustration from visiting her OBGYN too often and being given treatments that flat out didn’t work. Not to mention, she constantly felt the shame and embarrassment that is typical when dealing with feminine issues.

She wanted to take the stigma out of feminine care and also wanted to change her perspective on how she was taking care of her body.

“That lifestyle change was one that took me back to the basics: eat well, exercise, sleep more, and switch to natural products made from herbs and other natural ingredients that have been used to heal for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Also - probiotics. My life changed when I began to take better care of my gut, a gut that’s constantly exposed to 21st century realities like chemicals, antibiotics and processed foods.”

From there, Lauren launched her brand of women’s wellness products that promote living and loving yourself in the process.

What Products Do They Offer?

They offer a wide range of women’s health and self-care products, broken down into these four main categories:

Gut Health

Sparkle Fiber: Optimizes gut health, relieves occasional bloating, supports healthy weight, and helps your skin sparkle. (see product here)

Good Girl Probiotics: Optimize female health by adding good bacteria to your body to help balance out and maintain vaginal pH level and urinary tract health. Helps ward off yeast infections, BV, and UTIs. (check price here)

Bye Bye Bloat: A blend of digestive enzymes and other healthy nutrients that combine to create a super-power that will alleviate occasional bloating while promoting digestion and supporting healthy weight management. (check price here)

Personal Care

The Killer: Boric acid suppositories that help balance vaginal yeast and odor-causing bacteria while supporting the vaginal environment. It’s made from a mineral found in sea-water and it works to effectively balance pH levels in your vagina. It’s perfect for after sex, on the last days of your period, or when you’re dealing with vaginal odor. (check price here)

UTI Don’t Think So: Used to maintain urinary tract health and prevent UTI’s. Developed from their in-house Urogynecologist and made with a clinically proven ingredient, PAC (proanthocyanidins).

Perfect Condition Vitamin: A vitamin that reduces inflammation in your body and breaks down yeast. Inflammation is a highly common health issue, but it’s not ok when it’s chronic, this product helps break down yeast and reduce inflammation.

pH Balancing Cleanser: Although the vagina is self-cleaning, the outer parts still need some love. This gentle cleanser is made of 100% natural ingredients that won’t disrupt the delicate vaginal microbiome.

Do It All Wipes: pH balanced wipes that allow you to freshen up quickly and without doing any damage to your vaginal balance. They’re skin-soothing and OBGYN recommended.

Intimate Health

Sex Stuff: Hyper-moisturizing personal lubricant that’s pH balanced to match your vaginal environment to keep your vaginal microbiome balanced while you enjoy being intimate.

Hormone Health

#Mood Pills: Mood enhancing ingredients that are designed to stabilize and improve your mood all month long, pulling you out of the blues. 

Good to Glow: All the things your skin loves in one perfect little pill. Vitamins C and E, collagen, Ashwagandha, and more combine to give you fresh, glowing skin.

Metabo Love: Fight your body’s desire to slow down your metabolism as you age by using this all-natural, metabolism maintaining formula that helps regulate the thyroid. 

All of their products are made from natural ingredients and have been extensively tested and researched by accredited wellness advisors and food scientists.

Perfectly Curated Kits

Love Wellness also has multiple kits that combine several of their formulas to bring you a powerful and effective remedy for some of your most common female problems. I love the kits! Especially since you can save yourself some money. Here’s what they offer:

Balanced Body Kit: Good to Glow, Bye Bye Bloat, #mood Pills, Metabo Love

New You Kit: Good to Glow, Lights Out, #mood Pills, Good Girl Probiotics, Lights Out, Bye Bye Bloat, Metabo Love, Perfect Condition Vitamins

Triple Threat: The Killer, Good Girl Probiotics, Perfect Condition Vitamins

Less Stress Kit: Sparkle Fiber, Mood Pills, Good Girl Probiotics, Lights Out

The Intimate Health Kit: pH Balancing Cleanser, The Killer, Sex Stuff, Do It All Wipes

The Bloating Kit: Sparkle Fiber, Bye Bye Bloat, Good Girl Probiotics

The Lo Bosworth Kit: Sparkle Fiber, Good to Glow, Good Girl Probiotics, Metabo Love, Lights Out

Vaginal Health Kit: pH Balancing Cleanser, The Killer, Good Girl Probiotics, Perfect Condition Vitamin, Do it All Wipes

Personal Cleanser Kit: pH Balancing Cleanser, Do it All Wipes

Reviews of Love Wellness From Real Online Customers

There are thousands of positive reviews between their website and Amazon. Here’s a peak at a few:

Good Girl Probiotics:

“Loving these and would recommend them! I have paired them up with the sparkle fiber for complete digestive care after my OBGYN recommended I try probiotics and fiber to help with digestive issues after my last pregnancy.”

Good Girl Probiotics:

“With celiac and frequent yeast infections, my good / bad bacteria was off balance for years. Taking these probiotics daily has helped me tremendously!”

Good Girl Probiotics:

“With celiac and frequent yeast infections, my good / bad bacteria was off balance for years. Taking these probiotics daily has helped me tremendously!”

Good Girl Probiotics:

“With celiac and frequent yeast infections, my good / bad bacteria was off balance for years. Taking these probiotics daily has helped me tremendously!”

My Personal Experience With The Brand

As I mentioned, I first heard about this brand a few years ago, and it was actually when I was in my post-partum period with my first baby. A few months after having him, things still weren’t feeling normal down there so I looked into way to get my vaginal pH back on track.

I used their boric acid suppositories as well as their Good Girl Probiotics and they both worked incredibly well. I’ll be honest, I was really nervous to try a boric acid suppository, but it was simple, pain-free, and most importantly, effective!

Overall, I’ve had a great experience with their products and I love the message they’re putting out to women everywhere. We shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed when we’re experiencing women’s health issues, we should have access to the tools we need to remedy them so that we can feel like ourselves.

With their feel-good messaging, cute packaging, and proven products, it’s safe to say that Love Wellness is one of my favorite women’s health brands and one that I will continue to turn to when I need products.

Try Them For Yourself and “Love Yourself Well”

I don’t recommend just any products and I certainly don’t recommend just any brand - I’ve come across many that I wouldn’t even consider sharing on here for one reason or another! But in the case of Love Wellness, my experience has been nothing but amazing, both with their products and their customer service.

You can shop all their products right on Amazon and enjoy free 2-day shipping with your Prime membership. Take care of yourself, you deserve it, momma!

Shop Their Products Today

Women's Wellness & Personal Care

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