Working out from home? Join the club! A recent survey showed that 9 in 10 Americans plan to continue to workout from home even after gyms re-open and it’s deemed safe to attend again.

I have read story after story of folks who used to think that the only way to achieve an effective workout was to go to the gym but later changed their mind when they had no other option. 

Why the sudden change of heart? Because fitness technology is booming right now, allowing us to have some of the most innovative equipment available right in our living rooms!

In this review, I’m featuring Liteboxer, a brand new fitness machine that’s bringing the thrill of the boxing ring home so that you can “step into the ring without stepping out of the house.”

With a relatively steep price tag, the question becomes is this home boxing studio worth the cost? Let’s dig into the details and find out.

What is Liteboxer?

Liteboxer is an innovative fitness platform that’s designed to bring users an engaging, unbeatable boxing experience from home. By combining advanced technology, music, expert training, and a gaming aspect, the platform is unlike any other workout on the market.

Co-founded by a lifelong athlete, Todd Dagres, Litebox was created to bridge the gap between being in the ring and getting that same experience from home. Inconvenienced by the gym, Todd wanted to take his love for boxing home but found that the experience was lacking the exhilaration he was so accustomed to. This is what sparked the idea for Liteboxer.

Brand Mission

I love a good brand mission and Liteboxer certainly has one. They aspire to use technology to bring about positive and lasting changes through movement. They want to empower their users to punch past their limitations and into a new routine that leaves them feeling stronger and more alive.

Community is an important part of any fitness journey, and Liteboxer has built its community on a foundation of inclusiveness and positivity. Everyone is welcome to take a seat at their table and everyone is encouraged to give it their all.

How it Works: Unboxing Liteboxer

At first glance, this boxing studio looks like an arcade game, and in some ways, it’s very similar to one. The front of the machine is designed like a flower with six different punch zones acting as the petals. These punch zones light up, directing the user where they should hit within the given workout.

Below the punch zones is a pad designated for body blows. And below that is a stand that holds your tablet for streamed workouts.

The punch zones use music and rhythm to guide you to where and when you’ll hit. This is where the arcade game style comes into play. You’ll punch through the workout, staying on your toes as each sensor lights up. Every time you hit a sensor, your force and accuracy will be calculated by the integrated force sensors within the punch zones.

Using their Rythym Technology, the system will sync each light to the beat of the music. The more punches per minute, the harder it becomes to stay on top of the rhythm, and the more you get hooked on the experience.

What can I expect from the workouts?

Liteboxer workouts are trainer-led and there are a couple of different types of workouts to choose from. Here are some of the highlights of Liteboxer’s trainer-led workouts:

They’re beat-based

Using their Rythym Technology, they use the beat of the music to control and drive the workout, pushing you to keep going so that you can keep up.

Round-driven workouts

With their round-based workouts, you can build strength and endurance through each interval-based training round. These short, intense rounds make the time fly by!

Timed workouts that cater to your schedule and needs

It’s up to you how long you want to work out for, choosing between 15, 20, 30, and 45-minute workouts. You determine the time and your instructor will call the shots.


Want to go toe-to-toe with a friend, even when you’re not in the same room? Liteboxer offers users the ability to challenge friends to the same workout as you and to see the results side-by-side.

Training Camp

Before you enter the ring and go for the KO, Liteboxer will take you through their Training Camp feature which gets you accustomed to the machine and the way the workouts work before you dive in fully.

Work within your experience level

Whether you’re just getting your feet wet with boxing or you’ve been at it for a while, there’s a workout level that will suit your needs. The intensity of each class is different, which gives you the option to match the intensity to your current experience level.

Build strength and stretch it all out

Litboxer isn’t just about boxing, they incorporate functional strength training and yoga-based workouts into their programming so that you can maintain a well-rounded, balanced mind and body.


For the times when you have only a short time to let off some steam, the Quickplay feature allows you to do just that. Liteboxer offers their Punch Tracks, which allows you to punch to your favorite track or to build your own personalized punch track playlist. Additionally, they have a Thumboxer within the app which is basically a mini version of the Liteboxer on your app screen that you operate with your thumb. This is a great way to enhance your mental acuity and to hone your reaction time so that you’re even sharper the next time you step into the ring.

Who are the trainers?

Rest assured that Liteboxer recruited only the best of the best in the boxing industry to be their trainers, starting with celebrity trainer, Leyon Azubuike, a former US Heavyweight from Gloveworx in Los Angeles.

There’s a great mix of men and women, all of whom are considered experts in the field and are there to push you to be your best every time you show up.

How big is Liteboxer? Size and Dimensions

When you think of a traditional boxing ring, it’s not something that you would be able to bring into your living room. Luckily, Liteboxer made their smart boxing gym to be the perfect size to fit in almost any room in your home. The best part is that it can be broken down for easy, seamless storage!

When fully assembled, Liteboxer’s footprint is 37.5" x 55.5", making it a space-efficient machine that packs a powerful punch.

Streaming your workouts with Lightboxer

To get the most out of your Liteboxer, you will need to subscribe to their monthly membership which costs $29 per month and gives you access to all their workouts.

To stream workouts, you’ll connect your tablet or smartphone to the dedicated, secure holder which is located beneath the punching surface. You also have the option to mirror content from your device to your TV, giving you a bigger, better viewing experience.

What’s included with your Liteboxer purchase?

  • Liteboxer
  • Platform - the standard platform is for fighters up to 6’1” and the extended platform is best for fighters over 6’1”
  • 1 Pair of Liteboxer Gloves (small or large)
  • Hand Wraps
  • FREE 3-Month Premium membership which will automatically renew for $29/month thereafter.
  • FREE ground shipping on all orders in the contiguous 48 US states and DC

Additionally, you’ll also receive a 1-year limited warranty, a 30-day risk-free trial, and the option to finance your gym for 0% APR and $49 per month if you qualify. 

Who is Liteboxer best for?

Liteboxer is a great home gym for those who are passionate about boxing. But it’s also great for anyone who wants to enjoy one of the most effective cardio conditioning workouts available.

Boxing is a very different type of workout than say, running or cycling. You’re moving your body in a much different way, toning and sculpting your muscles as your punch. It’s highly effective and contagiously fun. Additionally, many people find boxing to be therapeutic. I mean, is there any better stress reliever than hitting something as hard as you can? Especially when you’re using Liteboxer and their Rythym Technology. Focus on the beat and forget everything else!

Lastly, Litboxer is an amazing choice for anyone who wants to experience something unique, innovative, and fun. If you’re tired of your clunky old treadmill and are bored to tears with your bike, you’re going to love the spark that Liteboxer brings to your fitness routine.

Whether you have an hour to dedicate to your workout or only 10 minutes, this smart boxing studio has what you need to reach your goals and sharpen your mind and punch at the same time.


  • Builds muscle, burn calories
  • Kicks boredom in your fitness routine to the curb
  • Fully immersive experience
  • Ability to compete and give it your all
  • Train with world-renowned trainers
  • Punch to the music
  • Designed to fit into your home, even folding down when not in use
  • You can utilize punch tracks when you’re short on time and want to punch it out to your favorite song
  • Includes cross-training workouts to build strength and flexibility
  • 3-month membership included with purchase
  • Free doorstep delivery
  • 1-year warranty included


  • No screen included, you must use your own
  • To maintain your membership you must pay $29 per month (common with smart fitness equipment)
  • Some people would rather punch a bag

Final Round: Is Litboxer worth it?

With a $1495.00 price tag, Litboxer isn’t cheap. However, it’s quite a bit less expensive than some other competing smart home gyms. The decision as to whether or not Liteboxer is worth it is a very personal one and will depend on your workout style and goals.

If you’re interested in boxing and/or think that you’d like to let off some steam, get in shape, and have a lot of fun doing it, you should consider Liteboxer. After doing extensive research into this brand, I am convinced that this is going to be a very popular addition to home everywhere while bringing some serious competition to other smart gym brands like Fight Camp, Tempo, and Mirror.

If the price tag is causing you to pause your purchasing decision, I would encourage you to apply for their financing which allows qualified candidates to pay as little as $49 per month with 0% APR!

All in all, this is a very solidly made, innovative piece of equipment and one that’s going to shake up the home gym space very soon.

About the Author
Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Macro Coach, Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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