Home fitness exploded last year, with popular companies like Peloton increasing their sales by 350%. Of course, much of this growth was fueled by the pandemic and shutdowns, but the smart home fitness industry was already trending up before that happened.

Thanks to innovators like cult-favorite Peloton, millions of people have seen the light when it comes to achieving their fitness goals. And what we’ve uncovered is that we don’t need to go to the gym to live the fit, healthy life we want. With the help of smart, sleek, and convenient home gym equipment, we can work out from home on our own schedules and have a lot of fun doing it.

I’ve been covering the smart home fitness trend since the beginning and am always intrigued by new equipment, so when I was introduced to the LIT Method Strength Machine, I knew it was something that I needed to explore further.

LIT Method is bringing something new and exciting to the table, offering a three-in-one fitness machine that’s been backed by mega-star Jay Z and 5-time MLB all-star, Adrian Gonzalez. With that kind of hype and attention, I wanted to know, is the LIT Method machine worth it?

What is LIT Method?

LIT Method strength machine versatility

Resistance training, rower, and reformer - all-in-one rower / strength machine.

LIT Method is a low-impact, high-intensity training method created by Justin and Taylor Norris, a husband and wife team who were on a mission to change the way we work out and rehabilitate injuries. Together, they have created their signature LIT (low-intensity training) workouts that combine rowing and strength training for a full-body cross-training experience like no other. Their promise of “no running, no jumping, and no weights” is refreshing in a world where high-intensity exercise has been glorified. The Norris’s want to build bodies, not break them.

The LIT Method began by conducting their signature studio-style training and group fitness classes back in 2016, opening their flagship studio in West Hollywood. By early 2018, the couple was ready to take things to the next level by creating a strength machine that allowed folks to take their workout experience right into their own living rooms.

In May 2020, the long-awaited LIT Method Strength Machine, a hybrid trainer that’s equal parts rower, reformer, and resistance training system all in one, was released and ready for consumers to bring into their homes.

Why Low Impact Training?

low impact workouts with LIT Machine

This is what "LIT" stands for = Low Impact Training (LIT), and they're all about delivering results!

LIT, or low-impact training, is a new approach to fitness that eliminates jarring and damaging movements like running, jumping, and weights. The brand’s mission is to deliver results, not injuries. As someone who has experienced a pretty significant injury as a result of running, I know all too well the damaging effects of repetitive jarring movement on your joints.

Recently, studies have shown that HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which was once touted as one of the best ways to torch calories and rev your metabolism in a short period, may actually be doing more harm than good. When overdone, HIIT training can actually be quite detrimental to your body.

LIT Method’s innovative training system combines strength training, cardio, and rehab guided by experts to deliver a workout that is not only effective but safe, too. This type of training may not be for everyone, however, it’s perfect for those who have either suffered an injury, prefer low-impact movements, or simply want an all-in-one home workout system that provides them with the tools they need to achieve their goals from home.

What’s The LIT Strength Machine?

home gym strength machine by LIT Method

The patent-pending LIT Strength Machine is easily one of the most versatile home fitness machines on the market. As a three-in-one machine, users get the benefits of a rower, reformer, and a resistance training system in one sleek, compact design. And get this - there’s no need to plug it in, so it can be used indoors or outdoors and it’s free of any additional bulk or hassle.

Offering 500+ low-impact exercise options, there’s something for everyone. It’s the only rower that offers multiple resistance levels, the only reformer that allows for cardio, and the only resistance training system that can offer over 500 low-impact exercises. To say that this machine is one-of-a-kind would be an understatement.

The LIT Method Machine Specs

impressive specs on the LIT method strength machine

It's easy to move around and fits in any living space in your home.



Product Size:

7ft x 1.75ft x 1.6 ft

Product weight:

70 LBS assembled and 89 LBS filled with water

The weight limit for the machine:

400 LBS




Steel frame, extruded aluminum

Resistance Levels (LIT Levels):

10-40 LBS of resistance with the turn of a knob

Full details:

Features and Benefits of The LIT Strength Training Machine

full body low impact workouts with LIT method

There’s a lot to say about this complex but highly simplified, home fitness machine. Here are a few highlights of its features and benefits that are important to understand as you navigate the buying process.

No Electricity Required

You can “get LIT” anytime, anywhere thanks to the LIT Method’s cord-free design. Optimal performance in any space means the ability to take your workout anywhere inside or outside of your home.

Vertical Storage

Who has time and space for bulky, obtrusive fitness equipment? The LIT Strength Machine folds up vertically for compact, portable storage that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s Risk-Free

You can try the LIT Method Strength Training machine risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not over the moon with it, they’ll take it back, no questions asked. Plus, they offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Financing Options Are Available

Pay as little as $48.62 per month for up to 36 months with 0% APR financing if you qualify. Get to work today and pay as you go!

What’s Included With Your Strength Machine?

included gear and equipment

It's nice to have everything included in one purchase.

  • (2X) Pair 20 LB Resistance bands
  • (1X) Pair Handles
  • (1X) Pair Ankle Cuffs
  • (1X) Tablet Holder

Upgrade to Customize Your Experience

3 packages to choose from

LIT Method offers several ways to upgrade your machine to get a more personalized experience that truly caters to all your needs. Check out their upgraded kits below:

LIT Performance Kit

This kit brings you everything you need to crush your workouts in the strength, rowing, Pilates, barre, and recovery classes.

  • LIT Strength Machine
  • Strength Bar
  • 45LB Power Band Set
  • 30LB Speed Band
  • Ankle Cuffs
  • Machine Mat
  • Tablet Attachment

LIT Strength Kit

For anyone looking to increase their strength and step up their performance, this kit is designed to help you do so.

  • LIT Strength Machine
  • Strength Bar
  • 45lb Power Band set
  • 50lb Speed Band
  • Tablet Attachment

LIT Cardio Kit

For those who want to ramp up their cardio, the cardio kit provides what you need to increase your speed, stamina, and calorie burn.

  • LIT Strength Machine
  • 45LB Power Band set
  • 30LB Speed Band
  • Ankle Cuffs
  • Tablet Attachment

LIT Method Classes: What’s Inside the App

access lit method app on iphone

The app can be streamed on any device, which is clutch for getting your workouts in.

If you thought that the LIT Strength Machine was impressive, one look inside their app will seal the deal. Offering one of the most robust class catalogs I’ve seen on a piece of equipment, users of all fitness levels and workout preferences can find workouts that fulfill their needs and help them accomplish their goals. 

There are new classes added to the interface daily, which keeps things fresh, lively, and anything but boring. Users can stream the app from their device attached to their machine, or they can cast the workouts to their TV, making it incredibly versatile.

Here’s a look at the types of classes that you can expect to find within the LIT Method App:

  • Rowing
  • Mat Strength
  • Rowing and Strength
  • Mat Barre
  • Pilates
  • Partner Class
  • Cardio
  • Ab Lab
  • Mindfulness
  • Recovery
  • And more!

Every class is led by an expert trainer who walks you through the entire workout, giving you the confidence you need to reach your goals safely. There are new LIVE and on-demand workouts added to the library daily!

Pros of Lit Method

  • An innovative, 3-in-one machine that delivers a ton of bang for your buck
  • Lightweight has wheels, and store vertically
  • Tons of classes to choose from, including live and on-demand options
  • Workouts that deliver results, not injuries
  • The app can be used on any device
  • Upgraded packages allow for a more customized experience
  • Perfect for those rehabbing injuries
  • Emphasis on low-impact movements - 500+ available
  • Adjustable water resistance
  • Track your progress and record your classes within the app
  • Custom programs help you reach your unique goals
  • Real-time shoutouts from your instructors during live classes
  • Community challenges and camaraderie


  • There is no screen attached to the rower, you need to use your own. If this is a major concern, you'll want to check out the AVIRON rower or CITYROW GO Max, which are similar to LIT Method.
  • Monthly membership is required to access classes ($24.99 per month). This is standard and their programming is worth the monthly cost TBH.

Conclusion: Is the LIT Method Strength Machine Worth It?

The LIT Method Strength Training Machine is 100% worth it for those who are seeking low-impact workouts and those looking to purchase home fitness equipment that has the kind of versatility that will continue to allow the machine to be an asset for years to come.

complete home gym workouts with LIT method

LIT Method gives you low-impact workouts and provides a long-term at-home fitness solution for years to come.

Wherever you’re at in the fitness journey, whether you’ve been injured and need rehabilitative exercises or you're at the peak of your fitness and health and want to try something new, LIT Method is the kind of workout system that has something for everyone. 

Starting at $1,750, this strength training rowing machine is not cheap, however, if you consider the value that comes with it, it’s easy to justify the price tag. Plus, the cost of the LIT Machine is very comparable to other smart fitness machines on the market but offers more functionality than any one machine can.

Personally, I’m very excited about this machine and predict that the LIT Method will only continue to grow and evolve, leaving users with a workout system that they can feel good about.

About the Author
Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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