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Tami, from Fit Healthy Momma, provides a rating on Monument addiction treatment after working with the brand.

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Telemedicine and online therapy have been surging in recent times as the importance of wellness continues to grow. However, there hasn't been an alcohol treatment and recovery program online until now - Join Monument. A+ as a company and this review explains why.

According to the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), a study conducted in 2019 showed that 14.5 million people ages 12 and older had AUD (alcohol use disorder).

That’s a lot of people just here in the US, but then consider the fact that this study was done pre-pandemic and it’s safe to say that this number has increased. From stress about job security, health concerns, and changing family dynamics, more people than ever have turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol use.

In fact, this study done by Research Triangle Institute International found that, of those surveyed, 31% of respondents reported drinking more frequently during the pandemic lockdowns.

I grew up in a culture where alcohol use was prevalent. Generations of people in my family have issues with alcohol abuse, and while I ventured down that road for a while in my youth, I’ve since changed my relationship with alcohol. But for some, it’s not that easy.

When I was introduced to Monument for alcohol treatment recently, I immediately knew that this was the type of telemedicine service that I needed to write about and share. Not only is alcohol use a topic that’s affected me personally, but I know that it affects so many more people than what we know, and the problem is that getting the help we need to treat and overcome it is often difficult and full of shame.

Join Monument is changing the conversation about AUD and providing real, legit treatment for those who need it. In this review of Monument for alcohol use treatment, I’m going to highlight everything you need to know about this innovative telemedicine brand and share how you can decide if it’s worth it for you and how to get started.

What is Monument?

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Monument is an online telehealth platform that’s designed to connect you to professionals that can help you to change your relationship with drinking alcohol. Whether your goal is to achieve sobriety or to moderate your consumption, Monument treatment plans are personalized to fit your unique goals and lifestyle. 

All Monument alcohol treatment is done online, from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Monument offers treatment options that include therapy, prescription medications, and group support.

Monument’s Founder, Mike Russell, desperately wanted to take control of his drinking and his life, but felt discouraged and disappointed with the available options. He was uncomfortable in group meetings and was unwilling to wait months for the opportunity to get into an outpatient rehab center.

Mike was introduced to FDA-approved prescription medications that were proven to help control drinking. Once he began taking the medication, he never drank again, but that journey wasn’t without many trials and tribulations along the way. Without proper support and options, Mike was forced to deal with the emotions of what he was going through all on his own.

This is where Monument was born from; a personal mission of its founders’ to help others get the treatment for AUD they deserve. Knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Mike and the Monument team created a platform that connects folks with the specialized help that they need.

How Does Monument Therapy Online Work?

Monument works by creating a safe, judgement-free environment where you’re encouraged to share your medical history, goals, and personal preferences via their secure online platform. All Monument physicians are highly trained in treating alcohol use disorder and have a deep understanding of the medication and therapy needed to help you either stop your drinking or get it under control.

monument therapy sign up process

Monument offers two different types of treatment; RX medication and therapy. Next, I’ll touch on what you can expect from each of these treatment options.


Not just any therapy, Monument offers specialized alcohol therapy that’s fit for you. Traditional rehab options can feel more like a one-size-fits-all solution to a highly personal problem. That’s why the team at Monument is dedicated to providing you with the support you need, whatever that looks like for your unique situation.

When you sign up for Monument’s therapy and counseling program, you’ll be connected to a therapist who specializes in helping people achieve their goals for sobriety or alcohol moderation. The best part is that there is no long wait to get into a program and no need to expose yourself publicly when you’re not comfortable with it yet. You get to meet with your therapist over video chat.

Designed For Your Needs

Together with your therapist, you will build a curriculum that aligns with your goals and with what success looks like for you. Your therapist will work with you to uncover any hidden or latent factors that are playing a role in your alcohol use and then help you to resolve them, killing multiple birds with one stone.

Based on Cutting-Edge Industry Research

Using treatment methods that are scientifically proven, evidence-based modalities such as: Motivational Interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and contingency management.

Real Results on a Timeline

While treating and healing your relationship with alcohol will take time, no one wants to sign up for a program that has no end game. With Monument, you’ll be given a time-specific program progressive that’s been developed to get you where you need to be within an appropriate amount of time. Everyone is different, therefore each path to health will be different, but there will always be a progression that builds from one unit to the next.

Led By Experts With Deep Passion in the Field

The therapists with Monument have dedicated their careers to helping people change their lives for the better with alcohol treatment. Each provider is extensively background checked and held responsible for rigorous standards of excellence.

Monument Support Groups (Group Support)

Community is key in recovering from AUD. In addition to your therapy and/or medications, Monument offers dedicated therapist-monitored support groups to help you navigate your journey and feel as though you are not alone in the process.

Inside these support groups, you have the option to join anonymously or to share your identity with the group. These groups are free to join and participants are welcome to continue the conversation with each other long after the therapist-moderated session is over.

Medication: What Are Monument’s Medication Options?

Much like other health conditions, alcohol use disorder is treatable with FDA-approved prescription medications. If you’re interested in learning about RX options, your physician can prescribe disulfiram or naltrexone if it’s deemed safe and appropriate for you.

monument prescription medication


This FDA-approved medication is used for those looking to reduce alcohol consumption or stop drinking. Naltrexone stops the release of dopamine in the brain, thereby making alcohol less appealing.


For those looking to stop drinking altogether, Disulfiram might be an effective option. This drug increases alcohol sensitivity, causing the effects of a hangover to be felt immediately.

Here’s what the RX plan will look like if this is the right path for you:

Step 1: Speak with a licensed physician via a video chat. During this appointment, you will speak with your physician about whether or not the medication is a good option for you and your goals.

Step 2: Manage your disulfiram or naltrexone prescription via Monument’s online pharmacy partner. Your medication will be shipped directly to your home each month.

Step 3: Receive ongoing care and support. With access to your physician at any time, you’re able to get in touch with them as needed and make sure that you’re staying on track in your treatment.

How Much Does Monument Cost?

Monument therapy plans start at $9.99 per month and go up to $249 per month, depending on the level of service you’re receiving. Plus, you can get access to the community membership plan for free if you’re simply looking for support and access to professionals who can provide insight on the topics that are most important to you.

Here’s a table breakdown of Monument’s Care plans, how much they cost, and what comes in each:


Total Care (Weekly)

Total Care (Biweekly)

Physician Care

Community Membership


$249 / month

$149 / month

$9.99 / month
+ $45.00 initial fee


Access to therapist-moderated support groups





Access to community 24/7





Physician appointments





Unlimited chat with your physician





Medication options





Therapy appointments

4 per month

2 per month



Unlimited chat with your therapist





monument cost and pricing

See all the options on their plans and pricing page: https://joinmonument.com/plans-and-pricing/

Does Monument Accept Insurance?

Yes, Monument alcohol treatment works with major insurance providers. This means that you can get holistic, evidence-based alcohol treatment that works for your budget.

accepting insurance at monument

If you’d like to see what kind of coverage your insurance carrier can provide for care with Monument, here are the steps to getting the ball rolling:

Step 1: Provide Monument with your insurance details by sending over a copy of your insurance ID card securely online.

Step 2: Monument will verify your insurance coverage and network status and then explain to you what your benefits are and how much you can expect to pay for your care through Monument.

Step 3: Once you’ve verified your insurance, you’re ready to choose your plan and get to work making progress towards your alcohol-related goals.

Who is Monument For?

Monument alcohol therapy is for anyone who is looking to change their relationship with alcohol. You do not need to be an alcoholic to sign up for Monument’s treatment plans, all you need is a desire to moderate your drinking or stop it altogether.

monument for alcohol treatment and therapy

Here's the truth...

Monument works well for anyone who has tried but struggled with quitting drinking on their own as the therapy and support included in Monument’s treatment plans helps keep members on track and accountable.

Wrapping Up: Is Monument Worth It?

For those with a desire to change their lives and their relationship with alcohol, Monument alcohol therapy is 100% worth it. Unfortunately, seeking help for alcohol use disorder is usually filled with shame and embarrassment. But Monument is working hard to erase that culture and create one that’s more welcoming and inclusive.

Today more than ever, stress and unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol use are on the rise. And it’s often difficult to try to make these kinds of changes on our own. The holistic alcohol treatment that you get with Monument will allow you to not only get the treatment you need but will connect you with specialized physicians, therapists, and community members who will have your back throughout the whole process.

If you’re ready to change your narrative around alcohol, join Monument today and see what kind of positive changes you can create.

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