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This review is all about the battle of the green powders. Those of us in the health and fitness worlds are constantly sampling, talking about, and reviewing green powders, like my most tasty greens powder best list.

Green powder may have come on your radar recently if you follow influencer accounts, fitness blogs, or health podcasts. Green powder is definitely having a moment. In my view as a nutritionist, this moment doesn't just come down to hype. Green powders are packed with nutrients and vitamins that can beautifully fuel your body. They can help with everything from mental focus to gut health.

If you're like many of my own clients, you're here because you want help with choosing between Jocko Greens and Athletic Greens. I've had quite a bit of experience with both. In fact, one of these products is used by many of the clients who visit my practice. Let's go into detail to discover the pros and cons of both Jocko Greens and Athletic Greens. You're going to walk away with renewed motivation to finally get your hands on one of these two green giants!

Why Take a Greens Superfood Powder in the First Place?

In my career as a nutritionist, I'm known for promoting the idea of eating a "whole" diet. That means that I believe we should be getting the bulk of our daily vitamins and minerals from the foods we're eating. Many people are surprised that I often recommend supplements and green powders to my clients. The truth is that I am 100% in favor of using a balanced, varied diet as your primary source of essential nutrients. However, I also realize the value of getting high-quality nutrients from green powders that offer extra support and energy.

Greens superfood powders aren't just "supplements." They use ultra-concentrated combinations of vitamins, nutrients, probiotics, and prebiotics (natural fibers) to provide important nutritional support that can't necessarily be achieved by diet alone. Yes, some people who live with personal chefs might be able to follow diets that recreate the benefits of green powders. Green powders can provide a "fast track" to a nutrient-dense lifestyle for the rest of us. What's more, green powders also have amazing detoxification perks that aren't available from other common supplements. That's why you should consider adding a green superfood powder to your routine if you're seeking a way to boost your immune system, fuel your energy levels, and shed unwanted pounds.

Table Comparison of Athletic Greens vs Jocko Greens

Super Green



Pre or Probiotics



Pineapple / Coconut

Just probiotics



Standard greens

Both pre and probiotics


Overview of Jocko Greens

jocko greens

Jocko Greens has formulated a high-quality, thorough green powder that packs in a full produce aisle worth of nutrients! You may be aware that this powder was developed by Jocko Willink. The list of more than 20 fruit and vegetable blends packed into this powder includes kale, spinach, beats, wheat grass, carrots, oat grass, grape, goji, wild blueberry, acai, pomegranate, and oat powder. However, that's just the beginning. Let me break down what makes this formula much more impressive than many of the "trendy" green powders out there.

The Greens Formula

This formula would already be impressive based on just the fruit and vegetable blends that give it fuel. However, those natural nutrient sources only represent the beginning of what this powder has to offer. I love the fact that this green powder has a built-in probiotic blend that consists of 11 probiotic strains! In truth, you would more than exceed the cost of this entire green blend just to get 11 separate probiotic strains. Jocko Greens also pushes things to the next level by adding rhodiola extract, ashwagandha extract, and milk thistle extract. Let's run through the benefits of these three ingredients quickly.

An herb that grows in the cold mountains of Europe and Asia, rhodiola possesses roots that are considered adaptogens that are beneficial for helping the body adapt to stress. Research on the health benefits of rhodiola links consumption with stress reduction, fatigue reduction, improved brain function, improved exercise performance, and decreased depression. Ashwagandha is a shrub that has been linked with reductions in stress and anxiety, enhanced athletic performance, mood improvements, balanced blood sugar, reduced inflammation, and increased fertility. Finally, milk thistle is an herb that may offer protective benefits for the liver, brain, and bones.

What I Like

Jocko powder around a Jocko greens container

I appreciate that Jocko Greens refuses to use sugars and artificial sweeteners to make this green powder palatable. The powder's naturally sweet flavor comes instead from monk fruit powder. I also appreciate this brand's label transparency. All of the ingredients are responsibly sourced from high-quality growers and manufacturers.

What I Don't Like

While I'm a fan of this powder, I do have mixed feelings about the flavor. Jocko Greens green powder has a built-in "coconut pineapple" flavor. While I personally find the flavor appealing, I know that not everyone is excited about tropical flavors. I also know that many of you are looking for a neutral flavor that you can use in a variety of drink and smoothie recipes. I think this is where having an unflavored option would be beneficial!

Cost and Where to Buy

Jocko Greens costs $49.99 for a container offering 30 one-scoop servings. Customers who subscribe for recurring deliveries on the Jocko Fuel website can save 10% to bring the price down to $44.99.

Overview of Athletic Greens

Bag of AG1

Athletic Greens AG1 doesn't need an introduction. The preferred green power of countless celebrities and athletes, AGI has quickly become the supplement that sets the bar for all other supplements. One of the most exciting things I was able to discover after researching, scrutinizing, and trying AG1 to cut through the hype is that this supplement is the real deal. I'll explain why.

The Greens Formula

The trend of adding adaptogens to supplements essentially started with Athletic Greens. While adaptogens are becoming more common, they were basically unheard of before this formulation put them on the map in the supplement world. AG1 wears many different hats as a supplement. First, it contains a blend of adaptogens to help with stress relief and recovery. That's great news for anyone with an intense workout plan, a busy schedule, or a habit of constantly becoming "run down." The complete formula is designed to promote gut health, support immunity, boost energy, and provide restorative benefits. Let's dig a little deeper to see what all of that actually means.

AG1 offers 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, and whole-food-sourced nutrients in a single scoop. The nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals selected for the formula provide the right balance for a properly functioning nervous system, strong immune system, and healthy metabolism. Next, AG1 does what no other blend does by offering a phytonutrient blend built from select nutrient-dense superfoods that support everything from cell function to microbiome health. This phytonutrient blend is unique because it's made from superfoods that are sourced at their ideal harvest times to provide optimized nutritional content.

AG1 also checks the very important box of providing probiotic and prebiotic support for gut health. As you may know, gut health is the foundation of good overall health. The gut contains 80% of the immune system. It's also where most of our mood-boosting serotonin is produced. Unfortunately, the gut is one of the first places where things can "go south" as far as our health. Stress, poor diet, and overuse of antibiotics can all throw the gut microbiome out of balance to create sickness and discomfort. AG1 provides the right blend of probiotics and prebiotics to enhance gut healthy by enhancing nutrient absorption, increasing the number of healthy bacterial strains, and giving your "good" bacteria the fiber-based fuel it needs to fight off "bad" bacteria to establish a dominant presence in your digestive system.

What I Like

Someone holding a shaker cup of athletic greens

I like the completeness of AG1. This formula does an incredible job of combining the nonnegotiable basics with the elite "extras" that can help to make your body an invincible machine. Athletic Greens also does an incredible job of sourcing its greens, herbs, and other ingredients from impeccable growers using techniques that allow you to extract the biggest benefit possible from what you're ingesting. Lastly, this is a "clean" formula that offers a keto-friendly, vegetarian-friendly way to boost energy without artificial colors or chemicals.

What I Don't Like

As a fan of grassy, earthy flavors, I actually like the taste of AG1. You'll probably find the taste more than fine if you're a fan of lemongrass tea. However, the thing about the flavor of AG1 is that it's ambiguous. While there technically is no flavor, you'll notice those grassy hints coming through. I've found that the best way to totally neutralize the flavor of AG1 is to use ultra-cold water with ice cubes when making your mix. Of course, the flavor can be buried by mixing your scoop into a smoothie.

Cost and Where to Buy

AG1 can be ordered directly from the Athletic Greens website for $99 for a tub offering 30 servings. You can get the price dropped down to just $79 for 30 servings if you sign up for a monthly subscription. If you'd like to have "double" subscriptions delivered each month, you can enjoy a price of $149 for 60 servings.

Comparing Greens Powder Formulas

To to right athletic greens powder; to the left jocko greens with ingredients spilling out

One of the reasons why people have such a hard time choosing between Jocko Greens and AG1 is that the formulas are pretty similar. Both occupy what I would consider to be the highest stratosphere in the green powder category. I give both points for including probiotic strains to help with gut support because this is where many green powders fall short.

While Jocko Greens has a thorough list of fruit-based and plant-based nutrients, the formula can't touch the 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients found in AG1. My general takeaway when comparing formulas is that AG1 is simply much more complete compared to Jocko Greens.

Comparing Taste

Flavor comes down to sweet versus earthy. I'll go on record as saying that I like both flavors. However, my experience as a nutritionist has shown me that flavor can be a true make-or-break factor for many people when sticking with supplements. As I shared above, Jocko Greens has a coconut pineapple flavor that is pleasant. People who love a tropical flavor will probably enjoy the taste. However, the strong flavor does limit what you can do in terms of adding this powder to various smoothie recipes. If you can't tolerate a sweet flavor, AG1 offers more of a "flavorless" experience. The slight grassy hints that come through with AG1 can be buried by anything from ultra-cold water to a smoothie mix.

Comparing Cost and Overall Value

I don't think that the pricing on either of these products is outrageous. While they may cost more than some other green powders, they offer substantially better ingredients than 99% of green powders out there. Of course, I can't gloss over the fact that AG1 is priced significantly higher than Jocko Greens. We're looking at about double the price before factoring in any subscription discounts. However, I personally feel that the price is justified after pouring through the ingredients and manufacturing processes behind both products. AG1 simply contains ingredients that are more elite.

Main Differences Between Athletic Greens and Jocko Greens

The core difference between these two green powders is that AG1 offers a much longer list of nutrients. That translates to a stronger ability to fuel and protect various systems within the body. AG1 is also more dynamic when it comes to formulating nutrients in a way that allows your body to utilize what you're ingesting. For example, ingredients are harvested at the right times to ensure optimal nutritional value.

Which Greens Powder Is Better: Jocko Greens or AG1?

Bag of AG1

AG1 is my personal pick if you really want to start noticing a difference in the way you feel, think, look, and perform. It offers the ingredients I would look for when trying to give my own body fuel for everything from increased digestion to a stronger immune system. That doesn't mean that I am speaking out against Jocko Greens. While I appreciate the quality and potency of Jocko Greens, I simply think that anyone interested in going "all in" is going to get a better value from AG1.

My Final Thoughts on Choosing Between Jocko Greens and AGI

My final point is that consuming all of the vitamins, minerals, and super greens in the world won't do you one bit of good if these things aren't formulated in a way that lets your body use them. AG1 shines for providing elite-level nutrition in a form that offers maximum bioavailability. That means you're not paying for the "concept" of a green powder. You're paying for a Garden of Eden's worth of green fuel for your body!

Athletic Greens

  • Prebiotics and probiotics
  • Powerful formula
  • Wellness brand
  • AG1 is their ONLY product



Jocko Greens

  • Cheaper
  • Flavor
  • Hardcore workout brand
  • Jocko has tons of products



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