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Jill is revolutionizing the female face-shaving game by offering a safe, effective, and reliable way for women to shave their faces and reveal vibrant, glowing skin. If you’re tired of peach fuzz and dull facial skin, Jill’s eco-friendly face razor subscription is well worth the investment.

Historians believe that stone age men began shaving their faces about 100,000 years ago using clam shells. Since then, the art of face shaving has evolved quite a bit, but one thing has remained pretty constant - it’s traditionally been a practice reserved for males. 

But let’s be honest, don’t we all have a little bit of facial hair? Even if our female hair doesn’t grow in as dark, thick, and strong as our male counterparts, for most of us, it’s still there. And while I think peach fuzz on the face is perfectly acceptable and nothing to be concerned or ashamed of, some of us would prefer to ditch it.

If you follow social media trends or influencers online, you might have seen an insurgence of women using these tiny “tinkle” razors to remove unwanted facial hair over the last year or so. I sure did and I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and tried it for myself! I was amazed at how much “peach fuzz” was on my face that I wasn’t even aware of. 

But here’s the problem, the razors I was buying were cheap, they would quickly become filled with debris, lose their edge, and were honestly probably quite unsanitary. So when I recently came across Jill Face Razors, I immediately recognized that someone picked up on the trend and then optimized it for us.

Jill is looking to revolutionize and normalize female face shaving by making it easy, convenient, and beneficial for us to do. In this article, I’m sharing my personal experience with using Jill Face Razors plus dishing on everything you need to know to decide if trying Jill is worth it for you.

Is It Ok to Shave a Woman’s Face?

Let’s get this question out of the way before we dig into my review of Jill Face Razors. Yes, it is not only ok to shave a woman’s face but it’s encouraged for those who want to reveal and encourage the smoother, more glowing skin that lies beneath the layer of hair and dead skin cells.

In fact, research shows that shaving your facial hairs not only strips your face of unwanted hair or “fuzz,” but it’s also effective for removing dead skin cells, which results in smoother, more glowing skin. It’s an at-home skincare hack that, when done right, can leave your skin feeling softer, smoother, and more feminine.

Try Jill Face Razor Review: Fast Facts


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Founded by:

Meagan Carboney

Founding Principles:

To create an environmentally responsible, convenient, and easy way for women to shave their faces while educating women on the benefits of shaving and demonstrating the proper process.

Claim to Fame:

Jill went viral on TikTok with over 1B views to date

Who It’s For:

Women who want smooth, glowing, peach-fuzz-free skin on their faces

Why I love it:

It's high-quality, easy-to-use, and the subscription runs on auto-pilot.

Market Differentiators (vs. the competition):

Kits include 2 blade sizes, designed for all skin types, ergonomic design, auto-delivery, recyclable, more cost-efficient


$34.99 for the starter kit without subscription or $24.99 for the starter kit + subscription (monthly refills are $8.99)

Jill Face Razor Coupon Code:

FHM10 (10% off)


Always free in the US

Average Customer Reviews:


FHM Rating:


Move Over Jack; It’s All About Jill (Razors)

the jill face razor and wipes

What is Jill? It’s a face razor system that’s designed specifically for women. Jill is more than just a method of hair removal, it’s actually part of the undiscovered beauty hack that’s helping women to discover brighter, smoother complexions.

Jill razors are small, thin, and very user-friendly, eliminating a lot of the fear and intimidation that many women feel around attempting to shave their face. The Jill Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started shaving your face in a clean, safe, and effective way. Jill has a patent-pending design that helps it to stand apart from competitors.

Each kit includes two shave sets with two different blade designs made for gentle skin, two wipes, and the “gunk pad” to cleanse your razor between swipes. There’s a petite blade designed to be used on the eyebrows and upper lip and a wide blade for use on your cheeks and forehead.

Benefits of Using Jill Razors

an image of the jill face razor with benefits

Not every woman is interested in shaving her face, and that’s A-OK with us! But if you are interested, you can expect to experience the following benefits from choosing Jill:

  • Gentle facial hair removal
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Dead skin cell shedding
  • Face gunk removal (we all have it!)
  • Silky-smooth makeup application (no more cakey makeup)
  • Improved blood flow can help remove acne scars and smooth your skin’s texture
  • Radiant, glowing skin
  • Enhanced effects of skincare (allows for deeper penetration)
  • The satisfaction of seeing all the hair and gunk come off your face (this is the best part, honestly!)


  • It’s a very smooth, gentle razor
  • The two blades make it easy to get to the right places
  • Switching the blades is easy
  • Jill removes the hair but also the layer of gunk and dead skin to reveal fresh, glowy skin
  • Pre-shave wipe with oil makes your shave soft and smooth
  • No breakouts
  • Hair does NOT grow back darker or thicker once removed
  • Subscription ensures you never run out of fresh blades and that you’re being sanitary
  • Can help to improve skin texture
  • Improves the effectiveness of your skincare routine
  • No nicks
  • Affordable
  • A very popular product with great reviews


  • If you don’t get the subscription and you don’t remember to order and change your blades, you can risk infection or breakouts by introducing bacteria from a past shave
  • It’s a razor, which means it’s sharp, so you need to be diligent about shaving properly so you don’t nick your skin
  • There are some reviews that share complaints about slow shipping

For 10% off, use code FHM10

How It Works

New to shaving your face? No worries, I was, too. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very simple and you might even enjoy it. There’s seriously something so satisfying about shaving away the hair, dead skin, old makeup, and whatever else lies built up on your face.

woman wiping face before using jill face razor

Here’s how Jill works:

  • Step 1: Prep your skin by making sure your face is cleansed and it’s free of makeup and skincare products.
  • Step 2: Swipe a pre-shave oil wipe over your face on the areas where you’re planning to shave. 
  • Step 3: Start shaving! Use the wide blade to shave your cheeks and brow and the petite blade to shave your eyebrows and upper lip and shave in the direction of your hair growth. Start at the top and work your way down by making short gentle strokes.
  • Step 4: Stand back and admire your newfound dewy glow.
woman using jill razor on face

How Often Should You Use Jill Razors?

The frequency with that you use your Jill Razor will vary depending on your unique needs. However, most women find that a good cadence is every other week to maintain that fresh glowy skin that you’ll come to love as the result of shaving your face. 

Personally, I have been using Jill about every two weeks as it allows my peach fuzz to start to grow back just enough that it’s ready to be taken off again. Face shaving for women is not something that needs to be done daily as is the case for many men as our facial hair doesn’t grow back as fast and furiously (for the most part) as men’s.

Once you get in the groove of shaving your face, it’s easy to make it a part of your regular skincare routine. The more consistently you shave your face with Jill, the more enhanced your benefits will be.

Jill’s monthly shave plans send you two new shave sets and two magic wipes every month so that you can safely and sanitarily shave your face every other week and reap the benefits of a smooth, radiant face all month long.

For 10% off, use code FHM10

Won’t Shaving My Face Make My Hair Grow Back Darker and Coarser?

I think this is every woman’s hesitation when it comes to considering shaving her face. We’ve all heard the warnings that shaving will leave us with black, coarse hairs for re-growth. Thankfully, this is mostly an old wives' tale.

The act of shaving is merely cutting down existing hair that’s visible. It is not changing the hair follicle at the root, therefore it’s impossible for shaving to cause darker and/or coarse hair regrowth. However, some women make the mistake of shaving “against the grain” which can give your hair a blunt tip. When this happens, you’re more likely to experience a “stubbly” feeling as the hair grows back in. 

This is, of course, a separate conversation from the one around cases where a woman has a hormonal imbalance of genetic factors that’s conducive to the growth of thick, dark hair like PCOS.

How Often Do You Need to Change Your Blade?

up close of jill face razor

Failure to use a new, clean blade every time you shave can cause acne if any leftover bacteria is transferred to your face from a previous shave. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you use a new Jill blade every time you shave. With the Jill subscription, you’ll get two new blade sets per month, which is the ideal frequency for female face shaving.

Is Jill Safe to Use on Acne?

If you have any open acne, you should avoid shaving directly over it as it’s likely to cause the bacteria to spread and potentially make the situation worse. Shaving around your facial acne with your Jill razor is best.

Keep in mind that shaving your face might help to fight off new acne from forming thanks to the exfoliation and the enhancement of your other skincare products (they’ll absorb better) making it encouraged to shave around any open acne areas. When in doubt, though, check with your dermatologist.

Who Should Try Jill?

Jill Razors are the ideal solution for women who would like to remove their facial hair safely and effectively while revealing softer, glowing skin underneath. Jill is perfect for those who value quality, design, and convenience as these women’s face razors offer all of that. 

Jill is a great choice for women who want to experience smooth, soft skin that’s free of hair and fuzz. The Jill Razor subscription makes a lot of sense for females who would like to make face shaving a part of their skincare routine and want to do so in a safe, clean, and eco-friendly way.

Use code FHM10 for 10% off!

My Experience Using Jill Razors

After realizing that I really liked the way my skin looked and felt once I removed the peach fuzz and dead skin cells using an Amazon cheapie razor, I went looking for a bit of a higher-end product that felt more sanitary and easy to maintain. From the first time I tried Jill, I was in love. I really enjoy that there are two different-sized blades in each kit and the ergonomic design makes them so easy and smooth to use.

I am also the type of person who likes to automate and optimize every part of my life that I can because I’m busy and if I’m going to drop the ball on anything, it’s most likely going to be in relation to my own personal self-care. Jill Razors doesn’t let me drop the ball on keeping my skin smooth and glowing because I receive my refills every month, prompting me to keep up with my face-shaving routine.

When compared to the cheap Amazon razors I was using before Jill is very clearly the much better option. The cheap razors I was using felt flimsy and the blades were constantly clogged up with gunk. My experience with Jill has been the complete opposite. For me, using Jill face razors has been 100% worth it.

Cost and Where to Buy

The Jill Starter Kit costs $24.99 when you sign up for the Monthly Shave Plan. Each month of your subscription you will receive two new shave sets at a cost of $8.99 per month. If you’d just like to purchase the Jill Starter Kit, you can do so for $34.99. Shipping is always free within the US.

The best and only place to purchase Jill Razors is through the official website.

Use code FHM10 for 10% off!

Real User Ratings and Reviews: What Are Jill Users Saying?


Try Jill Face Razor

Official website:

4.82/5 (Hundreds of reviews)

Reviews Page:



I have been using mine for about two months now and holy amazing. I will never use anything else. My face is soft and looks amazing.


Verified Reviewer

Used my Jill razor for the second time and loved it more than the first time! My face feels so soft and my skin so smooth!



Love it!!!! I usually use an eyebrows razor and always would get a cut somewhere. But with jill, never.


Jill isn’t the only company making women’s facial razors, however, I do believe that they are one of the best. That said, we all need to choose what options are best in alignment with our unique needs, so here are a couple of alternatives to consider if you’re not sold on trying Jill:

1. The Skinny Confidential Hot Shave Razor - This is another similar product to Jill, but it’s not offered as a subscription plan, it’s a one-time purchase. Honestly, this looks to me like it’s identical to the ones you can find on Amazon for cheap but with the Skinny Confidential brand plastered on it. If you’re a fan of Skinny Confidential products, you might consider adding the Hot Shave Razor to your cart, but overall I don’t see any reason to spend significantly more on this razor set.

2. Tinkle Women’s Shaver - These are your basic women’s facial razors. They’re cheap, but they work if you’re on a budget and just want to try face shaving out. If you decide to go with the Tinkle Razors or something similar from Amazon, be aware the you should be using each razor only one time and then tossing it - these things are easily filled with gunk and bacteria that can cause breakouts.

Final Thoughts: Are Jill Razors Worth it?

Jill Razors are worth it if you’re seeking an easy, affordable, and sanitary method for dealing with facial hair from home, or if you’re looking to add extra exfoliation to your skincare routine. Although I was already accustomed to face shaving and was well aware of the benefits before discovering Jill, making the decision to switch to Jill has been a very worthwhile investment.

Jill Razors are quite simply a cut above the rest, and I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my face, I don’t really want to mess around with sub-par products. Between the quality of the design, the ease of use, and the fact that the affordable monthly subscription allows me to keep up with my face-shaving routine in a clean and efficient manner, I can confidently say that Jill has a permanent place in my self-care routine.

Jill Face Razor

Coupon Code: FHM10 for 10% off

Want to Try Jill Face Razor?

Use code FHM10 for 10% off!

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