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Inside Tracker uses science and your body’s own metrics and data gathered through blood and DNA testing to give you actionable insights into how you can personalize your health and wellness to live a longer, more fulfilled life. Personalized health optimization is the wave of the future, and Inside Tracker is on the cutting edge.

Raise your hand (metaphorically, of course) if you’ve ever set out to try a new diet and/or exercise program with the best of intentions only to be disappointed by the lack of results you receive? How about a supplement routine that seems to work for everyone else, but when you tried it, your results were lackluster at best?

I feel like we’ve all done this. We look around and see so many wellness options out there. We try some, don’t get great results, and then move on to the next. The problem is that we’re relying on programs, supplements, and solutions that aren’t taking our individual bodies’ biometrics into account. We’re attempting to apply a one-size-fits-all solution to a very personalized problem.

So whether your wellness goals include losing weight, improving athletic performance, or living a longer life, we first have to understand the uniqueness of our bodies and how they work.

This is where InsideTracker comes into play. InsideTracker believes that health is an inside job, hence the name. Through cutting-edge research in blood and genetic testing and personalized goals setting, users have the opportunity to optimize their body’s functionality and reach their goals in a quicker and more efficient manner.

In this review of InsideTracker, I am going to take you through everything you need to know so that you can decide if trying InsideTracker is a worthwhile investment in your journey to better health.

Quick Summary of Inside Tracker Review


Science-based personalized health analytics tracking mechanism


InsideTracker (Segterra, Inc.)


Christian Reich, David Lester, Gil Blander


Test Sample Type:


Biomarkers Tested:

43 total biomakers (Ultimate plan only)

Best for:

Those who are looking to totally optimize their wellness based on scientific data, DNA, and a personalized plan


Multiple plans, from $119



Avg. User Rating:

4.2/5 ⭐ (25 reviews)

FHM Rating:

9/10 ⭐ (Great)

inside tracker summary review

What is Inside Tracker?

inside tracker brand logo

InsideTracker is a human wellness optimization brand that helps users discover their genetic potential through personalized, focused recommendations that are based on their blood test results. InsideTracker allows you to utilize your body’s unique data to custom tailor goals and science-based action plans.

InsideTracker is not a physical device like a CGM, which continuously monitors your blood glucose levels to provide health insights. Instead, InsideTracker utilizes blood draws to test for various biomarkers that can then be tracked, monitored, and optimized within their highly intuitive app (InsideTracker App).


  • Both DNA and blood testing are utilized for in-depth health analysis
  • Goal setting insights based on your test results
  • Science-based, personalized health optimization
  • Cutting-edge technology developed by premier professionals in the fields of nutrition, genetics,, and medicine
  • Peer-researched and evidence-based data and reporting to support the legitimacy
  • Designed to enhance human performance in the categories of habits (nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle)
  • Several plans to choose from depending on your unique goals
  • Comprehensive app for tracking
  • Live customer support along the way


  • Plans are on the pricier side for some folks
  • Supplements might be recommended but not available through InsideTracker themselves
  • It would be nice if there was access to a nutritionist and/or other health professionals for additional guidance and insights along the journey

Why Personalized Nutrition and Wellness?

insidetracker personalized wellness

Before we go deeper into the ins and outs of InsideTracker, let’s first take a second to understand why you might be interested in a program like this. Why is it important to gather personal data and biomarkers to assess and optimize your nutrition, wellness, and performance?

Well, taking a scientific approach to advance human performance makes living a healthier, optimized life more meaningful and actionable. Instead of slapping a blanket solution to a very unique and personalized problem, data collected through blood and DNA testing can help you to get far more individualized recommendations for reaching your health, wellness, nutrition, and performance-based goals.

Using science and bioinformatic analysis, you can have access to personalized nutrition, supplementation, fitness, and lifestyle recommendations that are customized to your unique DNA.

What Does Inside Tracker Test?

insidetracker testing data

InsideTracker will help you uncover the goldmine of data that’s available inside of you and then put that data to work in your favor. There are three main areas that InsideTracker tests:


Our blood is dynamic, meaning it’s always changing in response to things like diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. By periodically testing your blood, you have the opportunity to reveal how your body changes over time.


Unlike your blood, your DNA doesn’t change, this is inherited from good old mom and dad, but that doesn’t mean that they tell the full story of your destiny. DNA testing will reveal insights about your body’s predispositions so you have the information you need to make necessary changes.


Your habits reveal a ton about who you are and the quality of your life. By utilizing fitness trackers and self-reported data like sleep and stress, InsideTracker can help you develop a personalized plan for health optimization.

How it Works

insidetracker measurements

InsideTracker’s process is simple, yet very detailed and in-depth. Here’s a peek at what you can expect from the process and how it works.


You will have your blood, DNA, or both tested for the purpose of gathering specified data. Testing can be done at a nearby Quest Lab or at home if you purchase a home testing kit.

InsideTracker Recommendations Engine

InsideTracker includes cutting-edge technology that combines your data with the most current scientific literature and deep bioinformatics analysis to generate fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations that are customized to the needs of your body.

Step by step guidance toward your goals

By knowing and understanding what your unique body needs, you can choose which goals you want to focus on based on your blood, DNA, and habits. Zero guesswork is needed.

Understand where you stand

InsideTracker will let you know what biomarkers are having the greatest impact on your body and how they are affecting your goals in the process.

Customized Lifestyle Recommendations

With the help of your biomarkers and health insights, you’ll get recommendations for what nutrition, supplementation, and fitness components are most in alignment with your lifestyle and goals.

Personalized Action Plan

Armed with the information you need to understand how your body ticks, it’s time to put it into action. InsideTracker will recommend nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, and fitness interventions that are best suited to your body and lifestyle goals. With this action plan, you will track your progress, check in with the team, and set reminders for yourself throughout the journey.

Stay On Course

It’s easy to fall off the wagon when we’re pursuing our goals during a busy time (which is basically always!). InsideTracker makes it easy to stay on track with their smart app which allows you to check off your daily actions throughout the day using their simple check-in tool.

Algorithm-Recommended Recipes

InsideTracker’s app includes over 8,000 scientifically studied foods so that they can recommend options for you that are right for your body. Plus, they don’t just tell you what your body needs, they explain why, too.

Technical Support When You Need It

Although a lot of the work you do inside the InsideTracker app will be self-regulated, you’re never alone. The customer success team is there to help you on your journey when you need it so that you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your experience.

Data-Driven Benefits of Using Inside Tracker

insidetracker data benefits

InsideTracker, as you might have gathered by this point, is huge into using metrics and data to drive plans and results, never going along with whatever is trending at the moment. Every single recommendation that’s given to you is driven by peer-reviewed science.

Below is a glimpse into some of the numbers:

  • They use a demographic database of 180,000 healthy people
  • There are over 8,000 unique foods in their nutritional database
  • They have researched over 3,000 blood biomarkers
  • There have been over 1,500 individual DNA markers analyzed

The result is a combination of rigorous, peer-reviewed science mixed with leading technology and expertise from some of the most creative human minds out there, all coming together to bring great advancements in human well-being and performance.

Plans Exploration

insidetracker plans and costs

Currently, there are 5 different types of plans that you can choose from to get started with using InsideTracker. First, let’s talk about what’s included in all of the plans, regardless of which option you choose.

  • Personalized optimal zones and results tracking
  • Science-based digital platform
  • Personalized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations
  • Access to the secure online web portal
  • Option to add DNA insights and learn how your genes could be impacting your wellness goals
  • Live customer support when you need it

Plans Breakdown

Ultimate - Take Control of Your Destiny

  • Blood test included
  • 43 total biomarkers
  • Options to add DNA insights and InnerAge
  • Helps with building muscle, reducing inflammation, boosting energy, optimizing mood, raising metabolism, enhancing performance, improving cognitive function, and maintaining bone health

DNA Kit - Reveal Your Genetic Potential

  • At-home testing kit
  • Up to 261 genetic markers analyzed
  • Reporting to reveal wellness traits and identify any risks
  • Option to add blood test for additional insights
  • *If you already took a DNA from 23andMe or, you can upload your results and get your DNA report for $29

InnerAge 2.0 - Learn to Live Longer and Better

  • Calculate your age based on your insides
  • Includes blood test
  • 19 total data points for males and 14 total data points for females
  • Option to add on DNA insights

Essentials - Improve Your Body and Mind

  • Includes blood testing
  • 12 total biomarkers analyzed
  • Option to add on DNA insights
  • Great for raising metabolism, maintaining bone health, and enhancing performance

Home Test Kit - Improve Your Wellness From Home

  • Home blood collection kit included
  • 7 wellness biomarkers tested
  • Option to add on DNA insights
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and raise metabolism

How Often Do Tests Need to Be Repeated?

The frequency at which you test will be dependent on your goals. For those who are looking to optimize their wellness, re-resting 2-3x per year will be sufficient. On the other hand, those looking to optimize performance should test more often, likely a couple of times throughout your season and/or training cycle. This will allow you to track and manage how your body is handling your training load. 

Is Inside Tracker Safe?

Yes, using InsideTracker is 100% safe and so is your personal data as it is fully HIPAA compliant. 

Who Should Try It?

women working out trying insidetracker

InsideTracker is great for anyone with a desire to gain more insights into their health and then use that data to make informed decisions regarding their nutrition and wellness. While the assumption is that this level of body awareness is reserved for elite athletes only, the truth is that anyone can benefit from the knowledge and data available through blood and DNA testing.

For anyone who would like to have a roadmap for what foods are best for their unique body and genetic makeup, InsideTracker and its library of recipes can be invaluable on their journey to better health.

Cost and Where to Buy

InsideTracker costs anywhere from $589 for the Ultimate Kit to $119 for a blood results upload and analysis. The cost you pay will be dependent on the package that you choose and the options that you add on.

See all plans

Is it a subscription?

No, unlike many other similar products, InsideTracker is not a subscription. The costs associated with InsideTracker are a one-time fee which includes the price of the lab test and access to the platform.

Honest Customer Reviews and Ratings

InsideTracker is loved by many customers who are verified and follow through with everything. Their official website has hundreds of positive and honest customer reviews, from professional athletes to moms, to those who live an active lifestyle. The general consensus is that InsideTracker helps in optimizing wellness, improving strength and endurance.

Over at trustpilot, they have an average rating of 4.2/5 stars with 60% of reviewers rating it as "excellent." The negative reviews talk about the app needing improvement, while others say it's good, but not cutting edge data.

insidetracker honest customer ratings

Let's take a look at what a couple customers are saying about it below:

insidetracker honest customer 5 star reviews
insidetracker honest customer 4 star reviews

Verified Review

app verified review insidetracker

Alternatives Compared to Inside Tracker

If you’re still on the fence about InsideTracker, but want to explore more about how personalized data gathered through your blood and/or DNA can help you optimize your wellness, you have plenty of options.

If tracking your blood glucose levels through a CGM (continuous blood glucose monitor) is appealing to you, I tried NutriSense for myself and have been loving the healthy insights and feedback that I’ve gotten back. Want something a little more simplistic and accessible? Autumn DNA uses a saliva DNA home testing kit to recommend personalized vitamins and supplements to better your health. Lastly, if you want to take a gut health approach to optimized wellness, Viome offers some of the best gut health testing available, plus they offer personalized pre and probiotics to get you back on track.

Is Inside Tracker Worth it? A Dietitian’s Verdict

The data and information you will glean from InsideTracker is worth investing in if you have a desire to improve your health and performance. If you desire to have a science-based and data-driven plan for optimizing your wellness and nutrition, the InsitdeTracker platform can be a great place to start.

As an RD, I am passionate about nutrition and using food as your medicine and fuel for a healthy and long life. For this reason, the concepts and implementations offered by InsideTracker are ones that I feel great about recommending to those who would like to gain a deeper understanding of their bodies, genetics, and which foods will be most advantageous in their diets.

While I believe that the addition of personalized dietitian support and guidance inside the platform would take InsideTracker to the next level, I am still a big proponent of the scientific approach they are taking to wellness and would recommend these tests to anyone seeking a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Tips for Success From An RD’s Perspective

  • Be sure to have an understanding of your goals before you choose which plan to purchase from InsideTracker.
  • Utilize the resources available to you through the platform, especially the recipes, to help give yourself the best possible results.
  • Re-test at least twice per year to track your progress and ensure that you’re still on track towards your goals.
  • Pay attention to how you feel as you’re implementing the new diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits into your life. Enjoy and embrace the feelings of getting healthier, fitter, and better from the inside out.
About the Author
Courtney D'Angelo

Courtney D'Angelo is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist at Morrison Healthcare. She earned her Masters Degree in Foods and Nutrition at the University of Georgia. Her passion is to spend time with her 3 children, cook healthy meals and help other women and moms live a happier, healthier life.

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