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Ladies, have you heard of HUM Nutrition yet? I am obsessed with their line of supplements that are designed specifically for women and our most common health and wellness concerns.

They have an awesome online quiz that takes just a couple of minutes to complete where they’ll recommend specific supplements for you based on your health needs and goals. I highly recommend taking that quiz! I wrote about my experience with the brand overall and my quiz results here.

But on to the subject of this post - a Hum Private Party probiotics review. This specific supplement from HUM is designed to promote a healthy vaginal pH balance which helps to keep everything down there fresh and working optimally.

This is one of my favorite supplements and one that I find myself recommending to women all the time. I truly believe in its effectiveness and think that it can help any woman, not just someone experiencing a vaginal health issue.

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Maintaining Proper Vaginal Health

Although most of us don’t like talking about our “down there” area, it’s an important part of our body, for so many reasons. You can think of your vagina as being similar to your gut in that it has a lot of bacteria, both good and bad in it.

There’s been a lot of discussion over the past few years about the importance of probiotics for digestive health, but they are just as important for our vaginas, too. This is one of the many reasons why I love this brand - they include supplements for your gut AND your private parts in their line.

So here’s the deal, you have bacteria down there and it’s pretty easy for it to end up imbalanced. Between normal hormonal fluctuations, feminine products, and sex, there’s ample opportunity for the introduction of “bad” bacteria” and for your pH to be thrown off. An imbalance in bacteria can lead to odor, discharge, and infection (yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, UTI, etc.).

A , like Private Party by HUM, is designed to restore that balance and allow you to feel like yourself down there. We all know how stressful and embarrassing it can be to have “down there” issues, it can really affect your life and self-esteem.
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Why Choose Hum Probiotic?

I love Hum Probiotic for many reasons, starting with the fact that it’s a women-run brand that’s dedicated to women’s health and fitness specifically. No shade to men, but as a woman, I connect more with brands that are created, designed, and targeted just to females. This product also made it into the top 3 best vaginal probiotics article that can really help narrow your search down!

Aside from that, here are a few more reasons to choose HUM:

  • They have premium quality products
  • Each formula is extensively researched and clinically proven
  • They are non-GMO, gluten-free, and sustainably sourced
  • Their formulas are as pure and potent as it gets
  • Their prices are very affordable
  • Their packaging is fun and bright
  • You can get FREE shipping on orders over $50
  • You can get $10 off your first order with code FITMOMMA10!

Real HUM Nutrition Private Party Reviews 

“For almost a year now, I have been getting chronic yeast infections. Like, constantly. Medication didnt help, my OBGYN was tired of me coming in every week/two weeks because it just KEPT coming back. Since I started taking Private Party, I havent had any itchyness, burning, or abnormal discharge! (If I forget to take it for a day or something, I'll begin to itch again though ): ) This was really my saving grace! I reccommend it to EVERYONE.”

“A few months ago I noticed some yeast infection symptoms (fishy odor and thick discharge). After a week of taking Private Party, the odor was completely gone and I had a lot less discharge. I made sure to change panties at least once a day, wash gently with unscented soap, and always pee after sex or masturbation. It's been 30 days now, and I'm still very happy with the results. I will be ordering again.”

“LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE! It has helped my vaginal health so much and started noticing results in 2 weeks!!! It’s been 2 Months now and still all my symptoms are great! No uti’s and no smell!”

"I hardly ever write reviews, but this one is deserving! I have been struggling with BV for over a year now and to say I’ve felt defeated is an understatement. I’ve tried cheap probiotics, I’ve tried expensive probiotics, I’ve tried prescription gel, I’ve been doing boric acid suppositories and NOTHING has cured it. I finally purchased these and received them a little over a week ago. I’ve been taking them every day since and they have changed my life!! I’ve not taken any other probiotics nor have I had to use boric acid suppositories and my BV is effectively GONE. I have not had any of the awful symptoms of BV and these pills are the ONLY thing I’ve done differently. I was always skeptical of reviews and had basically just accepted nothing would work, but these have proved me wrong. I couldn’t be more thankful!! No unpleasant taste, no upset stomach that some probiotics cause.

Give Your Vagina The Care and Attention it Deserves!

Whether you’re a new mom and things are a bit funky down there, you have another UTI, or you can’t seem to keep your BV under control - give Private Party probiotics from HUM Nutrition a try! It’s helped me maintain and balance my vaginal microbiome, leaving me feeling fresh, clean, and issue-free.

You deserve to feel like yourself!

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