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It seems like everywhere you turn right now you’re seeing ads for vitamins. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we’re all leaning towards improving our health and wellness, but it also means that there’s a lot to choose from and it can be confusing to know which vitamins are the real deal and which are a waste of time and money.

I came across HUM Nutrition some time ago and was instantly drawn to their brand by their bright, vibrant colors, and fun names. With names like Skinny Bird, Ripped Rooster, and Red Carpet, I figured they were worth a closer look.

I took their quick, online quiz which gave me three supplement recommendations. I purchased all three in a bundle and that’s where my journey with HUM Nutrition began. Since my initial order, I have tried several other products from their line. Here is my honest review of HUM Nutrition.

brand's logo

Introducing HUM Nutrition (With Reviews)

One of the first things you’ll see when you head to HUM’s website is their slogan “beauty starts from within” and their HUM Difference promise which reads:

“It’s what’s inside that matters, which is why we formulate with clinically proven ingredients that are clean, natural and triple-tested for potency and purity. To get the results you want, we provide personalized solutions and free nutrition advice by certified RDs.”

-HUM Nutrition

So, right off the bat, I was impressed with their dedication to all-natural supplements that are clinically proven by professionals. I also love that this brand is generally made specifically for women, by women. All of the medical professionals and creators at HUM are women. No shade to men, but I personally love a good female dominate brand.

What Products Does HUM Nutrition Offer?

This brand has a full line of products to choose from, including (Click on the link to read full review):

  • Hair Sweet Hair
  • Glow Sweet Glow
  • Collagen Pop
  • Uber Energy
  • Red Carpet
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • Base Control
  • Turn Back Time
  • Collagen Love
  • Gut Instinct
  • Ripped Rooster
  • Runway Ready
  • Killer Nails
  • Raw Beauty
  • Air Patrol

We reached out to HUM and were able to secure an exclusive coupon code for our readers:

Use the code "FITMOMMA10" at checkout for $10 off your first purchase of $29+! All you have to do is enter the code at checkout.

discount on vitamin products

Take Their Supplement-Matched Quiz

Remember when I mentioned I took their quiz and received a customized recommendation for three supplements I should begin with? You should start there, too. The list of HUM products (like fish oil) and supplements are daunting and, honestly, they all sound great and much-needed. But, you may be able to improve things like skin tone, vitamin c supplement intake, diet, clear acne, and even improve your mood.

You can find their quiz below. It takes just a couple of minutes and asks you a series of questions about your health and lifestyle.

Get a personalized recommendation from the experts behind the HUM Nutrition to see which supplements and vitamins your body needs.

Get a personalized recommendation from the experts behind the brand to see which supplements are right for you!

As you can see, you get a MAJOR discount on your first order and if you sign up for their monthly recurring plan (which I highly recommend!).

I felt like the HUM Nutrition vitamins quiz results and recommendations were spot on with my needs. Although, as I said, I felt like I could use all of them at once. But, baby steps. Also, I love that the quiz recommends three formulas that work well together. The last thing anyone wants is to mix vitamins that shouldn’t go together and have adverse reactions. This has been a game changer for me.

You’ll also be matched with a certified nutritionist and you’re offered a link to connect with her anytime. This is such a unique and much-needed feature! I really believe that vitamins should be taken carefully and only under the recommendation and care of a professional, so I was very impressed with this feature from HUM.

The Three Vitamins Recommended to Me From My Quiz (Daily Cleanse Wasn't One of Them)

an image of HUM Red Carpet that is part of our review
Red Carpet

This formula is used to help promote glowing skin and shiny hair. It’s made from a blend of sunflower seed and black currant seed oil. I am guessing this one was recommended to me because I noted on my quiz that I struggled with thin, lackluster hair (postpartum).

4.5 of 5 Stars
an image of HUM Moody Bird and reviewing it
Moody Bird

This is their supplement that’s formulated for your time of the month. It’s designed to help with PMS symptoms like moodiness, cramping, and cravings. I definitely indicated that I could use PMS-related help on my quiz as I’ve struggled with my cycle since having my last baby.

4.5 of 5 Stars
an image of HUM Flatter Me and reviewing the supplement
Flatter Me

This one is for healthy digestion and a flatter stomach. AKA lose the bloat! I have always had trouble with gas and bloating relating both to foods and hormones, so I definitely needed a boost in this department.

4.5 of 5 Stars

How my initial trial went after taking the Hum Nutrition quiz

I started my first month with HUM Nutrition using this exact regime. Within the first few days of taking this combination, I noticed more energy and an overall more vibrant feeling. I definitely noticed the Flatter Me working in that I was dealing with a lot less bloating, gas, and digestion problems. 

They say that results can take 4-8 weeks with their vitamins. This is the case with just about any natural supplement or vitamin, so don’t expect to see any radical changes. They aren't miracle workers. That said, after my first four weeks of this regimen I noticed some marked differences, including:

  • Stronger nails
  • Better digestion
  • Clear skin (no monthly breakout! (Vitamin D and Daily Cleanse)
  • Less bloating
  • Extra energy
  • Increased positive feelings

Verified Buyers Review Hum Nutrition - Here are the cliff notes:

According to DERMSTORE.com, most of the reviews for HUM Nutrition are positive, while only a few are negative. Out of 24 products that were reviewed, the lowest rating was a 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Most HUM users report that this brand has helped nearly every facet of their lives. Customers state that HUM has helped them control their cravings, feel full longer, gives them energy throughout the day, and clears their skin all with natural ingredients. In addition, happy buyers have reported that these beauty supplements do not make them feel jittery like others do.

To sum it up, most Hum Nutrition users appear to be extremely happy with their services and their products, thanks to their cutting-edge business practices. Most women (and some men) would agree that these are much needed products. Results such as clearer skin, better sleep, and excellent nutrient and supplement intake have improved their body and diet.

For many women suffering from beauty pitfalls and health issues, HUM Nutrition allowed them quick and affordable access to a professional service and vitamins which is a huge life saver. One customer noted that it's like having your own personal nutritionist. Watch the videos below to see what other happy customers are saying about the brand.

physical results

Did Hum Nutrition's Supplements Help Me?

After my first month on those three vitamins, I decided to try a couple of different ones that had sparked my interest. I tried their Skinny Bird for appetite suppression and weight loss and Private Party for vaginal health. I wrote full reviews on both of those supplements, so you can check them out to get an in-depth feel for both of those and how they worked for me.

In addition, I just tried their Collagen Pop tablets. I’ve been taking a collagen supplement for some time now, usually this powder mixed in with my morning smoothie. However, in the spirit of mixing it up, I tried these tablets and honestly I love them!

These are so easy to take on the go and all you do is drop a tablet into a glass of water, it dissolves like an Alka Seltzer tablet and you drink it up! They have a couple of flavors, I tried the Wild Strawberry and loved it. It’s a nice mix-up from my regular water. I did see some reviews that said they did not like the strawberry lemonade flavor.

Did HUM Nutrition Wing Man for Milk Thistle Work?

As a loyal customer, I love how HUM's ingredients are sustainably sourced, and that goes for WING MAN, which supports liver detox and aids in digestion. Before I tried it, one customer said she used it for dark circles. The ingredient list states that there's Silymarin (Milk Thistle), Dandelion Root and Artichoke Leaf in WING MAN. You know right away you're getting the nutrients you need.

Are There Discounts When Buying On HUM Nutrition's Website?

The way to get the best deal on your first order from HUM is to take advantage of their three supplements or more offer. When you buy any three supplements, they’ll take 25% off when you sign up for their subscription plan (cancel anytime!) and you’ll get an additional $10 off your order when you use the code “FITMOMMA10” at checkout!

I signed up for the HUM Nutrition three months plan and I now get my vitamins delivered to me monthly without ever worrying about running out. I didn’t stick with the three supplements that were recommended to me in the quiz, I switched it up through some trial and error and figured out what feels best for me. I did, however, did more than three months with Daily Cleanse in an effort for clear skin.

Currently, I’m taking Skinny Bird, Moody Bird, and Hair Sweet Hair from HUM Nutrition. Who knows, maybe that will change again in the future! The good news is that your subscription is completely customizable.

Final Verdict: Are Hum Vitamins Legit?

In my opinion, yes! HUM vitamins are definitely legit and work as advertised. So far, all of the products I have tried have worked great for me. I will say that I prefer the Hair Sweet Hair gummies to the Sunflower seed oil formula as I feel like I see better results with the gummies. Other than that, I have no complaints about HUM and I recommend them all the time, especially to clear up acne for clear skin. In fact, I just got my mom to order a few products.

If you’re someone who’s looking for healthy, natural solutions to some of the most common female problems, then you’ll love Hum Nutrition and their products. From the bright colors and fun names to the all-natural ingredients and comprehensive support, you’ll feel the love and passion HUM Nutrition has for its products.

If you decide to check them out, don’t forget to use the code “FITMOMMA10” at checkout to get $10 off your first order and then stop back and let me know what you tried and what you think of it. I love hearing back from my readers!

Be well, ladies.

Think HUM Nutrition is a good fit for you?

This is a once in a lifetime brand that cares about their customers and brings amazing products to women that need the right nutrition to improve their overall health! Take the next step and start shopping!

Use Code: FITMOMMA10

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