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There are two products I'm getting asked about a lot lately. They are HUM Moody Bird and FLO PMS Vitamins. I'm excited that products like this are finally commonplace in the market.

Period-specific symptoms have been ignored for far too long. In fact, it wasn't very long ago that taking an aspirin for pain relief was the only advice given to women for managing PMS symptoms. That's why I'm very excited to be able to give some opinions on FLO Gummies Vs. HUM Moody Bird for anyone looking for a good PMS supplement to help ease pain, improve energy, and balance mood.

The benefit of these products is that they aren't "quick fixes." They offer a long-term, consistent way to get into balance to help prevent severe PMS symptoms. As a nutritionist (and a woman), I always love to break down the individual ingredients in vitamins and supplements to see exactly how they work with the body. Next, I'll run through what's in HUM Moody Bird versus FLO Gummies to help you make a decision on which PMS vitamin offers more of what you need.

Quick Table Comparison of FLO Vs. HUM Moody Bird

comparison hum moody bird versus flo pms

Product Name

FLO PMS Vitamins

HUM Moody Bird

Form of vitamin:

Gummy or Capsule (your choice)

Capsule only

Vitamins per day:

2 Gummies, or 1 capsule (30 servings per container)

2 capsules (60 servings per container)

Key Ingredients:

Chasteberry Extract, Lemon Balm, Dong Quai, Vitamin B6

Chaste Berry (vitex), Dong Quai

Claimed Benefits:

Helps ease PMS Symptoms (Cramps, Bloating, Mood Swings, Hormonal Acne)

Eases PMS Symptoms (camps, mood swings, irritability), Restore female hormonal balance


1 month supply: $31.99 (subscribe and save + free shipping)

$26 or subscribe and save

Avg. Customer Rating:

4.5/5 (4,316 reviews)

4.4/5 (184 reviews)

FHM Rating:



Where to buy:

Overview of HUM Moody Bird for PMS

overview hum moody bird pms versus flo

HUM Moody Bird for PMS relies on a potent herbal blend to help promote healthy hormonal balance for the easement of PMS symptoms. It's been formulated to ease painful cramps, balance mood swings, and curb irritability. Of course, it's doing all of this using herbal blends instead of "medicating you" with analgesic or psychoactive medications. It's necessary to take two pills daily with food to get your full serving.

Ingredient Analysis

HUM Moody Bird for PMS's strength really relies on two key ingredients to help regulate your hormones for a life free of overwhelming PMS symptoms. Those ingredients are chaste berry and dong quai root. Have you heard of them before? I want to talk about what studies reveal about the effectiveness of these herbs.

Chaste Berry

Chaste berry is sometimes called vitex when it's used in various supplements. I think you can have confidence about using a product with this herb because tons of studies have been done on supplementing with chaste berry to ease PMS symptoms.

In a study of 170 women diagnosed with premenstrual syndrome, those who received chaste berry instead of placebo saw improvements in the categories of irritability, mood swings, anger, headaches, bloating, and breast discomfort. Another study involving 128 women suffering from PMS found that participants given chaste berry supplements instead of placebo saw improvements related to anger, bloating, depression, headaches, breast tenderness, and irritability.

Dong Quai Root

A staple of Ancient Chinese herbal medicine, dong quai has been used for PMS symptoms for at least 20 centuries. You'll often see it listed as angelica sinensis on ingredient labels. Its purpose in the HUM formula is to relieve painful cramps. While there haven't been tons of studies done on dong quai's impact on PMS symptoms, we know that this herb does not spur estrogenic activity. This supplement is also reported to help provide a calming effect on mood while encouraging blood flow to prevent cramping.


  • Chaste berry and dong quai seem to have powerful anti-PMS qualities.
  • Tested for purity.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Gluten free.
  • No artificial colors or additives.
  • Vegan.
  • Results are noticeable fairly quickly.
  • Pretty affordable.


  • Lacks additional vitamin support beyond chaste berry and dong quai root.
  • Capsule only. No gummy option.

Cost and Where to Buy

Hum Moody Bird costs $26 for 60 capsules. This works out to be a 30-day supply. The easiest way to get Moody Bird is to simply order it directly from the HUM website. You get free shipping when you spend $50. HUM actually happens to be offering $10 off your first order with the added perk of consulting with your free personal nutritionist at the time of this review.

HUM Moody Bird

hum moody bird pms vitamin

Overview of FLO PMS Gummy Vitamins (by OPositiv)

overview flo pms vitamins versus hum moody bird

FLO makes some big claims about helping with pain, bloating, mood, and skin during PMS! With FLO, the gummy serving is two per day. It's just one per day if you opt for capsules.

Ingredient Analysis

FLO PMS Gummy Vitamins actually mirrors the core ingredients of Moody Bird. However, this formula delivers a little something extra that's worth knowing about. Let's dive in.

Chaste Berry

I covered the results of studies on chaste berry's effect on PMS symptoms above. I'll just reiterate here that chaste berry has been shown to reduce PMS symptoms like headaches, cramping, irritability, anger, bloating, and mood swings when compared to placebo in multiple studies.

Dong Quai Root

Like HUM Moody Bird, FLO also features dong quai root. I'll say again that this herb has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for 20 centuries to soothe PMS symptoms.

Vitamin B6

Here's something different! FLO actually goes above and beyond when compared to HUM because it adds vitamin B6. As a nutritionist, I'm instantly intrigued by this. There have actually been tons of studies on the benefits of taking B6 for PMS. In fact, studies going back to 1999 show that vitamin B6 is an effective treatment for both PMS symptoms and PMS depression.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another interesting one. Lemon balm is a "soother." A 2014 study on the anti-stress effects of lemon balm found that this supplement is associated with improved mood. It also offers the added benefit of improved cognitive performance.

There's also a 2018 study that specifically looks at the effects of lemon balm on PMS In this study, lemon balm was associated with a decrease in severity of all the systemic symptoms associated with dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation). Participants supplementing with lemon balm also saw improvements in neurological symptoms, fatigue, and lethargy. Finally, lemon balm is full of tannins that have been shown to heal and nourish skin. I suspect lemon balm is the ingredient behind FLO's claim that it helps to curb premenstrual acne.


  • Chaste berry, dong quai root, vitamin B6, and lemon balm create a powerful PMS-busting combination.
  • Comes in both capsule and gummy.
  • Vegan.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Gluten free.
  • No artificial dyes or preservatives.


  • The gummy works really well for some, but not for others

Cost and Where to Buy

The cost for 60 FLO gummies is $31.99. That's a 30-day supply. If you opt for capsules, it's still the same price for 30 capsules. While you're getting fewer units, the potency/supply is technically the same. The easiest way to buy FLO is to simply use the company's website to place a direct order. If you subscribe when you make your first purchase, the price gets knocked down to $26.99. Shipping is always free.


flo pms gummy vitamin by opositiv

Comparing Benefits

benefits comparison flo and hum moody bird

I want to briefly do a little apples-to-apples comparison between HUM Moody Bird and FLO. The biggest difference for me is that FLO has some extra ingredients that I consider to be important. The most important difference for me is the use of B6 in FLO. This has been shown time after time to reduce PMS pain while boosting mood and cognition. The truth is that almost everyone can benefit from supplementing with some vitamin B6. I wish HUM had considered adding this very important "extra" to its blend.

The lemon balm in FLO also impresses me as far as acting as a natural, gentle stress reliever. I can see how lemon balm would also be beneficial for soothing "angry skin" during PMS.

Finally, I want to give HUM some credit for its potency. From what I can see, HUM Moody Bird has 300 mg of chaste berry extract per serving. By comparison, FLO only has 110 mg. I personally consider chaste berry to be the most important ingredient for creating noticeable PMS benefits in both blends. As a result, Moody Bird impresses me a little more than FLO if we're talking about this point alone.

The last point I'm awarding gets tossed to HUM Moody Bird. That's because the company actually gives you a one-on-one chat with an RD when you make your first purchase. I really love this for ensuring that you're making an informed choice about controlling your PMS symptoms using a holistic, science-backed approach. However, a consultation isn't necessary before using natural PMS pills because like HUM or FLO.

Comparing Cost

Costs are pretty similar. If you subscribe to FLO, this basically brings you down to the same price per serving that you're paying with HUM Moody Bird. However, you are always looking at stacking your orders to be at least $50 to get free shipping with HUM versus guaranteed free shipping with FLO on every order.

Comparing Average Rating and Customer Reviews

comparing customer rating hum moody bird and flo

Both FLO and HUM Moody Bird average between a 4.4-star and 4.9-star rating. Generally, most reviewers report big improvements in PMS symptoms. The only distinction I can see is that HUM Moody Bird seems to provide results faster than FLO. Generally, I'm seeing people report big improvements in one to three months when taking HUM. It takes three to five months for many users to see differences with FLO. I'm guessing this slower result has to do with a combination of lower chaste berry levels with the buildup required for B6 benefits.

Main Difference Between HUM Moody Bird and FLO PMS Vitamins

main differences flo and hum moody bird

I think I did a good job of summing up some of the major differences between HUM Moody Bird and FLO PMS vitamins so far. I'll recap briefly because it's a lot to digest. First, HUM Moody Bird is a two-ingredient supplement that relies on chaste berry and dong quai root to reduce PMS symptoms by balancing hormone levels. HUM really impresses me with its potent chaste berry concentration that outperforms the level provided in the FLO formula.

Next, FLO PMS Vitamins impress me because they add vitamin B6 and lemon balm into the mix. Studies show that both of these supplements can have incredible effects on mood and cognition. What's more, vitamin B6 can offer powerful insulation against the depression that often creeps up with PMS.

FLO PMS Vitamins are slightly more expensive than HUM Moody Bird per bottle if you're not doing a subscription. However, the price is essentially equal if you do sign up for a prescription. Of course, only FLO offers free shipping on every order.

Gummy (FLO) vs Capsule (HUM)

flo gummy or hum moody bird capsule

Finally, I want to dive into the gummy versus capsule debate. I want to reiterate that HUM Moody Bird PMS vitamins are NOT gummy vitamins. These are only available in capsule form. I was actually pretty surprised by this because most supplement brands today that focus on modern lifestyle wellness tend to offer gummy varieties. However, the capsule offers a good degree of potency.

FLO does come in gummy form. While I think the gummy flavor is pretty agreeable, I would not personally go so far as to call it delicious. I'm a little surprised that FLO didn't put more time into developing a much tastier PMS gummy. However, I do like that the gummy is a non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan option lacking any dyes or preservatives. If you don't like gummies, FLO also offers a capsule. You're actually getting 30 capsules compared to 60 gummies for the same price because the capsule is only once daily instead of twice daily.

Where do I fall on a capsule versus gummy? This is pure personal preference. There's really no difference from a dietary standpoint. However, taking either option with some food can help with absorption.

Which Is Better: Flo or HUM?

better for pms flo or hum moody bird

This was actually a really hard call for me to make. My opinion from the viewpoint of an RD is that I like them both. I can see how either supplement can help to balance hormone levels if you're feeling out of whack every month. However, there were some factors that ultimately made it pretty easy for me to pick a "winner."

FLO is my top choice when everything is considered. I think you're getting some premium ingredients at a really good price. The addition of vitamin B6 and lemon balm on top of the supplements that are also included in HUM's formula really tip me over the edge because I think you're getting a more complete form of hormonal support. Again, I want to state that the active ingredients in the two choices are very similar. FLO just goes slightly above and beyond to offer a product that I feel will provide more significant results for someone seeking PMS relief. I also think you're getting good stuff at a very affordable price with FLO.

The Bottom Line

Both HUM Moody Bird and FLO PMS Vitamins are promising for natural PMS relief. The active ingredients have been used for centuries to balance hormone levels. While both essentially do the same thing for essentially the same cost, I prefer FLO simply because of a slightly better formula offered at a great value.


HUM Moody Bird

Tips for Success from the Nutritionist

One last thing before I go! I am definitely a fan of using natural supplements for PMS symptoms! However, I do want to offer the reminder that a balanced diet can actually help to keep hormone levels balanced. Opting for colorful, fiber-packed fruits and vegetables combined with lean proteins can help you to have the right vitamins and nutrients while also preventing some of the PMS exhaustion that many women experience.

I also want to share that giving into those strong sugar cravings that often hit during PMS can be counterproductive. Unfortunately, sugar that helps our mood in the short term can actually create inflammatory responses that leave us in more pain. What's more, those sugar crashes can actually exacerbate period-related depression and anger.

About the Author
Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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