Review of HUM Hair Sweet Hair: Does it Work For Hair Growth?

By Tami Smith

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hum hair sweet hair product rating

Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.4/10 ⭐

HUM Hair Sweet Hair is a vegan gummy that helps support stronger, healthier hair, packed with key, clinically tested ingredients biotin, folic acid, fo-ti, b12, zinc and paba.

You know those women with amazing hair that seems to just effortly flow and grow? Yea, me too, and I’m not one of them.

I’m not here to complain or feel sorry for myself, because I know that I am incredibly blessed to even have hair. So although my hair isn’t exactly what I’d like it to be, I’m very grateful for it. That said, if we have the power to improve something, we should, right?

Just like committing to a workout program will help you reach your fitness goals and quitting smoking will help improve your lung health, taking a hair growth supplement will help you improve your hair quality. And there are no shortage of hair growth supplements out there to choose from, I’ve tried and tested many in my day.

I recently got to know Hair Sweet Hair by HUM Nutrition, a trusted women’s wellness brand that I have actually loved for a couple of years now. I had yet to try out their vegan gummies designed to promote hair growth and strength, so I gave them a shot and can’t wait to share my thoughts and experience with you.

Quick Summary of Hair Sweet Hair Review


Hair Sweet Hair


HUM Nutrition


Walter Faulstroh, Christopher Coleridge


Best for:

Vegan gummy for stronger, healthier hair


$26 for 1x purchase price, or $19.50 with a 3 month subscription

Coupon Code:


Amount of gummies:

60 vegan gummies

Avg. User Rating:

4.4/5 ⭐ (175 reviews)

FHM Rating:

9.4/10 ⭐ (Excellent)

hum hair sweet hair summary review

What is Hair Sweet Hair?

hair growth product hum hair sweet hair

Hair Sweet Hair is a vegan gummy for stronger, healthier hair. Made by the mega-popular women’s supplement brand, HUM Nutrition, Hair Sweet Hair is formulated with key ingredients like biotin and folic acid for long, strong, and healthy looking hair. 

Each bottle of Hair Sweet Hair comes with 60 vegan gummies in a delicious berry flavor that tastes more like a sweet treat than a vitamin. These tasty hair gummies can be taken at any time of the day, with or without food. Pro tip: save your gummies for a time during your day when you want to reach for something sweet and use these as your guilt-free indulgence!

More on the Brand (HUM Nutrition)

HUM Nutrition is a women’s wellness brand that focuses on providing consumers with scientifically proven solutions to their most common problems. With clinically proven nutrients that are extracted straight from nature, you can feel great about your choice to choose HUM supplements.

HUM is “obsessed with quality” when it comes to their supplements. They take great care to test every ingredient to ensure that their supplements are pure, potent, and effective. Your health and safety are paramount, which is why you can expect every HUM product, including Hair Sweet Hair, to be:

  • Triple tested for purity
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Free of any artificial ingredients (sweeteners and colors)
  • Verified by independent labs for potency
  • Made in the USA and Canada


  • Proven to support healthy, strong hair and new growth
  • Delicious taste
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free
  • Clinically proven and validated ingredients
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Affordable


  • There’s 2g of sugar per serving
  • Some users didn’t experience a difference in their hair (uncommon, but still noteworthy)

What Are the Benefits and How Does it Work?

hum hair sweet hair benefits

Using a hair supplement like Hair Sweet Hair from HUM is designed to support the overall health of your hair. The main benefits of this product include:

  • Support for hair growth
  • Promotion of stronger hair
  • Hair follicle health maintenance

HUM is able to provide these key benefits thanks to their clinically proven formulations. We’ll take a closer look at the ingredients later, but first we’ll talk about what the key ingredients are and how they work:

  • Biotin supports the growth of hair, skin, and nails
  • Zinc promotes the health of your hair follicles and helps to prevent hair loss
  • Fo-To helps to stimulate healthy hair growth and maintain healthy, vibrant color

Important Ingredients Analysis

hum hair sweet hair ingredients


Biotin has been shown to improve the underlying pathology for poor hair or nail growth.

Folic Acid

Adequate amounts of folic acid are key for healthy hair growth, according to research.


Zinc is a crucial mineral for healthy hair follicles.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has been shown in some studies to play a role in healthy hair follicles.


Fo-Ti has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine to support the healthy growth of hair as well as a natural, vibrant color.


PABA is a naturally occurring chemical that has been shown to help maintain natural hair color.

How to Take

HUM recommends that users take two gummies at any time during the day with food. My favorite time of the day is right when I’m craving something a little sweet but I don’t want to blow my macros for the day. It’s just enough to satisfy! Plus, I know I’m actually improving my health in the process, so it’s a win-win.

taking hair sweet hair gummy

How Do They Taste?

Hair Sweet Hair tastes like a sweet, berry gummy. I get major gummy bear vibes from these!

Who Should Take Hair Sweet Hair?

Honestly, I think everyone should take Hair Sweet Hair, even those who are blessed with full, beautiful hair. Unless you have an allergy or aversion to any of the ingredients in Hair Sweet Hair, it’s perfectly healthy and safe to add to any supplement regime and will only serve to make your hair stronger and healthier. And we could all use that!

Cost and Where to Buy

Hair Sweet Hair costs $26 per bottle from Hum Nutrition’s official website, which is the best place to get HUM supplements. However, if you live nearby a Sephora, you’ll find them there, too. But I don’t know about you, I’d rather order and have something shipped to my home any day.

Plus, ordering through allows you to subscribe and save, bringing the price of each bottle down to $19.50, which is a significant savings for a supplement that you’ll want to keep up with monthly.

Honest Customer Reviews

HUM Hair Sweet Hair has an average rating of 4.4/5 stars with 175 reviews and counting. The general consensus is that people love that it's in gummy form saying that it tastes great and it's easy to consume. I found that this product works for most people who've taken it. Supplements don't work for everyone and there aren't any perfect supplements out there. However, Hair Sweet Hair is loved by many, and the team at HUM Nutrition is constantly listening to their customers and finding ways to improve the product.

Below, you'll see a few honest customer reviews of Hair Sweet Hair that I pulled together from their official website.

hum hair sweet hair honest customer reviews 1
hum hair sweet hair honest customer reviews 2

Other HUM Nutrition Products That I Love

As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, HUM is not a new brand for me. I’ve been using HUM supplements for a couple of years now and I have a few tried and true favorites that I’ll outline below.

Moody Bird

As many as 75% of women get PMS symptoms every month. And while we all experience varying degrees of symptoms, I know that we can all agree on one thing: period symptoms suck! Moody Bird is perfect for helping ease PMS symptoms like cramps, mood swings, and irritability. Again, I recommend this product all the time to the women in our community who are struggling with monthly period woes.

Private Party

Private Party is the first vaginal probiotic that I’ve tried and I now recommend it to any woman I speak with who is dealing with vaginal health issues as it’s so helpful in balancing your vaginal microbiome. The probiotics in this formula are designed to give you more balance, which leads to better vaginal health (less odor, discomfort, UTIs, etc.).

Daily Cleanse

Daily Cleanse is your go-to for skin care. The older I get, the more concerned I become with my skin and the more effort I take to keep it healthy and fresh. After having kids, my skin hasn’t been the same, I am far more prone to breakouts, and Daily Cleanse really helps keep things in check. I’ve noticed a huge reduction in breakouts, especially around my cycle, since taking this supplement. 

Final Thoughts: Does Hair Sweet Hair Work for Hair Growth?

Hair Sweet Hair is a proven effective hair growth and hair enhancement solution. After using Hair Sweet Hair for myself, I can tell you that I have noticed a nice improvement in the look and feel of my hair. It’s feeling fuller and healthier, which is important for someone who has hair on the thinner side.

I really enjoy that HUM makes products with integrity, meaning that they use high-quality ingredients and they third-party test all their supplements before making them available for purchase. There’s a lot of shadiness and mistrust in the supplement industry because it is largely unregulated, so it’s always refreshing to come in contact with a brand that does things right and gives you products that you can trust and feel good about.

If you’re looking for a little something more for your hair, I say go for it! Give Hair Sweet Hair a try. Remember, as with any supplement, it will take some time and consistent use before you see results. But in the meantime, enjoy the sweet taste!

hum hair sweet hair works for hair growth

Verified Review

verified review hum hair sweet hair


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Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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