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This is my experience with good chop + I'll give it a rating after trying all the meats and seafoods, then (spoiler alert) I'll explain why it's so good.

Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.9/10 ⭐

If you're looking for a 100% American meat supplier, then good chop should be at the top of your list. They deliver your meat fully frozen (more on that soon...), the taste is an A+, and the sticker price is reasonable. Overall, my experience (which I'll cover later) was excellent, but make sure you read everything before you buy! 

The older I’ve gotten, the pickier I’ve gotten about the foods that I eat. Not just from a nutritional perspective, but from a sourcing and preparation standpoint as well.

There was a time when I would have grabbed any meat off the store shelf, usually choosing whatever was on sale, and called it good. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with doing that, the more I’ve delved into the use of antibiotics and artificial ingredients in meats, the more I want to steer clear of the grocery shelves. Because, let’s be honest, we don’t really know where the meat is coming from.

Personally, I like knowing where my food comes from and feeling confident that it hasn’t been modified or processed, that’s why when I got the opportunity to try Good Chop recently, I jumped right in. Good Chop is a flexible meat subscription service that brings high quality, American meat and seafood right to your door. Between the quality promise and the fact that all meats and seafood are exclusively from American farms and fisheries, I immediately liked the brand.

I got a box of Good Chop to try for myself, and in this article, I’m bringing you my full Good Chop review. I’ll break down everything you need to know about this up and coming meat subscription brand and give you some insight into my personal experience with the brand and the products they offer. By the end, you should have a firm understanding of what to expect from Good Chop and whether or not it’s worth it for you.

What Is Good Chop?

good chop meat subscription box and brand logo

Shipping was superfast, and, it all came frozen - which is a miracle during the hottest part of the year here in Florida.

Good Chop is a brand new meat delivery service that promises flexibility, customization, and high quality proteins responsibly and sustainably sourced directly from American family farms and fisheries. All proteins offered by Good Chop are all-natural, so you never have to worry about any processing, artificial ingredients, hormones, or antibiotics.

Good Chop is certainly not the first meat subscription box to hit the scene, however, they are one of the only ones to offer 100% American meat and seafood. With highly customizable boxes, flexible subscription options, and eco-friendly packaging, Good Chop is offering a premium-quality service in an ever-expanding subscription-based market.

How Does Good Chop Work?

good chop infographic (how it works)

This came with the box, which was cool. It has the brand logo on it, some information on how good chop works, and a warning about the dry ice (they tell you how to dispose of it).

Getting started with a Good Chop subscription is simple. Here’s a look at what the process looks like from start to finish:

Step 1: Good Chop sources local meat and seafood

Working closely with American farmers and ranchers who raise their animals with compassion, plenty of space, and lots of fresh water, Good Chop gets their hands on some of the best American-made proteins available.

Step 2: Proteins are flash-frozen

All proteins are flash-frozen right at the peak of freshness and vacuum sealed so that you can enjoy fresh, flavorful meat for up to one year in your freezer.

Step 3: Pick your plan

There are currently two different plan options to choose from; a medium or a large box. The medium box contains 14 lbs of meat and the large box contains up to 28 lbs of meat. This gives you the ability to choose which option best suits the needs of your family. With the medium box, you can choose 6 items from the menu and with the large box, you get 12 items. The medium box is usually perfect for individuals, couples, and small families. The large box is better for medium to large families and those who have ample freezer space.

Step 4:  Select your cuts

Unlike other subscription boxes that just send you what they have on hand without giving you a choice, Good Chop lets their customers fully customize their box according to their preferences. The best part is that they have an ever-changing selection of meats and seafood to choose from, so you can always count on variety.

Step 5: Receive your box

You’ll receive a shipping confirmation and a tracking number for your box once it’s headed your way. On delivery day, you can expect to receive your Good Chop box right at your doorstep in an insulated box that’s packed with dry ice to keep your meat and seafood frozen and fresh. Once inside, you can choose to put your items in the freezer to keep them frozen until you’re ready to cook, or you can thaw them out and get ready to enjoy.

Step 6: Get cooking!

This is the fun part! Fire up your grill or prepare your skillet to bring your carefully selected cuts to life for a healthy, delicious meal.

What Meat Can You Get From Good Chop?

good chop meats shipped frozen

I was stunned when I opened up my box to see that the meats were still frozen! For context, it was 95 degrees on a hot summer day in Florida.

Good Chop’s menu is always changing depending on what cuts of meat are available. However, you can always count on their being the following:


good chop beef flat iron steak

We cooked this on the grill and it was very tastey.

  • American born and bred
  • Free of antibiotics and added hormones
  • Angus breeds for more flavor, marbling, and tenderness
  • Premium options available (USDA Prime, 100% grass-fed)


  • American born and bred
  • Free of antibiotics and added hormones
  • Responsibly raised
  • Fed 100% vegetarian diet


boneless pork chops by good chop

I love boneless pork chops (I'm very picky about them), and I can fully recommend good chop's.

  • American born and bred
  • Free of antibiotics and added hormones
  • Responsibly raised
  • Fed 100% vegetarian diet (except for milk protein)


pacific cod seafood by good chop

This actually came in a 3-pack. We cooked the first one already on the grill and wow was it good! Very impressed!

  • Wild-caught on the U.S. coasts or raised on U.S. farms
  • Free of antibiotics, additives, and coloring
  • Sustainably sourced
  • MSC - or ASC certified

You can check their current menu here:

Good Chop Features and Benefits

Ok, if you haven’t already left my review of Good Chop and headed to their website to sign up, let me run you through some of the top features and benefits of Good Chop.

good chop meat benefits
  • It’s always high quality & from American farms - all meat and seafood is sourced directly from American farms that are committed to quality and sustainability.
  • Flexible subscription options - with Good Chop, you’re never locked into a subscription or even a certain selection of meats each delivery. You always have the option to choose how much you need and what you’d like included in your box.
  • Always free shipping - your boxes are delivered to your door fresh, frozen, and free of charge.
  • Save time and money - scouring the meat aisles for the perfect cut of meat is time consuming not to mention expensive. Good Chop selects the perfect cuts for you and prices start at just $3.74 per meal.
  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee - if for some reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with the meat or service you receive, all you need to do is reach out to the Good Chop team and they’ll credit your account or refind your card, whichever you prefer. No hassle whatsoever.

How Much Does Good Chop Cost?

Good Chop costs $149 for a medium box and $269 for a large box. The medium box contains up to 36 portions and comes out to about $4.14 per meal. Whereas the large box contains about 72 portions and costs around $3.74 per meal. Once subscribed, your delivery default is once per month, however, you can choose to change your frequency to whatever works best for you and your family. Plus, you can count on free shipping!

Real Good Chop Customer Reviews: What Are They Saying?

Good Chop is still a very new brand, which means that finding Good Chop reviews right now is a little tough, however, they’re out there! I was able to review several reviews on Good Chop’s website from online customers and the overall sentiment was that Good Chop is as legit as it gets for American meat and seafood.

Customers love that their boxers arrive expertly packed with dry ice so that their meat is fresh and full of integrity when they get it inside their home. Additionally, those who have never had the experience of eating farm-fresh meat without any additives or preservatives, are blown away by the difference in quality.

My Experience With Good Chop

I ordered my first Good Chop box on a Monday morning and by Thursday afternoon it was at my door. I live in Florida and it was the middle of August, so I was a bit nervous about my meat arriving thawed. To my delight, my meat was not only still frozen, but it had frost on it! I was incredibly pleased and impressed with Good Chop’s packaging as I have received  meal subscription boxes from other companies that I have had to throw out because the packaging didn’t preserve them.

my experience with good chop's meat

Inside my box, I had a very nice variety of meats and seafood to choose from. I’m very picky about seafood and don’t eat a lot of it, however, the wild caught pacific cod was top notch! My husband is a big steak eater and really appreciates a good steak, so when he raved about the meal, I knew it was well worth it.

Final Thoughts: Is Good Chop Worth It?

If you’re looking for fresh, high-quality American meat and seafood, Good Chop is 100% worth it. Even if the price you pay is slightly higher than what you would pay at the grocery store, the fact that you can feel confident in the food you’re putting into your body is well worth the small extra cost. Plus, you’ll absolutely love the quality, taste, and tenderness of the meat.

good chop meat is worth the price tag

With all the meat I got for the price I purchased it at, the cost is 100% #worthit - plus I get to keep them frozen for up to a year!

Buying meat can be a real pain. Between finding the right cuts, to planning meals around them, to keeping them fresh and not letting them spoil, meat isn’t the easiest thing to control when it comes to mealtimes. 

The convenience that comes with subscribing to a meat subscription service like Good Chop is bar none. You get high-quality meats that are expertly packaged for longevity, and you can feel good knowing that they’re free of the junk that’s often found in store-bought meats.

Give Good Chop a try and see if you change your mind about meat! 

Verified Review

fit healthy momma's good chop meat order

This image shows all the beef, pork and seafood I ordered from good chop - all on my kitchen counter.

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