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Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9/10

GOGO by OPositiv is a prebiotic fiber gummy that helps promote healthy digestion and more regular bowel movements. For those struggling with occasional constipation, GOGO can provide you with the relief you’re looking for.

You know when you gotta go, but you can’t go? That feeling of being full, bloated, backed up? Yea, it’s not fun, and it’s certainly not conducive to living your best life.

Occasional constipation occurs when your bowel movements become less frequent, and therefore your stools become more difficult to pass (all the cringe faces here). This happens most often due to changes in your diet and/or routine, most specifically, when your diet doesn’t include adequate amounts of fiber.

So what’s one to do when going #2 is difficult, infrequent, and causing you to miss out on looking and feeling your best? Well, short of making sure that your lifestyle includes plenty of natural fiber sources via whole grains, fruits, and veggies, you can supplement with a high-quality fiber supplement that will get things moving in the right direction, if you know what I mean.

GoGo Prebiotic Fiber Gummies from OPositiv will do just that. In this article, I’m reviewing GOGO Fiber Gummies, giving you all the pertinent information you need to decide if this prebiotic fiber supplement is right for you. Plus, I’ll share some personal insights as I have been using this supplement for months.

Health Benefits of Fiber

Fiber is naturally found in some of the foods we eat, specifically fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. It plays a critical role in managing regular bowel movements. Furthermore, it’s also very filling and can play a key role in weight loss and weight management.

That said, most Americans aren’t getting enough of it in their daily diets. Shockingly, it’s estimated that 95% of American adults and children don't regularly consume the recommended amounts of fiber. For optimal health, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that adult females consume 25g of fiber per day and adult males consume 38g of fiber per day. Most Americans are getting an average of 16.2g, which is cause for concern as adequate fiber intake is correlated with many health benefits.

Proper fiber intake has been correlated with the prevention of:

  • Certain cancers
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Food allergies
  • Weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

It’s clear that the benefits of fiber are relevant to everyone, but with so many people failing to hit their daily goals through diet alone, what’s the next best option? This is where a fiber supplement comes into play.

Do Fiber Supplements Work?

Before we dive into the specifics of GOGO Fiber Gummies, let’s first address the elephant in the room: do fiber supplements actually work?

Yes, fiber supplements work by bulking up the dietary content in your intestinal tract and absorbing the surrounding materials. This helps to drive metabolic health effects like lowering cholesterol, and improved glycemic control inside the small intestine. Inside the large intestine, fiber can present a laxative effect, softening and bulking stool so that it can be passed more readily and easily.

We've covered the top fiber supplements for women and the best fiber gummies, so you can learn more about our top-rated picks.

Next, let's get into some quick details of Opositiv GOGO.

Quick Summary Review of GOGO Gummies


GOGO Gummies

Type of Supplement:

Prebiotic Fiber Gummies


Opositiv (learn more)


Best for:

Digestion, weight management, good gut bacteria, regular bowel movements

Vegan friendly:

Yes, as well as gluten free, non GMO and cruelty free!



Avg. User Rating:

4.7/5 (Over 58 reviews)

FHM Rating:


What Is GOGO By OPositiv?

opositiv gogo gummies product image

GoGo Gummies from OPositiv are prebiotic fiber gummy supplements that help you improve your digestion while supporting your bowel function. Formulated with premium, plant-based ingredients, GoGo helps to keep you regular while also supporting your digestive system health. Each daily dose is jam-packed with more fiber than three cups of spinach. Plus, it tastes a whole lot better, too!

OPositiv is a female-forward brand that focuses on creating women’s wellness supplements that support our most pressing needs. From the first ever PMS Gummy, FLO, to their metabolism-boosting vitamin, MOTO, OPositiv is dedicated to improving women’s health so that we can look and feel our absolute best. 


  • Made with premium, plant-based ingredients
  • Delicious taste and soft gummy texture
  • Contains as much fiber as three cups of spinach
  • Helps to alleviate occasional constipation
  • Allows you to feel fuller for longer
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, and cruelty-free
  • Affordable monthly cost
  • 60-day happiness guarantee
  • It comes in a powder, too!


  • When taken in excess, GOGO’s key ingredients can cause intestinal discomfort like gas, bloating, and cramps
  • Might not pair well with certain prescription medications, always be sure to check with your Doctor before taking

Claimed Benefits

benefits of gogo gummies

The sweet, orange sorbet-flavored GOGO gummies do more than just taste good. You can potentially anticipate the following benefits when you begin taking GOGO:

  • Weight management
  • Healthy digestion
  • Good gut bacteria
  • Bowel regularity 
  • Feeling lighter
  • Weight loss

So what’s inside GOGO that allows you to reap these benefits? Let’s take a look at the key ingredients to connect the dots!

Key Ingredient Analysis

ingredients gogo gummies

GOGO is an incredibly simple prebiotic fiber supplement in that it contains only one key ingredient: fiber derived from Chicory Root.

Chicory Root is a member of the dandelion family and has been used for nutritional and medical purposes for thousands of years. Inulin travels through the small intestine and stimulates the growth of healthy gut bacteria to help support regularity. Additionally, it has been shown to help regulate your appetite and support healthy weight management while keeping you fuller for longer.

How to Use

When you’re ready to stop feeling the bloat, fullness, and overall discomfort that’s synonymous with irregularity, getting things moving with GOGO couldn’t be any easier. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Chew up 2 tasty GOGO Gummies per day followed by a full glass of water.
  • Step 2: If you’re looking for more help with the weight management benefits associated with fiber, or if 2 gummies aren’t producing the digestive results you’re seeking, you can gradually increase your intake to up to 4 gummies per day.
  • Step 3: Give it some time! GOGO works best after you’ve taken it consistently for at least 2 weeks.

Who Should Try GOGO?

trying gogo gummies product

Anyone who needs a little help when it comes to regular bowel movements will find GOGO to be the perfect solution. For those who struggle with occasional constipation and the derailing side effects that accompany it, GOGO can provide you with the gentle, easy relief you’ve been looking for.

Who Shouldn’t?

Those who are pregnant, nursing, or who have a serious medical condition should consult with their physician before trying GOGO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a handful of common questions that come up regarding GOGO and how to use this fiber supplement to find relief from occasional diarrhea:

gogo gummies on table

What are the side effects of GOGO Gummies?

If taken in excess, GOGO’s key ingredient, Chicory Root Fiber, might cause intestinal discomfort. Specifically, gas, bloating, stomach gurgling, cramps, and diarrhea could result.

How many GOGOs can I take each day?

OPositiv recommends taking anywhere between 1-4 gummies per day depending on your sensitivity to the increase in fiber as well as your desired results. Those who are brand new to taking GOGO might be best served to start slow with 1 gummy per day and work their way up.

Do GOGO Gummies work for weight loss?

Yes, some users will experience weight loss when using GOGO Gummies because they will begin to regulate their bowels, releasing the excess backup of waste that can cause the scale to be up. GOGO, or fiber in general, can also help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, which helps to eliminate excess snacking throughout the day, which can add up to a calorie surplus, which results in weight gain.

What Flavor is GOGO?

GOGO has a delicious, natural orange sorbet flavor.

Cost and Where to Buy

OPositiv GOGO Gummies cost $29.99 for a one month supply or $49.98 for a two month supply. Alternatively, you can subscribe to get GOGO delivered to your door each month for just $24.99 with free shipping and you’ll never have to worry about running out of your GOGO!

pricing gogo gummies

Real GOGO Gummies Reviews and Average Rating

GOGO Gummies has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars with over 58 reviews. Almost every verified customer has complimented how good these gummies taste. But, the most important thing I've learned after reading reviews of GOGO Gummies is how effective the supplement works for bloating and constipation.

Read all reviews here.


GOGO might not be the best choice for everyone, so let’s take a look at a couple of alternatives to make sure you’re getting the supplement that aligns best with your needs. 

If you’re looking for a stronger supplement that’s more geared towards a cleanse that could potentially result in weight loss, Colon Broom is one of the highest-rated products available. With thousands of positive reviews and happy customers, this is a great option for those who are seeking fast results.

Go to ColonBroom

If gut health is your main concern, OPositiv offers another gut health-related product, FLO PMS gummy vitamin, a probiotic soft chew, that looks and tastes just like a Starburst. This probiotic helps support your gut health with 5 billion CFUs of probiotics and 2g of fiber. These chewables are tasty and effective when it comes to supporting your gut and relieving occasional constipation.

Final Thoughts: Should You Try OPositiv GOGO Gummies?

If you’re looking for a premium fiber supplement that will help ensure you’re “going” on the regular, GOGO is the right choice for you. Anyone who has or is dealing with constipation and struggling to go #2 can relate to the common, gut-related woes that accompany constipation.

GOGO Gummies can help get you back on track and feeling your best. Plus, they taste incredible and actually make taking a fiber supplement pleasant. I have used GOGO periodically throughout the last year or so and have been nothing short of impressed with the results I’ve seen. As someone who has struggled with occasional constipation from time to time, I am all too familiar with the full, uncomfortable feeling that digestive issues can bring.

If you’re struggling to get enough fiber in your diet consistently, adding a fiber supplement like GOGO could be the next best thing.

product image - opositiv gogo gummies
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