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Limited on time, but still want to get a good workout in? Look no further! This dumbbell-only workout is going to be your perfect go-to for a FIRE full-body workout! You will hit every muscle group at least once, giving you all the feels of a job well done. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this one is sure to work up a sweat in a short amount of time, while also working on building your strength and toning up! What more can a girl want?!

We also have a dumbbell workout for lower body and dumbbell workout for upper body that you can go back through, which can give you more options and moves.

Can You Get a Full-Body Workout With Only Dumbbells?

ABSOLUTELY! It is possible to hit all of your muscle groups with just a set of dumbbells! If you are someone who normally just does machines or bodyweight exercises, then switching up for this dumbbell-only workout will be a great way to add variety and push your limits in a new way.

Are Full Body Workouts Effective For Women?

Yes ma’am! Any workout is better than no workout. If you love working your entire body at once or simply only have the time to commit to a full-body workout, then that is exactly what you should do! Working out has tons of health benefits…there are so many different approaches and styles these days too…finding the one YOU enjoy and you feel CONFIDENT doing should be a top priority! And if that is with a full-body workout, then look no further!

Purpose of This Workout

The purpose of this workout is to:

  1. Work every muscle group.
  2. Break a sweat
  3. Increase your strength.
  4. Build your stamina.
  5. Feel accomplished in yourself!

Equipment Required

At least one pair of dumbbells is needed for this workout. If you have more than one pair, those multiple weight options will be beneficial! This workout could also be done with just one weight, however, will require extra time to ensure both sides of your body are evenly hit. 

I recommend…

  • Beginners using between 2.5-10lbs
  • Intermediate using between 5-20lbs
  • Advanced using between 10-30lbs

Can This Workout Be Done Without Equipment?

This workout will need a minimum of 1 weight to complete. Having at least 2 dumbbells is most ideal! If you only have 1 weight, you will need to alternate hands during your sets to ensure you are doing an equal number on both sides. For example, complete 6 dumbbell thrusters with the weight in your right hand, then the other 6 for that set with the weight in your left hand. 

Dumbbell Only Upper Body Movement Breakdown

Breakdown of each movement in this workout with full-form instructions

Dumbbell Thrusters

dumbbell thrusters
dumbbell thrusters thrusting up
  1. When performing this exercise, the dumbbells will rest up by your shoulders.
  2. As you get into the squat position, keep your head and chest up, sit back into your heels.
  3. Pop out of your legs and extend your arms, locking biceps to ear.
  4. Return the weight to your shoulders.

Dumbbell Walking Lunge to Curl

lunge to curl with dumbbells 2
walking lunge to curl dumbbells
  1. Stand upright with dumbbells in each hand down your sides.
  2. Lunge forward with your left leg, landing on your heel first. Lower your body by bending at your knee and left hip, while lowering the right knee until it almost touches the floor.
  3. Return to the starting position by pushing off the right foot, bring your feet back together.
  4. Once standing tall, perform one bicep curl.
  5. Repeat with your right leg and alternate between your left and right legs.

Dumbbell Renegade Row to Push Up

renegade row to push up with dumbbells
dumbbell renegade row to push up
  1. Get into the top position of the pushup, holding onto a dumbbell in each hand with arms shoulder-width apart, arms straight.
  2. Lower your body with your chest towards the floor, as you would for a standard pushup. 
  3. Push your body upwards and straighten your arms. At the top, pull one dumbell off the floor and push your elbow back, contracting your shoulder blades.
  4. Return to the starting position. Repeat and alternate.

Dumbbell Tricep Kickback

dumbbell triceps kickback
tricep kickbacks with dumbbells
  1. When performing this exercise, ensure that you maintain a flat or slightly arched back. Try to keep your body almost parallel to the ground.
  2. Have the dumbbells in each hand and bend your arms at a 90 degree angle. You will want to keep your elbows tight to the side of your body the entire time.
  3. From here, extend your arms straight back, in line with your body.
  4. Bend arms back into 90 degree angle and repeat. 

Dumbbell Weighted Leg Lifts

weighted leg lifts with dumbbells
dumbbell weighted leg lifts
  1. For this exercise, keep your core engaged, especially when you're lifting your feet up off the floor but also while they're returning and getting close to the ground again.
  2. Lie with your back flat on the ground and your legs extended in front of you.
  3. Hold the dumbbells straight up in line with your shoulders. 
  4. As you keep your legs extended, straight as possible, raise your legs until they make a 90-degree angle with the floor. Exhale as you perform this portion of the movement and hold the contraction at the top for a second.
  5. As you inhale, slowly lower your legs back down to the starting position. Keep dumbbells up the entire time.

Dumbbell Only Upper Body Workout for Women 




Dumbbell Thrusters



Dumbbell Walking Lunge to Curl


8-12 each

Dumbbell Renegade Row to Push Up


6-10 each side

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks


10-15 each

Dumbbell Weighted Leg Lifts



moves, sets and reps for full body dumbbell workout
About the Author
Leila Del Rosario, MS, RD, CPT

Leila is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in fat loss, muscle building, and bodybuilding coaching. She earned her bachelor's degree in Dietetics from Purdue University and her master's degree in Exercise Physiology from Valdosta State University. She currently works full time as the Director of Sports Nutrition at Tulane University and does online coaching for her personal business, Body By Lei.

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