When it comes to supplements these days, our options are endless, however, there’s an alarming lack of transparency in the industry. Due to the lack of regulations, many supplement companies fill their products with toxins, synthetic ingredients, and other harmful junk that could be doing more harm than good.

Sussing out the good from the not-so-good in the supplements industry isn’t always as straightforward as we’d hope it would be. Thankfully, there are some really amazing, integral brands out there that are on a mission to change the supplement industry for the better, offering premium-quality products that are rigorously tested and clinically proven. Cymniotika is one such company, and I’m honored to get the opportunity to try its products out and share my review of them here with you.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to Cymbiotoka, its mission, and its products, and share my experience with its supplements to help you decide if trying Cymbiotika supplements is a good choice for you and your nutritional needs.

Cymbiotika Review Summary and Fast Facts

Cymbiotika offers a unique line of highly effective, research-backed supplements designed to improve your overall health and well-being. With clinically studied ingredients and premium absorption methods, those serious about taking their health to the next level will appreciate what Cymbiotika has to offer.


2018 by Chervin Jafarieh and Shahab Elmi


“to change the world by empowering people to reclaim their health through education, transparency and nutrition”

Hero Product(s):

Magnesium L-Threonate, Golden Mind, Mineral Shilajit

Unique Value Propositions:

Liposomal supplements, cutting-edge formulations, a combination of Eastern medicine and scientific innovation, synergistic products for whole body health and wellbeing

Fun Fact:

Co-Founder, Chervin Jafarieh, launched his podcast Wake the Fake Up in 2021. This podcast provides deep conversations with top doctors, scientists, athletes, and more to encourage a deeper understanding of health, wellness, and personal growth in its listeners.


$32-$88 per product


What Is Cymbiotika?

cymbiotika supplements four kinds

The word “Cymbiotika” means “living in harmony with oneself, nature, and all humanity.” The Cymbiotika team believes that food is the best medicine, but that our modern diets are leaving us bereft of vital nutrients that are critical to our overall health, well-being, and longevity.

Cymbiotika was founded as a way to help us to fill our most common nutritional gaps in a way that’s honest, transparent, clean, and effective. It began out of a desire to provide legitimate, trustworthy products that people can rely on to improve their quality of life.

By combining scientific innovation with traditional Eastern medicine, the Cymbiotika team has developed formulas that synergize with the body. Every product from Cymbiotika is sourced from only the highest quality, plant-based ingredients, and utilizes the most advanced absorption technology, helping you get to the root of your health.

Cymbitika’s product lineup includes an impressive array of highly specific health and wellness supplements that target various health needs as well as common nutritional deficiencies. Plus, the brand is continuously expanding, launching new products regularly.


  • Premium-quality products
  • Unique product formulations
  • Science-based
  • Advanced absorption technology
  • Transparent ingredients & labeling
  • Geared towards helping people get to the root of their health
  • Many products come in convenient liposomal pouches for on-the-go supplementation
  • Hundreds of positive reviews
  • Convenient quiz to help match you with the right product(s)
  • Flexible subscription options that help you save money monthly


  • The price point is steeper than some alternatives (however, it’s important to consider the quality difference)
  • Some folks don’t prefer the liposomal delivery or the taste of the supplements on their own

Cymbiotika Products: What’s Available?

Cymbiotika has a very unique and diverse catalog of products to choose from with options that span across the following health and wellness-related categories:

  • Fitness
  • Energy
  • Immunity
  • Heart Health
  • Detox
  • Brain Health
  • Gut Health
  • Anyti-Aging
  • Stress Relief

While diverse, all products available from Cymbiotika maintain a high standard of science-based ingredients and dosages to deliver optimal results to those who invest in them. Cymbiotika’s best-selling products include Inflammatory Health, Metabolic Health, Creatine+, and Magnesium L-Threoate.

Cymbiotika was kind enough to send me a handful of their best-selling products to try, I’ll dfive into my thoughts and experience with each of those next.

Which Products Did I Try?

Cymbiotika sent me some of their products to try for the purpose of this review, below are my thoughts and experience with each thus far:

Cymbiotika Creatine+ Review

creatine + cymbiotika

Creatine is the most clinically studied and proven fitness-related supplement on the market. It’s also one of the safest. For those who work out and value keeping their body strong and capable, adding creating to your supplement routine might be a great idea. In fact, there are numerous benefits of creatine for women that go far beyond fitness and aesthetics.

Cymbiotika’s Creatine+ is a liposomal (liquid) creatine supplement that contains 4g of creatine monohydrate per serving, which is a very efficacious dose. In total, there are 60 calories per serving, which is higher than if you were to consume a traditional creatine powder, however, this is a flavored liquid and it contains a nice boost of carbohydrates (15g) which is your body’s preferred fuel source for working out.

Taste-wise, the flavor is raspberry, and it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. In fact, it has a bit of a tart taste to it. I wouldn’t necessarily say it tastes good or bad. In my opinion, this is the kind of supplement that you take not for the taste, but for the benefits that you will inevitably receive. And considering that the liposomal delivery system is one of the best ways for your body to optimize and utilize the ingredients, it’s worth slurping it down quickly and getting to work.

Overall, if you want to get the most out of your creatine supplement and you want to enjoy the convenience of having a single-serve squeeze packet that you can take on the go, trying Cymbiotika Creatine+ will be a great option.

Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate Review

magnesium L-threonate cymbiotika

Magnesium L-Threonate is a form of magnesium that the body requires for various essential functions. These functions include enzyme reactions, protein synthesis, glucose control, and muscle and nerve function. Cymbiotika’s Magnesium L-Thereonate is formulated to help boost your brain power, balance your mood and calm your central nervous system, and improve your memory.

This is another liposomal supplement offered by Cymbiotika and it was actually developed by a team of scientists at MIT. The advanced liposomal delivery delivers fast and efficient absorption, making it a superior choice for those who value getting the best results from their supplements.

Magnesium L-Threonate by Cimbiotika comes in a mild vanilla cream flavor and is available in handy squeeze packets to be consumed anytime, anywhere. If you don’t like the taste and/or texture of this supplement on its own, you can easily mix it in with your smoothie or shake, which is what I did!

Cymbiotika Golden Mind Review

golden mind cymbiotika

The goal of Cymbiotika’s Golden Mind supplement is to allow users to achieve peak mental performance while also protecting them from age-related cognitive decline. But the benefits of this supplement go far beyond the mind, there are ingredients in this formulation that support your intestinal health and strengthen your gut-brain axis by enhancing the communication between your GI tract and your central nervous system.

Those who take Golden Mind consistently often experience a boost in cognitive function, increased focus and alertness, and a calmer central nervous system. The best part is that these benefits are achieved naturally thanks to plant-based ingredients like Lion’s mane, Rhodiola rosea, and bacopa monnieri. The result is improved mental function and clarity without a crash or any negative side effects.

Golden Mind is delivered in liposomal form for optimal absorption and is flavored like vanilla chai. Many users drink Golden Mind right from the packet, however, another option is to stir it into a liquid. I tried this supplement mixed in with my morning coffee and it was perfect. I enjoyed the mental benefits almost immediately and it was easy to drink.

Cymbiotika Metabolic Health Review

metabolic health cymbiotika

As a nutritionist, I am usually pretty skeptical of any supplement that promises weight loss or a boosted metabolism, however, I feel as though Metabolic Heath by Cymbiotika takes a healthy approach to potential metabolic enhancing benefits. First, I appreciate that Cymbiotika doesn’t make any lofty claims. They clearly state that Metabolic Health may help with the following:

  • Enhanced fat metabolism
  • Appetite control
  • Fat oxidation

For those who already follow a healthy diet and exercise plan and are seeking a supplement to help enhance their metabolic health even further, giving Cymbiotika’s Metabolic Health supplement a try might be worth their while. As with any supplement, I would strongly advise that you run it by your doctor prior to starting to ensure it’s a good fit for you and your particular needs.

This supplement comes in capsule form and is to be taken once daily with water, ideally around 30 minutes before your largest meal of the day. For most people, this would be right before dinner.

Cymbiotika Mineral Shilajit Review

shilajit cymbiotika

Mineral Shilajit is the most powerful adaptogen on the market, containing the highest gold content in the world. This supplement is very interesting and super unique, which is why it makes the list of Cymbiotika’s best-selling supplements. Mineral Shilajit contains 84+ minerals to support the overall health of your body.

For those who want an all-in-one health supplement that supports whole-body health from a holistic standpoint, Mineral Shilajit might be a good option. I read countless reviews from real users who report improvements in everything from their energy levels and digestion to their hair and mental clarity.

Mineral Shilajit comes in a powder form and includes a little metal scooper. The dosage is small but mighty. One thing I would recommend is to find a way to mix Mineral Shilijat in with a food or drink that will mask the taste as it’s not exactly delicious, however, if you seek the benefits, the minor unpleasant taste will be of no issue, especially if you mix the powder in with your coffee, tea, etc.

Who Should Try Cymbiotika Supplements?

Cymbiotika’s unique line of premium supplements is a great fit for those who would like to take a natural, holistic approach to their overall health and well-being. Additionally, those who value quality sourcing, ground-breaking formulations, and optimal absorption will appreciate the level of care and attention to detail that is clearly present in all of Cymbiotika’s supplements.

Furthermore, for folks who are consistently on the go and need convenience when it comes to their supplementation routine, many of Cymbiotika’s supplements are offered in single-serve packets that can easily be taken and ingested on the go.

Who Shouldn’t?

Those with medical conditions, are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, and those taking prescription medications should first speak with their doctor before starting any new supplement.

Final Thoughts: Is Cymbiotika Worth Trying?

If you value high-quality supplements that are research-backed and that deliver on their promises, then trying Cymbitoika is well worth the extra cost when compared to other similar supplements. Yes, you will pay a higher price, but it’s important to keep in mind that the product you’re getting is likely far more effective than the cheap products that line your store shelves and/or come from Amazon.

After doing the research and trying several different Cymbiotika products for myself, I do believe that there’s a lot of value in investing in products that are made with integrity and designed to give you the most bang for your buck, and that’s certainly the case for Cymbiotika’s supplements.

About the Author
Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Macro Coach, Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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