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Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 9.5/10 ⭐

The Crossrope Jump Rope (weighted jump ropes) can be a great addition to your home gym, or for those looking to combine cardio and strength training into one workout. After using it for 30 days as a personal trainer, I give Crossrope an A+ all-around, as these weighted jump ropes make working out fun and provide numerous benefits.

Over the last year or two, the landscape of the world has changed, including that of the fitness scene. While smart home gym equipment has certainly soared, those bulky and expensive items aren’t for everyone.

This has left fitness enthusiasts to get creative with their workouts, finding ways to work out at home in tight spaces and on the go instead of inside the gym. One of the biggest trends to hit the scene this year was jump roping. Just take a look at this article published by CNN encouraging you to join the jump rope craze and burn more calories than jogging. Or, give this article from The San Diego Union-Tribune a read as it talks about battling the pandemic pounds with jumping rope.

The point is that jump ropes have made a major come back, and this time they’re not just reserved for school children. You can use a jump rope, or better yet, a weighted jump rope, to get in shape and have a lot of fun doing it.

In this article, I’m going to introduce and review Crossrope, a fun cardio-based workout system that’s making a big splash in the fitness world. Let’s talk about Crossrope, what it offers, and whether or not weighted jump ropes are worth the hype.

Jumping on the Jumping Rope Trend

If you’ve seen the buzz around the internet about jump ropes and rolled your eyes a bit, I get it, I did the same thing. I mean, what’s so great about jumping rope? I was never a stellar jump roper back in my playground days, so I never really gave it a second thought.

jump rope exercise trend with crossrope

However, after seeing a bunch of people on Instagram and Tik Tok posting jump roping videos and talking about how it’s improving their physical fitness, my ears most definitely perked up. So it felt serendipitous when I was approached by the Crossrope jump ropes brand to try out their equipment and programming.

But before we get into my  Crossrope jump rope review, I want to take a minute to first recognize and highlight the benefits of jumping rope.

What are the Benefits of Jumping Rope?

I feel like in order to get you really pumped up about potentially buying a weighted jump rope system, I need to first talk to you about what kind of benefits of jump ropes and what  you can expect from these types of workout sessions:

Tami using crossrope jump rope for exercise benefits

Weighted Ropes Provide a Full Body Workout

Short on time and want to get the most out of your workout? A weighted jump rope session has the ability to work your whole body at once and in a shorter amount of time. Heavy ropes ensure that you’re engaging your upper body and core while the act of jumping lights up all the muscles in your lower body.

It’s a Cardio Workout With the Need for Bulky Equipment

Ditch the treadmill and forget the spin bike, get yourself a skipping rope and you’ve got all you need to get that heart rate up, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and burn a ton of calories in the process. Jumping rope burns more calories than almost any other cardio workout!

Here’s a little insight into the potential calorie burn of jumping rope for an hour vs other cardio activities:


Calorie Burn









Crossrope Jumping


It’ll Help Improve Your Coordination

Jumping rope is a cyclic activity, so that means that you’re going to be performing the motion in a steady, regular cadence which leads to improved coordination between your feet, hands, and eyes. Even if you’re not super coordinated yet, you’ll get there with regular practice.

It Can Help Improve Your Cognitive Function, Too

Jump ropes can develop more than just your body, they can help enhance your cognitive function as well. Because jumping rope involves learning new skills and motor patterns, your cognitive abilities must improve. Your nervous system will communicate between your brain, hands, and legs to keep you jumping at a steady, skilled cadence.

It’s Available For All Fitness Levels

Whether you’re brand new to fitness or you’re a seasoned vet, there’s something for everyone to benefit from with jump rope exercises.

You Can Use Your Crossropes Ropes Anywhere

Jump ropes are so compact and lightweight that you can literally take them almost anywhere. You can easily take your workout from your living room to the park without breaking a sweat (save that for your workout!).

What is The Crossrope Jump Rope Brand?

Crossrope is an all-in-one cardio fitness routine that includes different weighted ropes (heavier ropes and lighter ropes) and access to a fitness app that includes a full library of Crossrope jump ropes workouts. It’s a complete cardiovascular workout experience without the bulk and expense of traditional equipment.

brand logo for crossrope

"We Jump"

The thing about Crossrope that makes it unique is that they don’t offer just a simple jump rope, in fact, they offer a weighted rope that’s engineered to give you a smooth, effective jumping experience.

Below are a few Crossrope jump rope system features that enhance your experience.

Fast-Clip Connection System

Crossrope includes their patented handles that use a small, durable connection system (fast clip system) that allows for quick transitions between your light and heavy weighted ropes.

Smooth, Comfortable Jump Rope Handles

Even with sweaty hands, the ergonomic handles on the Crossrope jump ropes are super comfortable and easy to grip.

High-Quality, Durable Jump Ropes

No need to worry about your jump ropes coiling or tangling, Crossrope jump ropes have a proprietary coating that allows you to jump smoothly and efficiently on any surface.

Crossrope App

This wouldn’t be a comprehensive Crossrope jump rope review without also introducing you to the Crossrope app where all the content and programming for their weighted jump ropes lives. The app gives users access to quick, simple-to-follow workouts that are designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

crossrope fitness app

Not so fast...

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the workouts within the app aren’t just for jump roping, they also incorporate more cardio, bodyweight exercises (push ups anyone?), and even strength training movements where you could add weights and really ramp up your results. There’s so much variety within the app, including beginner workouts, fitness challenges, interval training, full bodywork, and so much more. The Crossrope app is exactly what some other workout programs are missing: variety!

The key to success with any fitness journey is to make sure that it’s fun, enjoyable, and effective. If your daily routines involve workouts from the Crossrope library, you can be sure to get lean, have fun, and enjoy some serious calories burned!

Here are a few important highlights of the app:

Easy-to-Follow Daily Routines

You get to choose which workouts are best suited for your goals and skill level.

Activity Tracking

Inside the app, you’ll get access to workout tracking, challenge progress, and calories burned so that you always know where you’re at and where you’re headed.

Resources for Beginners

Fitness can feel intimidating! Luckily, Crossrope provides you with the tutorials and resources that you need to get started jumping.

There’s a Free Version!

That’s right, Crossrope offers a free app that has plenty of resources to be your portable gym and portable cardio machine without spending an extra dime. Of course, the paid version of the app includes more workouts, resources, and other exercises, but it’s nice knowing that a monthly subscription isn’t required to jump rope with Crossrope.

Crossrope Package Options

Crossrope offers three different weighted ropes packages to choose from based on your fitness goals and current skill level. If you need help choosing which jump rope is right for you, they have a great quiz on their official website that will help you choose your jump rope.

crossrope bundle options and packages

Here are the three jump ropes to choose from:

Get Fit Bundle

This is perfect for those who want a complete jump rope workout from anywhere. This bundle includes the light and heavy ropes sets (Get Lean + Get Strong + App access). This is the ultimate bundle and it includes everything you would ever need i.e. heavier ropes for strength-building days and lighter ropes for more cardio-based days.

Get Lean

The Get Lean kit is geared towards burning fat, boosting cardio, and building lean muscle. This kit includes slim handles, a ¼ lb. rope, ½ lb. rope, and access to the app workouts. This kit is perfect for beginners. 

Get Strong

The Get Strong kit is designed to help you build your strength and power by increasing your muscle activation with the heavier ropes. This kit includes Power Handles, 1 lb. rope, 2 lb. rope, and access to the app workouts. This kit is great for experienced jumpers.

Jump Rope Mat & Other Accessories

In addition to the Crossrope weighted rope, Crossrope offers accessories to make your rope jumping experience even better. The most important accessory that you might consider is a jump rope mat. Crpssrope has several mats to choose from and they are made to make your workouts more comfortable and safer for your joints.

You also have the option to build your own jump rope by choosing which handles and ropes you’d like and buy them a-la-carte. I love this option for those who buy a kit but then want to add on something extra like a heavier rope or different handles. Crossrope truly allows you to make your rope your own.

How Much Does Crossrope Cost?

Crossrope jump ropes cost between $99-$248 for their curated bundles. Here’s a breakdown of costs:

  • Get Fit Bundle $248
  • Get Lean Bundle $99
  • Get Strong Bundle $149
  • Jump Rope Mat $59-$99
  • Extra Ropes and Handles $19.95-$69.95
crossrope bundles costs and pricing

My Crossrope Experience: How Do I Like Crossrope?

Ok, so I’ve seen plenty of people around the web using jump ropes lately and I have to admit that it’s caught my attention. I mean, watching people do double unders and criss cross jumps had me in awe, let’s be honest.

crossrope experience

When I first received my rope set (I got the Get Strong with the one and two pound rope), my first impression was that Crossrope ropes are not like most jump ropes! In fact, Crossrope ropes are definitely a cut above the rest. The ropes are super strong and durable, the handles with their protective sleeve feel amazing, and the clip system which allows you to change ropes couldn’t be any easier.

crossrope bag

My goal with using Crossrope was to learn some new jumping skills and to be able to use skipping rope as my cardio bursts in between lifting sets, for warm ups, etc and Crossrope weighted ropes proved to be just what I was looking for. To be honest, the weighted ropes actually provided more of a full body experience than I even imagined!

strong crossrope

I got started just jumping on my own and getting a feel for the weighted ropes. Then, I opened up the app and started working on some of the beginner workouts, which I loved because they are short, sweet, and simple to follow. I definitely plan to continue working with my ropes, both on my own and following the workouts in the app, with the hopes of progressing and finally nailing those double unders like I see the experienced jumpers doing!

strong crossrope 2
crossropes together

Other Crossrope Jump Rope Review Insights

While working on my Crossrope jump rope review, I took a peek around the internet to see what other users are saying about Crossrope and their weighted jump ropes. Here’s what I discovered:

Overall, people are rating Crossrope as the best weighted ropes out there. Folks absolutely love that they can get in a killer workout from anywhere and at any time. It seems that most people start out with the lighter ropes and get the lean set (with the quarter pound rope), which makes sense for those looking to get starting with jumping. Additionally, users rave about the app and how convenient it is to pop in and get a workout in and see their stats.

Of course, there were a couple of negative reviews, but they were mostly concerned with things like rope length and shin splints, believe it or not. I can see how the rope length might be a little excessive for anyone who is shorter in stature. As for the shin splints, this could be due to a pre-existing condition or overuse. Getting a jump rope mat could help to ease the burden on your joints and prevent such injuries.

Final Verdict: Is the Crossrope Jump Rope Worth It?

Yes, the Crossrope jump rope is 100% worth it for anyone who wants to jump in on the jump rope trend and wants to do so with some intention. Anyone can grab a $5 jump rope and get busy jumping, but Crossrope provides so much more thanks to their expertly crafted ropes that are complete with differing weights and their ultra-convenient clip system which makes switching ropes out simple.

crossrope jump rope worth it

Personally, I love a good challenge and rope jumping is definitely presenting me with one right now. I brought my ropes out to my garage gym and have been dedicating a few minutes per day on improving my game, and let me tell you, it’s so fun and so effective working out with Crossrope!

Verified Review

verified review of crossrope jump rope
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