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12% of the popular, including children, suffer from migraines. That means that 1 in 4 US households includes someone who deals with migraines.

I dealt with migraines for years. If you’re in the same boat, then you know that a migraine is so much more than a headache. It’s a life-altering, day-crippling phenomenon that can put you completely out of commission. And with millions of people experiencing this type of pain, it’s clear that there needs to be a way to treat it.

As someone who’s been down this road before, I can tell you that quality migraine treatment and care isn't always readily available. Until now, of course. Cove is an FDA-approved medicine service that’s specifically designed to target and end migraine pain for good.

Is this new telemedicine company the real deal? Can you actually stop your migraine pain and control your symptoms once and for all?

I was as curious about this service as you are which is why I took a deep dive into the research and information out there about Cove and brought it together for you so that you can make an informed decision about your personal health care and whether or not Cove is right for you.

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Cove's Customer Reviews Summary

According to withcove.com, there are 643 reviews of Cove, with an average star rating of 5/5. There are just a couple of less than perfect reviews.

After reading the couple of criticisms of Cove, I discovered that a couple of patients complained that shipping took longer than they expected. These concerns were addressed and handled promptly by the Cove customer service team which shows a strong sign of dedication to customer service.

Overall, Cove customers are absolutely thrilled with the results they are getting with this migraine medication and are just as complimentary of the process and the service they received working with the Cove team and within their platform. The overwhelming majority of customers are elated with the treatment they received, stating their migraines have virtually vanished. 

For many women and men who suffer from debilitating migraines, this telemedicine service has proven to be a lifesaver. Hundreds of people have literally been able to get back to living their lives to the fullest as a result of Cove.

Introducing with Cove: Is it your migraine prevention solution?

Let’s start at the beginning; what exactly is Cove? It’s the first of its kind telemedicine company that focusses solely on migraine treatment.

They are migraine specialists that offer over 20 different treatments that include prescription medications, dietary supplements, and even an FDA-approved device. All of their treatments are specifically designed to address migraine pain, prevent their onset, and to quell nausea associated with an episode.


Alongside many popular telemedicine providers, Cove (or withcove.com) provides access to verified, legit, state-licensed, background-checked doctors - all without taking time off work, waiting rooms, and expensive co-pays. Fit Healthy Momma believes that's something to celebrate, especially since there's now a telemedicine startup dedicated exclusively to providing migraine relief and prevention!

When you work with Cove to treat your migraine symptoms, you’ll get a treatment plan that’s custom-tailored specifically for you and your unique needs.

They are able to accomplish this by pairing you with a real board-certified US doctor who will help you virtually to get the medication and treatment you need to end your suffering.

You’ll go through a thorough online consultation process that will help you and your doctor to determine the best course of action for your pain and symptom relief.

The process and questions very closely mirror those that would be asked in an in-person visit with a neurologist -but without the long wait for an appointment, the travel time, and the high cost of appointment fees.

The program works like a subscription, however, the monthly fee that includes having access to unlimited messaging with your Cove migraine doctor is just $4 per month.

One of the best parts of the subscription-style service is that you never have to worry about running out of your meds or driving to the pharmacy to pick them up - they will be delivered directly to your door for you! Unless you would rather go to the pharmacy, that’s always an option, too.

How Does Cove Work?

Whether this is your first time using a telemedicine service or you’ve already jumped on the bandwagon, getting started with Cove is very simple and straightforward. Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Pick your plan

Depending on your situation, you may or may not already know what migraine treatment has worked for you in the past. If you do have an idea, Cove will present a great way to conveniently get your preferred treatment without having to go back to the doctor’s office and pharmacy. To the contrary, if you aren’t sure what treatment is right for you or you haven’t found anything that works yet, you can indicate that you would like to speak with a doctor who can advise you as to which path you should take.

? Get Started ?

Step 2: Attend your online consultation

Once you’ve scheduled your consultation, you’ll need to set aside about 20-30 minutes to complete it. During your consultation, you will answer some very targeted questions about your migraine pain and symptoms as well as your medical history. It’s important that you’re as thorough as possible in this section so that you can give your doctor the most comprehensive information so that he or she can provide you with the best possible treatment.

From there, one of Cove’s licensed, specialized doctors will review your information and determine which treatment plan is right for you.

Step 3: Treatment begins

Once you have your treatment plan recommendation from your doctor, you can begin your path to migraine relief immediately. If you chose to have your medication shipped directly to you, you can expect that your package will arrive within 3-5 business days.

After you begin your treatment, it’s normal to need to make adjustments to your plan to get the best results. Luckily, your Cove membership allows you 24/7 access to medical advice and care from their team of migraine specialists, which includes unlimited messaging. This gives patients peace of mind that they can get the answers they need when they need them and that they can have customized treatment. This is just one of the many reasons why Cove’s innovative telehealth model is so amazing.

What’s Included With Your Cove Subscription?

First of all, did I mention that a subscription to Cove is just $4 per month? You can get trusted migraine treatments sent right to your door month after month for just a few bucks. That means no trips to the doctor or pharmacy, just reliable, effective medication from a licensed MD from the comfort of your home. How can you beat that?

Specialized Migraine Doctors

Additionally, you get access to highly qualified, specialized migraine doctors. This means that you get a superior advantage over most other sufferers as the stats show that for every migraine sufferer, there’s only one doctor specializing in their treatment. Mind-blowing, right? And migraine treatment is a particularly tricky field to specialize in due to the complexities and the re-calibration requirements many patients require.

Think of it this way, how successful have you been in getting the right treatment for your migraines so far? As someone who has personally suffered, I can definitely tell you that the doctor who was prescribing medication for me did not specialize in the field and the medication I was on most definitely didn’t work for me and was not a long-term solution.

Easy Access for Appointments

With numbers for migraine doctors staggering, how likely is it that you would get access to a specialist who can give you the kind of care and treatment you need without Cove?

Even if you were able to get an appointment with a specialist, think about the time you would have to spend waiting for your appointment date, driving to the doctor’s office, waiting in the waiting room, and going to the pharmacy. Only to turn back around and do that again in another month or two when your treatments need fine-tuning.

This is the exact problem that Cove solves. It’s the first of its kind telemedicine service that allows easy access to dedicated specialists, 20+ treatment options, and unlimited messaging with medical professionals. Simply stated, Cove allows you to treat your acute pain effectively. For those who struggle with frequent and severe pain, there are prescriptions available to prevent migraines before they come on or lessen the blow when they do.

This affordable service is like a breath of fresh air for migraine sufferers everywhere.

Cove's Migraine Medications and Products

Cove’s product line can be broken down into four different categories:

Acute medications:

Designed for pain and nausea relief.

Preventative medications:

Designed to be taken on a regular basis to prevent migraines from happening or to lessen the severity of them when they do come on.

Dietary supplements:

These are supplements that have been shown to combat the effects of a migraine.

Nerivio (neuromodulation device):

This is an innovative, wearable migraine device that’s meant for prevention and treatment of acute pain relief.

Next, I’ll break down what medications are involved with each category.

Cove’s Acute Migraine Treatments

Acute treatments are designed to be used once a migraine attack has already begun. The goal of these medications is to stop your migraine symptoms dead in their tracks.

Acute pain relief works in different ways, each clinically-proven acute medication that Cove offers is designed to target pain and symptoms in a different way. Here’s a look at their acute pain relief options:

NSAIDs, or antiinflammatory drugs that work to relieve the pain associated with migraine and promote healthy circulation.

Triptan works to increase the serotonin levels (feel good hormones)  in your brain while also lowering inflammation and constricting your blood vessels.

Anti-nausea medications are typically add-on medications that can help reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting during an attack. These can also help with aura, a disturbing and debilitating phenomenon that can accompany nausea and even make it difficult to speak.

Anti-CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) is a substance that your body releases around your brain. The pain many migraine sufferers feel is related to the release of CGRP, which inflames your brain's meninges, or outer membrane. These medications can help stop that release, thereby stopping the inflammation and pain.

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Cove’s Preventative Migraine Treatments

Preventative migraine medications are designed to do just that, prevent migraine. These are medications that need to be taken continuously for those who suffer from frequent migraines. This type of treatment can also help to lessen the severity of an attack when you do experience one.

This treatment type is recommended for people with severe or recurrent migraines that don’t typically respond well with acute medications. Cove has three different preventative medications available.

Beta-blockers are used to block adrenaline from binding to beta receptors. When used, these medications can help keep your heart rate and blood pressure lower. This helps to lower the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

Anticonvulsants are typically prescribed to prevent conditions like seizures. These work to soothe the excited nerve cells in your brain which can trigger the series of events that bring on a migraine.

Antidepressants are used to regulate serotonin levels as a drop in serotonin levels has been linked to migraines. By keeping serotonin levels at a healthy level, you can prevent migraines.

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Over-The-Counter Supplementation

There are certain over-the-counter supplements that have been shown to reduce the frequency and severity in which you experience migraine symptoms and pain. The following supplements can be ordered through Cove without needing to speak with a doctor or go through the consultation process.

Magnesium is beneficial for some migraine sufferers. This supplement works to disrupt the wave of nerve signals that set off a migraine attack. Additionally, it’s a vital nutrient for cardiovascular health, so the benefits are broader than just migraine use.

CoQ10 has been proven to reduce the level of a protein called CGRP which is released in excess during a migraine attack. In clinical trials, CoQ10 has been shown to be an effective preventative measure for migraines.

Riboflavin (vitamin B12) can prevent or reduce the severity of symptoms when taken in high, but safe doses.

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Nerivio: Cove’s Newest Migraine Treatment Device

Nerivio is an FDA-approved, wearable migraine treatment device that uses electrical signals to relieve symptoms during an attack, and can even prevent them in the first place. This device was designed in collaboration with Theranica.

This device is worn on your upper arm and is controlled right through your smartphone. It’s a medication-free alternative that works by sending electrical signals that disrupt the pain messages that your brain is sending out. 

This product was released to the public in 2019 and was subsequently named the best invention of 2019 by Time Magazine, which is an incredible accomplishment and is very telling about the effectiveness and validity of this innovative new treatment.

The easiest way to get your hands on Nerivio and start your non-invasive treatment is to order online through Cove.

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Final Verdict: Will Cove Prevent Your Migraines?

If you suffer from migraines, there is no question that you need help from a dedicated migraine specialist to get the best, most effective treatment for your symptoms. The bottom line is this, your primary care doctor will prescribe you treatments to the best of their ability, but they likely don’t know the complexities of migraines because they do not specialize in them.

Rather than waste your time and money going back and forth to the doctor, trying every medication in the book, you can save yourself time, money, and frustration by choosing Cove instead.

No more doctor’s appointments, waiting rooms, pharmacy visits, expensive copays, or guessing. Get the treatment you need and the support you deserve by trusting the experienced, dedicated professionals at Cove to treat your migraine problems for good.

Prevention is here!

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