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January 25, 2021 8:17 pm

Reviewing CLMBR: Should you check out this vertical climbing machine?

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Is there such a thing as a perfect workout? It depends who you ask…

There are a lot of factors at play, like your goals, your body, your capabilities, and your personal preferences. But one thing is for certain - a combination of strength training and aerobic exercise has been shown to be the most effective way to lose weight and build lean muscle mass.

With that in mind and knowing that we’re all looking for convenient, accessible ways to effectively workout from home these days, you might be considering purchasing some home gym equipment to help you reach your goals.

Smart gym equipment is all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. You can connect with others, get a great workout in, and do it all on your schedule and from the comfort of your own home. More and more companies are joining the home gym equipment bandwagon and creating products that are designed to allow for seamless fitness right from your living room.

In this article, I’m reviewing one of the latest pieces of connected home fitness equipment, the CLMBR. I’m analyzing this brand new machine and giving you all the details you need so that you can decide if this smart vertical climber is worth checking out for yourself and adding to your home fitness space.

Why Add Climbing to Your Fitness Routine?

If you’re looking to mix up your fitness routine and try something new, then climbing might be a great option for you. Whether you’re outdoors rock climbing, indoor rock climbing, or using a climbing machine like the CLMBR, it’s a great way to accelerate your endurance and challenge your muscles.

Climbing is an efficient, full-body workout that has the capacity to burn up to 60% more calories than cycling, running, or rowing.
the sleek high-tech vertical climbing machine - CLMBR with display screen

A woman works out with the CLMBR while watching the attached HD connected display screen.

Here are the top benefits of climbing:

Let's take a look at the three main benefits you can expect from exercising with a climber.

First, It’s low impact/high intensity

Climbing is a full-body experience that works nearly all your muscles, but it does so without placing too much impact or stress on them. One of the major pitfalls of traditional cardio training is the fact that it can be very jarring on your joints, which leads to injury and burnout. Climbing, on the other hand, manages to allow for high-intensity while maintaining low-impact. The same can be said about rowing, another popular new exercise trend.

Second, It challenges your cardiovascular system

If you think climbing looks easy, think again! It’s hard work, which means that your heart rate will go up and you’re going to burn calories.

Third, You'll increases strength

Indoor climbing machines use resistance to push and pull your way through a workout. According to the NCBI, this resistance is what increases your muscle strength, burns fat, and allows you to build lean muscle mass.

Introducing CLMBR Vertical Climbing Machine and The Brand

introducing the CLMBR smart vertical climbing machine

CLIMBR was founded in 2018 by Avrum Elmakis who is passionate about vertical climbing as a natural and primal movement. The brand’s mission is to revolutionize the classic climbing machine while empowering individuals to achieve more from their workouts with greater efficiency.

Every detail of this machine was designed and engineered with the user in mind. They believe that this is the movement the body was made for and that it has the ability to provide a significantly more effective workout in a shorter amount of time.

CLMBR's 12 Best Features and Highlights that I LOVE!

This isn’t your average climber, in fact, it’s anything but. This is the first of its kind connected rower that’s meant to compete with the likes of Peloton and Echelon in the connected home fitness space.

Here are the top 12 features and highlights you can expect with the CLIMBR:

#1: Lightweight

It’s made from extruded aluminum that’s meant to be lightweight yet strong and built to last.

#2: Touchscreen

Similar to other smart home fitness equipment, this machine has an integrated touchscreen that allows you to view your classes and stats right in front of you.

#3: Adjustable resistance

To adjust the resistance level for your workout, all you need to do is adjust the level on the dial to achieve the perfect strength and cardio workout.

#4: You can roll it away and store it

It’s sleek, compact, and comes on wheels for easy maneuvering and storage.

#5: Built-in audio system

Dynamic sweat-resistant audio system built right into the machine.

#6: Whisper-quiet operation

No need to worry about waking the kids up, this climber contains Kevlar® reinforced belts & high-grade ball bearings for a smooth ride and quiet operation.

#7: Access to hundreds of climbing and fitness classes for all levels

There are tons of classes to choose from, including instructor-led group climbs, weekly releases of on-demand classes, pilates, strength, yoga, and more. Plus, they do community challenges and other special events to get the team engaged and keep them challenged.

#8: Class filtering

Choose your classes based on workout style, time, instructor preference, and more for a personalized workout experience.

#9: Real-time data and motivation

The CLMBR interface allows you to see and track your progress seamlessly through their HD Screen.

#10: Be a part of the community

You’ll never climb alone thanks to the real-time metrics and the community leaderboard. You can climb with your friends and other CLMBR members, competing for the top.

#11: It’s designed to fit every body and every fitness level

You can start from where you’re at and progress your way to your goals!

#12: Backed By JAY-Z

If all of these benefits and featured aren't enough for you, JAY Z has teamed up with CLMBR's CEO Novak Djokovic. Together they are creating a machine that's designed for the best at-home workout AND aims to RIVAL Beyonce's Peloton.

CLMBR Workouts

CLMBR is available around the clock, bringing you a plethora of dedicated programs that are engineered to take your fitness to the next level. Using the large, touchscreen display, you can access the library of workouts, choosing based on your desired workout style, type of music, or favorite instructor.

Inside the app, you can find workouts that suit any style and ability, always providing a fully immersive experience. Some of the highlights of the programming include:

  • Instructor-led group climbs
  • Weekly on-demand classes
  • So many classes to choose from, including Pilates, strength training, yoga, and more
  • Access to the CLMBR community and fun challenges
  • Achievement and progress tracking
  • Workouts for every age, size, and ability
  • And more!

There’s something for everyone within the dedicated app, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for every time you power your machine up and gear up for a workout. The app and touchscreen are incredibly easy to use and navigate, making selecting the perfect workout simple and straightforward. CLMBR doesn’t waste any time, plug your machine in and get to work training with their expert trainers!

Size specifications of this smart climber

The CLMBR is 34” by 33” and 92” high, making it ideal for a space with a ceiling that’s at least 8 ft tall. The machine weighs a total of 150 pounds, but keep in mind that it’s on wheels, so it’s easy to maneuver. And the max weight capacity is 300 pounds, which is typical of most fitness machines on the market.

Wrapping Up: Is this revolutionary climber a smart addition to your home gym?

After doing as much research as I could on this product, I can honestly say that I am 100% impressed with the product that CLMBR is bringing to the market.

It seems to me like the cycling community is beginning to feel a bit overdone and that people are starting to look for other options that give them a new experience. Rowing has made a big splash this year, and it appears that CLMBR is going to do the same.

Connected fitness is changing the way we workout and if there’s one thing that we’ve learned this year it’s that we need to be able to innovate and get creative in order to maintain our health and fitness from home.

Luckily brands like CLMBR are making it easy for us by creating connected products that allow us to feel like we’re immersed in a class without ever needing to leave our homes. And the best part is that CLMBR is claiming their workouts are more effective and efficient than cycling, rowing, and running - which certainly piques my interest!

As I am writing this, the CLMBR is on sale for pre-order only. I will certainly come back and give you updates as this product is released and into homes!

CLMBR Pay In FULL (Save $200 OFF)

Pay in full to save $200, PLUS 3 months of free class membership. Estimated delivery: June 2021


$4,999 USD (60% OFF)

CLMBR Payment Plan

Pay $209/mo for 12 months. Estimated delivery: July 2021


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