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Courtney D'Angelo, MS, RD at Fit Healthy Momma, tabs a prolific rating of chefs plate meal kits, one of Canada's top meal kit brands.

Fit Healthy Momma Rating: 4.2/5 ⭐

One of Canada's prime-time meal kit delivery services, chefs plate helps people choose healthy meals and save time grocery shopping, thanks to their fresh perfectly-portioned ingredients + delicious recipes. 50% off below, but read this review of chefs plate before making your purchase! There are affiliate links in this post, giving you the lowest price, and a commission on our end if you decide it's for you.

According to scientific research, 92% of the population in the US aren’t getting the proper nutrients, and are suffering from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency based on the Dietary Reference Intake. And, did you know that 84% of Canadian consumers believe that what they eat has a direct impact on their overall well-being?

When there’s a problem, we actively look for a trustworthy solution. Today, I’m going to review an emerging Canadian D2C Nutrition brand, Chefs Plate. This direct-to-consumer meal + food delivery brand focuses on helping people eat healthier, while also saving time on shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning, and it could be a glowing solution to the real life nutritional deficiency issues we are facing today. #togetherness

But First, Why Consider A Meal Kit Delivery Service?

Oh, how the times have changed (especially in recent years). Every time I look back, it seems like the Coronavirus shaped how we consume goods, services and… meals. But, meal kit companies have been around before COVID-19 shut everything down. Some were good, some were downright repulsive.

Convenience: Today, people have some excellent options for ready-made meals or meal kits (you do the cooking) that can be delivered on a subscription-based timeline, so you never have to worry about cooking again.

Brands like Trifecta, Freshly, Splendid Spoon, HelloFresh, Factor and many more have changed the game in terms of providing super healthy, nutritious meals for almost any type of diet you’re looking to adopt, or continue.

But wait, there's more!

That’s not the only reason to consider subscribing (or at least trying) a food delivery or meal kit service. There’s also the convenience factor (not having to shop in stores) that has been playing a significant role in the popularity of online meal delivery services. In addition, it helps people save time prepping, (sometimes) cooking and cleaning.

If you’re someone who loves to cook, but doesn’t like to gather all the ingredients, look up recipes and portion all the food out, a meal kit delivery service may be your perfect solution - enter chefs plate meal kits!

I always want to make sure the food is healthy and safe before recommending it to our readers. So, I decided to dig in to see if Chefs Plate is healthy, if it’s worth it and if it’s a reputable (legit) brand. I'm a picky eater myself, as well as my two kids at home. So, are you ready for my chefs plate review? Me too! Let's begin!

Overview of Chef's Plate Canada

man with chefs plate box - overview

A leading meal kit brand in Canada, Chefs Plate is on an upward trend because of it’s super convenient, fresh ingredients and delicious recipe delivery services. This isn’t your traditional “meal delivery service.” As a matter of fact, Chefs Plate brings you healthy, fresh foods and ingredients, perfectly portioned, with world famous recipe cards that you can cook in 30 minutes or less.

In essence, Chefs Plate makes it super easy for people to get the perfect amount of ingredients and exact instructions on how to cook the meal - all delivered right at your front door. Instead of spending hours at the grocery store, and then prepping the portions, Chefs Plate does it all so you can “Conquer the Kitchen.”

Starting Price

$8.99 per serving

Free shipping


Wide variety of food cultures


Family meal plans


Vegan plans


Vegetarian plans


Subscription option


Meal kits for one


Ship to USA


Ship to Canada


HOT deals

50% off your first order

Official website

Is Chefs Plate Canadian Only?

Yes, chefs plate (launched in 2014) is based in Canada and only delivers to Canadian customers. It is the Canadian version of HelloFresh, and now offers the widest product / ingredient variety in the meal kit industry to Canadian consumers.

canada only meal kit delivery - chefsplate

They currently serve / deliver to:

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta, Saskatchewan
  • Quebec
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia & Manitoba
delivery zones for chefs plate across canada

They're constantly adding more delivery zones - check to see if they added yours.

Is Chefs Plate Owned by Hello Fresh?

Yes, Chefs Plate is owned by and a division of HelloFresh. According to Strategy Online in CA, in October of 2018, HelloFresh acquired chefs plate for a deal that was said to be in between $50 to $100 million. Patrick Meyer and Jamie Shea (Toronto, CA) were the founders of chefs plate in 2014.

Remember, if you’re reading this and live in the United States (U.S.) you’ll want to check out hellofresh.com as chefs plate only delivers to Canada (CA).

How Does Chefs Plate Work?

ordering on chefs plate's website

"Cook smarter, not harder!"

The coolest thing about ordering from chefs plate’s website, is when you’re choosing meals via their “on the menu” page.

What you can find out BEFORE ordering:

  • nutrition facts / values
  • amount of time it takes to cook the meal
  • Amount of calories
  • Ingredients chefs plate will send
  • Allergens to be aware of
  • What you’ll need (baking sheet, whisk, parchment paper, measuring spoons, oil, salt, pepper, etc.)
  • Cooking steps

We've been covering a lot of meal delivery and meal kit delivery services here at Fit Healthy Momma, and chefs plate is next-level-type of meal kit ordering.

And, you can get started in three easy steps:

Step 1: Choose From The Weekly Menu

chef's plat menu per week

Chefs plate has a weekly menu (per week) of super tasty recipes, which they call recipe cards. All you have to do is browse what’s on the menu, choose the meals you want, add them to the cart and then checkout.

Step 2: Delivery To Your Door

cool-pouches by chefs plate delivery team

The cool-pouches ensures your food won't spoil and keeps your food fresh.

Fresh, canadian-grown ingredients are delivered from chefs plate, right to your front door. You’ll be amazed at the quality of ingredients.

Step 3: Become The Chef (Cook)!

When you have fresh ingredients, portioned perfectly, and a proven recipe to follow (recipe card), it becomes fun cooking in the kitchen. Not to mention, when it tastes good, everyone’s happy! Get 50% off your first plan!

How Much Does Chefs Plate Cost?

Chefs Plate’s starting price is at $8.99 per serving and can go as high as $12.95 per serving. You can try their meals risk-free, skip or cancel your subscription anytime. The convenience of not having to go grocery shopping, pre-portioned ingredients, expert recipes and fast delivery, chefs plate is a real good bang for your buck meal kit service.

chef's plate's per serving pricing costs

So, Do You Save Money With Chefs Plate?

If you’re someone who goes out to eat quite a bit, or orders takeout then yes, you will save money with chefs plate. Keep in mind you’ll be spending your time in the kitchen cooking the meal. On th other hand, going grocery shopping yourself is always “cheaper” over chefs plate. However, some of us value our time spent driving to and from the grocery store, as well as shopping around inside. That said, a chef's plate saves you the hassle and time of grocery shopping, which could mean more than saving money to some of us.

saving money shopping on chef plate's website

Is It Easy To Cancel Chefs Plate?

Yes, it’s extremely simple to cancel chefs plate. It used to be you had to cancel through contacting the cancellation email ([email protected]), but now you can easily cancel in your account dashboard.

easy to cancel at chefsplate.com

There's now an easy button cancellation on chefs plate's website without any hassle (phew!)

How to Cancel Chefs Plate (Step by Step)

  • Step 1: log into your chefs plate account
  • Step 2: Search and find the week you would like to cancel
  • Step 3: Click on the week you want to cancel
  • Step 4: Go to “Menu Page”
  • Step 5: Select “Cancel Delivery” (which is located at the top right)
burger and fries recipe from chefsplate.com

Before you cancel, just look at this tasty burger... Seriously, if you aren't happy with the service, just follow the steps to cancel.

Before cancelling because of a concern, reach out to their customer service team, and see if they can make it right - they have a great team that actually cares.

Is Chefs Plate Worth The Price Point?

If you find yourself eating too much takeout, Chef’s Plate is well worth it considering it would help you save money and shed a few unwanted pounds. And, in case you need to skip a week of meals, they make it easy to do that in just a couple of clicks. Because of their easy-to-follow recipes, or recipe cards, you'll find cooking in the kitchen less stressful - #worthit!

fresh delicious food worth it from chefs plate

What Are Some Meals That Chefs Plate Offers?

Chefs plate offers a variety of different meals from a set schedule that you get to choose from. The menu rotates and it’s always changing. If you’re someone who gets bored of the same meals, chefs plate does a great job changing things up.

meal options from chefs plate's menu

Here’s a quick list of some of the meals you can expect from chefs plate:

  • BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.
  • Spicy Sriracha Beef Meatball Bowl.
  • Tuscan Chicken Pasta.
  • Pork Chops & Shallot Gravy.
  • Classic Poutine.
  • Loaded Chipotle Bean Tacos.
  • Veggie Pasta Primavera.
  • BBQ White Cheddar Cheeseburgers.

Are Chefs Plate Meals a Healthy Option?

Considering chefs plate sources and hand selects fresh ingredients for your meals, you can feel good about eating healthy with chefs plate. Their ingredients are portion controlled and fresh ingredients helps you stay healthy and outweighs eating fast food, frozen food or takeout.

healthy meal options on menu

There's always a healthier choice in the weekly menu, which makes it nice.

How Long Do Chefs Plate Meals Stay Fresh For?

Chefs plate recommends cooking your fish and seafood recipes first, lasting up to 2 days. Meat and vegetarian meals can last 4 to 5 days after delivery and still taste great. They source and hand select the freshest ingredients, so you can feel confident knowing your food is safe.

shrimp and veggies staying fresh

make sure you cook that seafood first if you bought a bunch of meal options.

Is Chefs Plate Food Really THAT Good?

It’s easy to see that Chef’s Plate has top notch recipes and some of the freshest foods that make cooking at home a breeze. Yes, chefs plate is legit, they’re a reputable brand that’s great at putting together easy-to-cook meals with the perfect amount of ingredients that you and/or your family of picky eaters will love.

cooking a delicious (great) meal from chefsplate.com

This dish was delicious, and it only took 20 minutes to cook!

Real Chefs Plate Canadian Customer Reviews

Let’s start with the overwhelming amount of positive customer reviews of chefs plate. Trustpilot, a very credible source for customer reviews, has chefs plate as a 4.1 out of 5 stars with over 3,034 ratings. 42% of those ratings are “Excellent” (5 stars), 36% are “Great” (4 stars), and 13% are “Average” (3 stars). That’s pretty impressive, considering there are over 3k real customer chefs plate reviews.


Toronto, Canada

Norm, from Canada review states, “chefs plate has tasty meals, they’re easy to make and the delivery is consistent. Their meal options are always changing, keeping me on my toes and looking forward to the meal plans!”


Oshawa, Ontario

Rose from CA (Canada) gave chefs plate a 5/5 star rating and said, “As an older couple (seniors) on a fixed income, chefs plate is an ideal plan, and affordable. Meal planning is now easy for us and we look forward to choosing more meal options in the future. The recipes are easy to follow and all the ingredients are measured perfectly - all included… perfect!”


Niagara Falls, Ontario (CA)

And, Casondra from Canada rated chefs plate a 5/5 stars and noted, “Both of my meals were excellent. I have picky eaters at home and they all loved them too. I'd like to add that meal planning is much easier now.”

yummy food and easy recipes from chefsplate.com

Those rolls though!

Now, I know not every meal kit company is perfect, so I scoured the web to read all of the chefs plate negative reviews. The main consensus from most of the unsatisfied Canadian customers was that the food box got delivered too early (like when people were at work). So, the food sat in the sun all day and ruined some of the food. The good news is that a chefs plate representative was right on top of it, responded very quickly and reported the negative reviews to chefs plate team. This is a strong representation of excellent customer service that cares about their product and their customers.

Read more reviews

Final Verdict: Is Chefs Plate in Canada Legit?

The bottom line is that Chefs Plate is one of Canada’s best meal kit services - their ingredients are sourced and freshly picked, the food is delicious, fast and simple to prepare, and the price won’t burn a whole in your wallet (budget-friendly). If you’re someone in Canada who’s looking for a low-priced way to experience a meal kit service, this option is perfect for you.

chefsplate.com legit meal kit brand in canada

Everything about chefs plate's meals, delivery, customer service is #legit

It’s great to see companies like chefs plate care about the health and safety of their food. After researching the University of Michigan’s study on home-delivered meal kits, it’s nice to know that it's much healthier than what people think. According to the study, they found that the average greenhouse gas emissions were much lower (one-third lower to be exact) for meal kit dinners than store-purchased meals. This means that meal kits have a lower carbon footprint than the same meals bought at your local grocery store.

Brands like Blue Apron and HelloFresh made a huge splash in the United States for years, so it’s good to see that Canadian consumers can have that same experience with chefs plate.

They also have a great offer going on right now - up to 50% off with our exclusive link. Tell us your honest review when it comes to ordering and cooking with chefs plate, we’d love to hear it!

Verified Review

verified chefs plate review

Use link:

50% off

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