Let’s talk gut health! Gut health has been a hot topic for some time now, we’re hearing about the importance of prebiotics, probiotics, and microbiomes more than ever these days.

With the state of the world, health has been heavy on our minds. And as the renowned Ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates stated nearly 2500 years ago, “All disease begins in the gut.” 

Today, I’m excited to dig into a brand that’s helping the world understand and take control of our gut health, promoting a healthier, happier, body, and mind. I am reviewing the company BIOHM, going into details about their products, services, and company as a whole.

Choosing the right gut health supplement can mean the difference between outstanding digestive health, or worse, digestive issues that require immediate medical attention. In our thryve review, we discussed why gut health is so important to help spread awareness.

What is BIOHM Health?

“Supporting overall wellness by optimizing gut health.”

“Our mission is to empower individuals to live healthier lives and provide them with the tools to reach Total Gut Balance.” That’s the mission statement that appears on the BIOHM website. 

The brand was launched in March 2017 when Dr. Ghannoum, a renowned researcher with over 40 years of experience researching the gut, made a breakthrough discovery about the role fungi and digestive plaque play in overall gut health.

Initially, the company launched with its BIOHM Gut Test Kit designed to provide the breakdown of bacterial and fungal levels present in one’s gut. They also launched their prebiotic, colon cleanser, Super Greens formula, and Immunity Supplement. 

Today, the company has expanded and now offers an even more robust product and service line which includes personalized wellness programs, a Gut Testing Kit Portal, a Clean Energy Supplement, and more.

More on this later...

Reviews of BIOHM Health: What Are Customers Saying Online About BIOHM?

According to Trustpilot.com, there are 345 BIOHM reviews, with 61% of them being excellent, and only a handful being negative.

After reviewing all the negative reviews, I found that the majority of the customers who were dissatisfied experienced a longer than expected wait time to get their results back from their Gut Test. However, I did note that all negative reviews were promptly responded to and addressed professionally by the BIOHM team, which was wonderful to see as it told me that they care about the satisfaction of their customers and that they’re doing what they can to make sure results are reported on time.

To sum it up, the majority of BIOHM customers are thrilled with both the products and the service they received from this company, stating they gained helpful insight into their health as well as actionable steps to increase their gut health status.

For anyone who’s suffering from an unhealthy gut or body, this company has breakthrough products that can help alleviate and correct the issues that are causing distress. Take a look at what other customers are saying.

What Products Do They Offer?

While their product line has expanded, one thing has remained the same: their dedication to gut-specific health. Here’s a list of their current product offerings:

  • Probiotic Supplement
  • Prebiotic Supplement
  • Organic Super Greens
  • BIOHM Gut Test
  • Colon Cleanser
  • Clean Energy Greens
  • Gut Buster Blueberry
  • BIOHM Wellness Consultation
  • Total Gut Balance Book

They also offer a couple of gut health regimes that include several products in one package for complete gut health optimization at a discounted price. Check out their regimes here.

The BIOHM Difference: Why Choose BIOHM?

One thing is for sure as you pursue the BIOHM official website; this is a company that’s dedicated to one thing and one thing only: gut health. Their research is rooting in science, passion, and years of experience studying the gut and its nuances. Dr. Ghannoum and his team of nutritionists specialize in the microbiome and have a passion for helping others achieve optimal gut health.

They define their method and research as the BIOHM difference. This is how they break it down:


The Microbiome and Gut Balance

Just as plaque builds up on your teeth and you need to get rid of it to have healthy, cavity-free teeth, plaque does the same thing in your digestive system. Digestive plaque, or biofilm, helps to protect the bad bacteria and bad fungi that are lurking in your gut.


Digestive Plaque

When BIOHM’s Probiotic is introduced to the body, it breaks down Digestive Plaque. With its unique combination of good bacteria, good fungi, and powerful digestive enzymes, BIOHM’s Probiotic can destroy digestive plaque and neutralize bad bacteria and fungi.


Breaks Down Bacteria AND Fungi

This is an important distinction and important difference: BIOHM neutralizes both the bad bacteria and the bad fungi that’s hiding in your digestive plaque.


Total Gut Balance

BIOHM works to achieve and maintain total gut balance of bacteria and fungi, preventing overgrowth of bad bacteria and fungi moving forward.

BIOHM Vs. Other Probiotics



Other Probiotics

Contains Good Bacteria

✅ Yes

✅ Yes

Contains Good Fungi

✅ Yes

❌ No

Proven to Destroy Digestive Plaque

✅ Yes

❌ No

Survives Stomach Acid

✅ Yes

❌ No

BIOHM Gut Test

If all disease starts in the gut, then it’s obvious that if we wish to be healthy, we need to make sure our gut is healthy first. But how?

BIOHM offers a comprehensive Gut Test that allows you to test your gut health from the comfort of your own home, and at a fraction of the cost when compared to your doctor’s office and other providers.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Purchase your Gut Test kit from BIOHM

Step 2

Collect a stool sample at home following the easy-to =-understand directions given in your testing box.

Step 3

Mail your sample back to be tested by the professionals in the BIOHM lab.

Step 4

Receive a comprehensive report detailing your gut health score. The report will have the following three sections of information:

Overall Gut Score: On a scale of 1-10 you’ll get a grade for the health of your microbiome diversity, the higher the score, the better.

Comparison: In this section, your results will be compared with all 6 major bacterial communities and 4 major fungal communities.

Actionable Recommendations: In words that you can understand and comprehend, BIOHM will provide you with an explanation of your current gut health along with recommendations for how you can improve and optimize it. Recommendations may include supplements or dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support your digestive health.

Why is Gut Health Important?

According to the professionals at BIOHM, your microbiome is like your second brain. When you build up the right bacteria or fungi in your gut, your brain then tells the rest of your body that it’s okay to start to feel good again. There’s an undeniable connection between the health of your gut and the heath of the rest of your body, making having a healthy gut an absolutely essential part of a healthy body and mind.

What Are BIOHM’s Purchasing Options?

You can purchase any BIOHM products as a one-time purchase through their website, or you can purchase as a subscription.

Monthly Subscription - You can sign up to receive your favorite BIOHM product(s) right to your door every month.

Bi-Annual - Receive a one-time shipment twice per year with a 6-month supply of your chosen product(s).

Annual - Receive a full year’s supply delivered to your door in a one-time shipment that contains a 12-month supply.


Q: Should the colon cleanse, prebiotic, and probiotic be taken together?

A: It’s recommended that you first start by taking the colon cleanser for a few days on its own and then take the pre and probiotics a few days later. The prebiotic and probiotic can be taken together and you can take them with or without food, your preference. 

Q: Why take a prebiotic?

A: Prebiotics help to create an ideal feeding site for your probiotics to flourish. You can think of it as food or fuel for your probiotics.

Q: What makes BIOHM’s probiotic different from other probiotics on the market?

A: The difference is that BIOHM is the FIRST and ONLY formula that’s engineered to address the crucial role that fungus plays in digestive health, not just bacteria.

Q: How often should I take the colon cleanse?

A: It’s recommended that you take colon cleanse once per month at the most.

Q: How do you take the Super Greens product?

A: Super Greens is packed full of healthy nutrients that your body needs. You can add one scoop per day to 8 fl oz. of water or your preferred beverage. Or, you can mix it right into your food. Many users add it to yogurt, smoothies, orange juice, and more.

Wrapping Up

I am very impressed with BIOHM and its entire product and service line. As someone who values health and science, this company and its mission are right up my alley.

More than ever, we should all have a devoted focus on our health to protect us from dangerous sickness and disease, and companies like BIOHM are helping by making gut health mainstream and easily accessible.

Private, discreet testing and high-quality, proven products are the backbone of this company. I 100% recommend giving them a try. I even secured an exclusive discount code for my readers. You can get 10% off your order using the code FITMOMMA10.

Be well!

About the Author
Tami Smith, CPT, Nutritionist

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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