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Cycling is an amazing cardiovascular activity that has a whole host of benefits. If you’re looking for the best women’s cycling shorts for 2020, you’re in the right place.

The type and style of women’s cycling shorts you wear while cycling will greatly influence the experience you have on your bike.

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Featured Bike Shorts for Century Rides

The Zoot LTD 7-Inch women's cycling shorts are super padded and designed for long distances. Find a deal on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Failing to select the right kind of cycling shorts can result in an uncomfortable ride which can ruin your experience and can even affect your performance. Small issues like an elastic band that’s too tight around the waist or thigh material that rides up, can cause you to under-perform and feel uncomfortable.

We decided to scour Amazon for the best women’s bike shorts for long distance and put them into a comprehensive list for you to review and select the best pair for you based on your body type and cycling style.

Top 10 Best Cycling Shorts for Women

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Baleaf's UPF 50+ 8" 4D Chamios" are, without question, the best women's cycling shorts for 2020. These cycling shorts are gaining massive popularity for women who love to bike, and for solid reason - their old version is the number #1 seller on amazon with over 20,000 positive reviews! That's incredible to say the least and women are absolutely loving this brand. We recommend the NEW arrival UPF 50+ 8" 4D Chamios as it is an amazing upgrade, and you can only purchase them on their website.

The Baleaf Women’s bike shorts is an Amazon bestseller with over 700 five star reviews. These padded women’s cycling shorts are made from high-stretch fabric that offers the perfect balance between compression and breathability.

You can choose from a 7.9" to 8.3" inseam. There’s 3D padded update that provides both cushioning for a long ride as well as moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry. Here's a few more reasons why these bike shorts for women are our top choice:

  • Side zippered pockets; elastic waistband
  • Silicone grippers; Reflective elements
  • 4D Chamois Padded
  • Made from 80% Nylon, 20% Sandex
  • BALEAF was able to provide our readers with a 5% discount on your entire order. Use code FITMOMMA at checkout.


  • Great breathability with built-in mesh layers
  • 3D padding
  • Two inseam choices


  • Some women complained that the padding moves while you ride
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A close runner up and an Amazon bestseller with well over 1,000 reviews. The Beroy padded bike shorts are made for female bikers of all ages, sizes, and experience levels.

The 3D padding is suitable for long-distance rides as well as short jaunts. There’s a 7-inch inseam, giving you maximum coverage on your legs and thighs and they feature reflective logos for high visibility on low light rides.


  • 3D padding for maximum comfort
  • Long inseam offers full coverage
  • Dozens of color/pattern options
  • Reflective logos


  • The sizing is a bit off, be sure to check the size guide before purchasing
this picture shows padded shorts for women

The Santic Women’s Cycling Shorts are a great option for rides in the 3-5 hour range. These shorts feature 4D padding with antibacterial technology and a built-in ventilation system to keep you cool and dry.

There’s a skid strip at the bottom of the shorts to prevent them from riding up while on your bike, and the waistband is made to stay in place as well. There are two color options, each with reflective logos. The 4D Gel Spin model is a veteran biking choice!


  • Great price point
  • 4D padding technology
  • Anti-slip grips to keep them in place


  • They don’t list the inseam length, but it appears a bit shorter than some other options
  • Not suitable for all-day rides
this is a picture of SOEAR padded bike shorts

The women’s cycling shorts from Spoear were clearly designed with comfort and functionality in mind. From the 3D gel padding in the seat to the lightweight compression and silicone leg grippers, you can count on these shorts to stay in place and keep you dry and comfortable for your entire ride.

There are several different colors to choose from and each one has reflective logos for night rides.


  • Lightweight, yet comfortable
  • Leg grippers so they don’t roll or ride up
  • Reflectors


  • Run a tad small, check the size chart and size up one
this picture shows workout shorts for women

We chose the XGC as much for their designs as their comfort and functionality. These shorts are certainly eye-catching with their bright colors and reflective patterns which make them both attractive and highly visible in low light situations.

The fabric is designed to wick sweat away and release it, so it doesn’t get trapped in the fabric and weigh you down uncomfortably. The padding is 4D and also made to wick sweat away and keep you cool and dry.


  • Super sweat-wicking fabric
  • Gorgeous reflection designs and colors
  • Non-slip materials to keep them in place


  • Leg cuff may be a bit snug on larger or more athletic thighs
this is an image of high quality bike shorts for women

If you’re a cyclist looking for women’s bike shorts that have a longer inseam, this is a great option. These shorts go all the way down to the knees and feature UPF 50+ for ultimate protection from sunburn and other elements.

These are a very compressive short, made to fight to your body very closely. The tight, compressive fit is said to help reduce muscle fatigue while on long rides.


  • Super compression fit
  • Long inseam for full coverage
  • Eco Pad Technology


  • Some women don’t like such a compressioned fit

The DI'NAM'IK EVO brand is well-known for offering some of the most innovative women’s cycling shorts out there. You’ll pay a bit more for these shorts, but I think you’ll find that they’re worth the investment.

This particular pair is designed for all-weather riding, keeping you warm in unseasonably cold conditions. There padding is amazing, and we love the back pocket that’s large enough to hold a smartphone!


  • All-weather rated
  • Secure rear pocket for your phone
  • Close, compressive fit without feeling tight or restrictive


  • A little pricier than other options
this image shows comfortable bike shorts

If you’re looking for the best women’s biking shorts for long rides, this pair should definitely be on your shortlist. AERO TECH DESIGNS is probably the top brand in cycling. These are the priciest pair on your list, but if you’re a serious rider, you know that a great pair of comfortable shorts are well worth the investment.

The padding in these shorts is some of the best we’ve seen. They have a nice long inseam for full coverage and their sizing is pretty spot on and true to size. The AERO TECH DESIGNS Women's Elite model will take your cycling to the next level.


  • Premium padding technology designed for long rides
  • Long inseam for full coverage
  • Comfortable yet compressive and non-slip


  • A limited number of reviews
  • Most expensive pair on our list
this picture shows a great option for female cycling shorts

We had to put another Louis Garneau pair on our list-they’re just that good! This pair is a great option for women who ride on cycling paths, trails, and roads. These are an entry-level bike short, so they’re perfect for new cyclists or women who are just begging to get serious about the sport and need a great pair of comfortable women’s bike shorts.

They feature a 7.5-inch inseam, AirZone Chamois, SPF 50, reflective accents, and just the right amount of compression. Again, this brand is on the higher price end, but well worth it when you realize the level of comfort and support.


  • Perfect for entry-level cyclists
  • Long inseam with SPF coverage
  • Supportive yet lightweight padding


  • Not great for serious, off-road cyclists
  • On the expensive side
this picture shows high quality cycling shorts

Last, but certainly not least, we bring you the Pearl Izumi Women’s Pro Leader Shorts. These strong, yet lightweight shorts feature reflective panels and sun protection to keep you protected on your ride. Additionally, there are Direct-Vent panels that offer superior ventilation.

These are the perfect pair of women’s cycling shorts for the serious rider who spends hours in the saddle at a time. There’s a tiny, concealed pocket on the side that’s great for a gel pack. And the inseam is 9 inches long, giving your maximum coverage.


  • Tough material and design made for long rides
  • Small pocket for snack or gel pack
  • Awesome ventilation technology


  • These run on the smaller size, so size up at least one

Buying Guide

If you’re a cyclist and you’re looking for womens bike shorts that are functional and comfortable during a ride, no matter how long the distance, it’s important that you take these considerations into account:

Padding: If you plan to ride your bike for more than just a quick neighborhood jaunt, you need a good pair of womens padded bike shorts. All of the shorts that made our list feature ample padding to keep you comfortable and protected throughout your ride.

Fabric: The fabric on your bike shorts needs to be lightweight yet durable and must feature sweat and moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry. There’s nothing worse than being out on your ride, uncomfortable and damp.

No-Slip/Roll Features: Lastly, you want to look for womens cycling shorts that have anti-roll features that will help make sure your shorts stay in place, both on your waist and on your thighs.

Bike Shorts Vs. Cycling Shorts: What’s The Difference?

Women’s bike shorts were very popular back in the early ’90s… if you’re old enough to remember. Bike shorts for women made a major come back in 2019 thanks to celebs like Kim Kardashian. And it follows the trend of the ’80s and 90’s fashion coming back in a big way.

The difference between women’s bike shorts and women’s cycling shorts is this: women’s cycling shorts are designed for cycling. They have the necessary padding and functionality measures that allow you to physically ride a bike for long distances.

When we think of women’s bike shorts today, these are basically the leggings that we all know and love but brought to you in a long-ish short form. I personally love bike shorts for working out, running, and even as athleisure. Here are a few of my favorite women’s bike shorts that I wore constantly this summer and fall:

Excellent Quality Option

These are basically your favorite high-waisted leggings in bike short form. They have awesome compression without being too tight or restrictive and they have pockets that securely hold your cell phone while at the gym or out on a run. There’s a bunch of color options to choose from.

Great Budget Option

This is another great option for workout biker shorts. They’re high-waisted, provide plenty of suction and control in the tummy area, and feature side pockets.

Great Fashionable Option

Lastly, I chose this pair as a great option for athleisure looks. These aren’t as compressive as the other two options, but you can still use them for light workouts. I like to wear these ones with an oversized shirt or sweater on days when I’m looking for comfort without looking frumpy.

Look Good, Feel Good

Whether you plan to wear padded bike shorts out on a ride or you simply want a pair to wear to the gym, you want a pair that makes you look and feel your best so that you can feel confident. There are bike shorts for every body type and size, and keep in mind that many of these shorts run on the smaller side, so pay attention to the sizing charts.

By nature, bike shorts are tight, but some are more compressive than others. Decide what kind of fit you feel most comfortable in and go for those.

Bottom Line

Before you hit the road on your next biking adventure, be sure you have the right gear to do so safely and comfortably. Our list of the best womens cycling shorts features 10 great choices that we feel confident you’ll love.

It’s our goal to bring you a wide range of options from price point to style so that you can make an informed decision that feels right for you.

Happy riding!

Find The Cycling Shorts that Fit You!

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