Trying to conceive a child can be an exciting time, but it’s also a challenging time for a lot of couples. Getting pregnant isn’t something that comes easily for everyone. In fact, there are more than 3 million known cases of infertility each year in the United States. Many cases of infertility can be addressed by treating the cause of the infertility. Other women will go on for years trying to get pregnant without success.

One thing is for sure, taking good care of your body is very important during conception and pregnancy. Your body should be receiving a wide range of nutrients each day in order to promote healthy egg production, balanced hormones, proper implantation and a healthy fetus.

If you’re trying to get pregnant or are planning to start trying soon, taking a multivitamin to fill in nutritional gaps that you have can increase your fertility and improve your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

In this article we’re going to look at the best multivitamins that you can use when trying to conceive. We’ll also discuss the importance of specific nutrients during this time in your life.

Quick Table of the Top Multivitamins While Trying To Conceive (TTC)

Product Name

Key Ingredients



Folate, Omega-3 DHA, Vitamin B12, Choline, Biotin



Folic Acid, Iron, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, Zinc, Calcium, Riboflavin



Vitamins B6, B12, E, K2, D, C, Folate, Magnesium, Iron, Choline



Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Myo-Inositol, Vitex Chaste Tree Berry, Folate



Methyfolate, Iron, Methylcobalamin, Vitamin B12



Vitamins A, C, D, K, B6, B12, Iron, Zinc, Choline



Vitamins B12, B6, C, Choline, Folate, Magnesium, Calcium



Can Taking Multivitamins Increase Fertility?

Multivitamins can have a profound impact on fetal development and pregnancy, but they also play an important role prior to conception. Taking multivitamins leading up to getting pregnant can actually increase your fertility. When your body receives ample nutrition, this can result in regular menstrual cycles. That means your body will be releasing an egg at the same time every month as long as you are healthy otherwise. The egg will be in a healthier state when your body is healthy, which promotes fertilization. There are also specific nutrients that can help boost your chance of a fertilized egg being properly implanted into the uterus.

It’s important to note that women are not the only ones that can benefit from taking a multivitamin while trying to conceive. Men can increase their sperm count and the health of their sperm with the use of certain nutrients (vitamins D, C and E in addition to coenzyme Q10 and zinc).

What Types of Vitamins Should You Take When Trying to Conceive?

The list of nutrients that are commonly included in multivitamins is quite long, so how do you know which ones are beneficial for trying to conceive? Let’s break down what you need to know.

Folic Acid

Once you are pregnant, proper levels of folic acid can help the neural tube in your baby’s body form normally. This prevents birth defects associated with the spine and brain. It is recommended that women that are within reproductive age consume 400 micrograms of folic acid each day. It is recommended that you start taking folic acid ahead of time so that your body has enough to promote healthy growth of your baby before you have even missed your period that first month.

Omega 3

When you supplement with omega 3, this can increase the blood flow that occurs between your body and your uterus. Healthy blood flow can increase your chances of egg release, conception and implantation. You can also supplement with omega 3 to regulate your monthly cycle and reduce inflammation in the body. Once pregnant, omega 3 can reduce your risk of pre-eclampsia and postpartum depression.


Calcium is a very important nutrient for conception. It can trigger health growth of an embryo in the body. The more calcium that is present in the fluid surrounding the embryo, the better chance you have of carrying that baby to full term. Calcium also helps to maintain a more alkaline state in the reproductive tract. This helps sperm survive the long trek to the egg. Calcium can also improve the quality of your spouse’s sperm. It boosts those little swimmers so they’re more likely to fertilize your egg.

Once you are pregnant, it’s important that you’re consuming enough calcium. Your baby needs adequate levels of calcium in order to grow. They can actually take your calcium away from you for this development, leading to deficiencies in your own body that can affect your bone health.

Vitamin E

In addition to folic acid being a nutrient you want to consume prior to getting pregnant, vitamin E is also very important. Vitamin E can increase the amount of cervical mucus that you produce, which can help sperm to stay alive longer.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to regulate your menstrual cycle and it promotes normal ovulation. It’s a nutrient that we don’t store in the body, so it’s important that you’re getting enough each day. It can also boost your immune function. Getting sick more often can lead to your cycle becoming irregular.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps your ovaries release an egg duration ovulation. You can also supplement with B6 to reduce your risk of developing morning sickness once you’re pregnant.

What to Look For

You likely took your time deciding whether or not right now is a good time to get pregnant. Make sure that you take enough time to choose the right multivitamin supplement for conception.

Safety: Third-Party Tested Ingredients

A multivitamin may look like it has been manufactured using all of the nutrients that you need to get pregnant, but you really need to know where those ingredients are coming from and how safe they are. Reputable multivitamin brands will utilize third-party testing to confirm that their ingredients and products are safe for consumption. If a brand doesn’t share this information publicly, it makes you wonder what they’re trying to hide. Since these are nutrients both you and your baby will be consuming, make sure you’re choosing something safe and healthy.

Trust: Brand Transparency

Spend some time on a multivitamin brand’s website. Look through all of the information that they provide regarding their products. A company that is transparent about their ingredients, manufacturing process, third-party testing results and customer opinions is one that you should be able to trust.

Rating: Verified Customer Reviews

You can usually find reviews from customers on the website of a multivitamin company but see what kind of verified reviews you can find elsewhere as well. It’s important to look at the good reviews as well as the bad so you can get a full picture of what a product provides.

The Best Multivitamins for Trying to Conceive

Now that you know the basics of taking a multivitamin when you’re trying to conceive, I want to share a little bit about the best multivitamins that I recommend to clients.

#1: Ritual Essential Prenatal Vitamin

ritual prenatal multivitamin ttc

Ritual’s Essential Prenatal Vitamin is designed to provide you with twelve key nutrients both before and during pregnancy. It promotes healthy neural tube support, fetal brain development and bone support for both you and your baby thanks to nutrients like choline, omega 3 and folate. Ingredients like iron, folate and vitamin B12 can help to boost the formation of red blood cells (increased blood flow and circulation).


  • This is a delayed release product that provides you with ongoing nutritional support throughout the day
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Free of all major allergens
  • Made with safe and traceable ingredients
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Contains methylated folate as 5-MTHF for better absorption


  • One dose is two pills. If you’re having trouble taking vitamins because of morning sickness, this might pose a problem.

#2: 1st Phorm Prenatal Multivitamins

1st phorm prenatal multivitamin ttc

Prenatal Plus from 1st Phorm is the perfect supplement for women trying to conceive, pregnant women and baby. It has a vast panel of beneficial nutrients such as folic acid for neural tube development and nervous system support. Iron is used for red blood cell formation. The body’s iron requirement doubles during pregnancy. Vitamin A supports healthy eye development while C and E protect your body from free radical damage that can impact your fertility. There are B-complex vitamins included in this product for cellular energy production.


  • Takes into consideration the nutrients your body needs prior to conception as well as during pregnancy
  • Whole food based
  • Contains probiotics for gut health and immune support
  • Free of unnecessary additives


  • Some vitamins are included at doses higher than the daily recommended value

#3: BeliMen and BeliWomen Prenatal Multivitamins

belimen beliwomen fertility multivitamin ttc

The Beli brand offers a wide selection of products that are formulated for very specific purposes. They have products for both men and women that are designed to boost your fertility by way of healthier eggs, healthier sperm, regular ovulation and menstrual cycles, increased sperm count and much more.

Beli also has products that you can take during your pregnancy. They are broken down into use during each trimester as well as during the postpartum phase. Nutrients provide plenty of support to mom, baby and even dad.


  • BeliWomen Prenatal boosts egg quality
  • Increases energy during conception, pregnancy and postpartum
  • Can be used to reduce nausea once pregnant
  • Focuses on the nutrition of men during conception as well through their BeliMen products
  • Formulated using high quality iron and TRAACS minerals to boost absorption and reduce stomach upset


  • Different products for different points in your conception and pregnancy journey means that you might be purchasing product often or discarding product

#4: EU Natural Conception Female Fertility Prenatal

eu natural conception ttc

The EU Natural Conception Female Fertility Prenatal contains a host of nutrients that are needed for healthy conception and pregnancy. It also contains ingredients such as ashwagandha, myo-Inositol and vitex chaste tree berry for support of a healthy reproductive cycle thanks to balanced hormones. EU Natural also has a product for men that they can take prior to conception.


  • Contains clinically proven ingredients
  • Herbal formula takes a new approach to conception and pregnancy
  • Ingredients are designed to get you healthy prior to conception
  • Made in an FDA-registered facility
  • Lab tested for safety and purity


  • This product contains herbal ingredients. There is limited research on the safety of herbs during pregnancy.

#5: Best Nest Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+

best nest prenatal multi plus ttc

Best Nest Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+ contains a variety of nutrients designed to promote health prior to pregnancy, during and after. Methyl folate is included for proper development of the neural tube. It can also help you improve your quality of sleep, boost your energy levels and improve your mood. Iron is included for a healthy supply of oxygen to the body and brain by way of red blood cell production. Vitamin B12 provides support for brain and nervous system development.


  • Contains active methylated vitamins for a healthy pregnancy
  • Third-party tested for safety and transparency
  • Includes probiotics and a digestive enzyme blend for optimal gut health during pregnancy and beyond
  • Once-daily formula that is easy on your digestive tract


  • Contains over one hundred percent of your daily value of certain nutrients

#6: Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin

rainbow light prenatal one multivitamin ttc

This convenient once daily tablet from Rainbow Light contains a high-potency blend of both vitamins and minerals that support your body when you’re trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant. Seven major essential nutrients (including folic acid) are included to support your baby’s brain and spine development.


  • You can choose how many doses you receive in your shipment. Auto-delivery is also an option.
  • Includes a high potency form of folate
  • Whole food blend that is made from fruits and vegetables
  • One dose is just one tablet
  • Easy to absorb and designed to reduce nausea and stomach upset


  • The size of the tablet is very large. You may have trouble swallowing it in one piece.

#7: Needed Prenatal Multi Powder

needed prenatal multi powder ttc

For a different approach to prenatal and pregnancy nutrition, Needed Prenatal Multi Powder is a mild vanilla product that you can mix into a smoothie or other beverage. It contains 24 different essential vitamins and minerals for increased fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

Take it before, during, after pregnancy— and even beyond

* We left out Iron because mommas' needs vary. Add it on if you need it.


  • Powder form is much easier to take than a tablet or capsule. It is also easy on the stomach.
  • Designed to address women’s hormone balance, energy and immune function
  • Contains nutrients that are essential during the breastfeeding phase
  • All-in-one product that can be used throughout your journey to motherhood and once baby has arrived
  • Does not include unnecessary fillers or additives


  • Does not include iron. Needed did this purposely because the iron needs of pregnant women vary.

Should You Take a Multivitamin for TTC?

If you and your partner are considering trying to conceive in the next three to six months, it’s a good idea to start taking a multivitamin right now. Choosing a prenatal product that provides your body with the nutrients that it needs to boost fertility can (hopefully) make the process of trying to get pregnant much simpler.

Don’t forget to have your husband focus on his nutritional intake as well. Fertility issues are not always caused by women’s health problems. You can both make sure that you’re ready for a healthy pregnancy with the use of multivitamin products.

For those who have PCOS, I created an article on the best prenatal multivitamins for PCOS which could be very helpful during your journey.

The Bottom Line

It’s not a great idea to grab the first multivitamin that you see on your grocery store shelf and assume that it’s going to provide you with what you need to get pregnant and carry a baby for nine months. Even certain prenatal products aren’t formulated with what you and your baby needs.

Learning about the different nutrients that support pregnancy can help you make a wise decision. You can also look into the different brands more to determine if they’re reputable and safe.

Tips for Success from the Nutritionist

If you’re trying to get pregnant and want to boost your fertility, nutrition isn’t the only way that you can do so. There are many methods of self-care that can promote fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Get Enough Sleep

There are plenty of things that can throw your body out of sync, but lack of sleep is definitely one of them. Try to get at least eight full hours of sleep each night. This will help reduce your stress levels (which can impact fertility), keep your menstrual cycle regular and provide you with the energy you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Maintain an Exercise Routine

Very high intensity workouts can actually decrease your ability to get pregnant, but a moderate workout a few days per week is a great way to boost your fertility. Be careful with the exercises that you choose. Once you’re pregnant, you’ll want to stay away from high impact workouts that could pose a risk to your baby.

Reduce Caffeine Consumption

If you regularly consume caffeine in high amounts, this can result in fertility issues. One cup each morning is acceptable but stay away from consuming caffeine all day long. Try to keep it under the 500 milligram amount.

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Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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