The Best Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Telemedicine Startups

All the most popular D2C telemedicine brands that have built major investment money and a strong reputation.

Telemedicine Overview

A complete overview of telemedicine (online doctor and prescription services) and how it is transforming the future of health care.

This article will help you choose the right service for your health issue. Perfect for those who have embarrassing health problems, need care now, don't want to take off work, and stay safe from the dreaded crowded doctor's office waiting room. 

Choosing the right d2c telemedicine company can mean the difference between a strong, healthy body, or worse, permanent underlying health issues.

As states are easing social distancing restrictions and reopening, it's still a good idea to avoid crowded areas where you may be exposed to COVID-19 - like a doctor's office waiting room for a non-emergency health condition.

Many doctors are offering telemedicine services with the ability to get checked out and fill a prescription online - all from the comfort of your own home, on your time.

However, if you don't already have a doctor, your doctor isn't taking online patients, or you need to see a specialist right away, there are a variety of services that will allow you access to see a licensed medical provider and get a prescription from home.

How Telemedicine Is Transforming Health Care

After years of hype, big promises and the classic failure to launch, telemedicine is finally living up to its potential and shaping the future of medical care.

Although the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has been a struggle, it has positively impacted online medical health care companies and the people they serve. It is now possible to skip the waiting rooms, schedule lunch-time doctor appointments, and avoid surprise co pays - all thanks to telehealth.

How Did We Choose Which D2C Telemedicine Brands to Put on Our List?

With an influx of online medical care companies coming out with new d2c telemedicine services, it can be difficult to trust which ones are legit, and which ones aren't. That's why we came up with our evaluation process, which consists of:

  • Social Media Reputation
  • Online reviews from verified buyers
  • Personal use with these brands (us)
  • Funding amount ($)

Before we really dig in to the review section of each direct-to-consumer telemedicine platform, the table below shows what each brand focuses on (best in their respected fields), so you can improve your health without going to the doctors office.

Best D2C Telemedicine Brands


Start-up year, HQ location, Funding ($)

Related reviews

Best for:


SteadyMD is a unique general health service that enables members and doctors to develop long-term personal relationships completely online.

2016, St. Louis, Missouri, $10M

Personal doctor and general health


hers is the leader in online women's health and wellness care. They offer nearly everything from hair loss solutions to sexual health tests.


Skin, Hair, Sex, Primary Care for women

Hello Wisp

Hello Wisp provides prescription meds to treat herpes, STD's, STI's, UTI's, BV and all sexual health issues.

2019, San Fransicso (CA), $28M

Sexual Health (BV, UTI, Herpes, STD's) & Urgent Care

Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid Health covers pretty much everything, but are leading the field in hair loss, ED, anxiety and depression treatments.

2013, San Francisco (CA), $57.3M

Coming Soon!

Hair loss prescriptions, ED (erectile dysfunction) anxiety, depression

Cove (Thirty Madison)

Cove provides migraine relief and prevention through a unique subscription service.

2017, NYC, $69.8M

Migraine relief and prevention


PlushCare provides primary care and mental health treatment for suffering patients.

2015, San Francisco (CA), $31M

Primary Care and Mental Health


MDLIVE is a doctor on-demand platform, allowing you to see a doctor from your smartphone.

2006, Miami (FL), $123.6M

Doctor On Demand Services


Nurx is expanding from online birth control, and now offering at-home sexual health tests.

2015, San Francisco (CA), $115.9M

Birth control online, STI & PrEP testing

Reviews: Top 7 Telemedicine Companies That Will Improve Your Health

Below, you will find online medicine opportunities that you may have never seen before. Most of these telemedicine companies I have personally used and wrote a full review on, which you will be able to easily navigate in their respective overviews.

1. SteadyMD

SteadyMD is our number one choice because it is the best at providing patients nearly unlimited access to an online doctor. It is almost identical to having a traditional "personal" doctor that you meet at the office. The main difference is that everything is virtual, but this telemedicine company promises an authentic relationship between doctor and patient.

Can you really get an authentic relationship with your online doctor? The short answer is absolutely, yes. Think about how much time you actually spend with normal doctor. Probably more time with the nurse, right? Not with SteadyMD. You will get personal care from a doctor that simply, cares.

Availability: Nationwide

Age Requirements: This varies by medical condition, however the service is available for adults 18 years of age and older.

Conditions Treated: Everything (all general health conditions). If you need a specialist, they will help you find one and get an appointment.

Consultation Process: SteadyMD uses Zoom for your virtual consultation that lasts up to 1 hour. During this meeting, the doctor will get to know you, pull your medical history, discuss goals and provide a treatment plan if you need help with a specific issue.

Insurance: This all depends on the patient, specifically their insurance plan. We recommend contacting their support line.

2. Hello Wisp

Wisp is the best option for women's and men's (his) discreet sexual health prescription medication and urgent care.

This direct to consumer telehealth brand provides over-the-counter and prescription meds to help people with embarrassing sexual health issues, such as STD's, STI's, herpes, UTI's and BV. They have a doctor that can sign off on prescriptions and you can receive your medication via mail or your nearest local pharmacy.

Availability: Nationwide

Age Requirements: Anyone over the age of 18 that is medically insured.

Conditions Treated: Sexual health issues (BV, UTI, STD, STI, herpes, cold soars).

Consultation Process: Wisp uses a discreet symptoms quiz that can really help narrow down what you need. There's also a "Get Advice" tab that you can fill out your personal information and decide whether or not to get on the phone, text or email (whichever you prefer). Lastly, there is an online consultation that is designed for urgent care patients.

Insurance: This also depends on the patient and your personal plan. They have a whole section on their website about HSA & FSA.

3. Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid health is the most popular option for men's ED, women's birth control and anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression.

The days of going to your personal doctor can be over for many of these embarassing issues, thanks to Lemonaid health, as they have now made it possible to get the medication you need as fast as possible.


Age Requirements: 

Conditions Treated: 

Consultation Process: 


4. Cove

With millions of people around the world suffering from painful migraines, it's no wonder why telehealth companies like Cove have gained massive popularity. Cove takes headache medication to a whole new level with prescribing you the right meds for your unique situation.

Signup is simple and the service itself is as low as $4 per month. That doesn't include the medications, but you'll get professional medical consultation with your subscription so you can live migraine-free.

Using natural remedies for pounding headaches can only take you so far. Consult with this service to see if prescription meds are the right option.

I love researching new telemedicine companies that are gaining popularity, so use the link below to really learn about Cove and if it's the right fit for you.


Age Requirements: 

Conditions Treated: 

Consultation Process: 


5. PlushCare


Age Requirements: 

Conditions Treated: 

Consultation Process: 




Age Requirements: 

Conditions Treated: 

Consultation Process: 


7. Nurx


Age Requirements: 

Conditions Treated: 

Consultation Process: