Top Reproductive Health D2C Brands & Products

Trying to conceive can be difficult for many couples world wide. We review the top brands and products to help you in your infertility journey!

Here at Fit Healthy Momma, reproductive health is a very important and close to home topic. As women who have personally dealt with infertility, pregnancy, TTC, and motherhood, we have the unique advantage of being able to accurately assess and represent popular D2C reproductive health products that you may be considering.

Traditionally, reproductive health, like vaginal health, was a hush-hush topic, one that was swept under the rug and not discussed. Today, we’re happy to say that thanks to innovative new women-focused brands, reproductive health and infertility are now becoming of a socially acceptable topic. Thank goodness, because 10% of women (about 6.1 million) in the US alone have trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

Today, there are so many amazing brands that are hitting the market with products and services that are making the lives of women and men all over the world easier by offering solutions to some very common reproductive health issues.

Why Reproductive Health is in the Spotlight

Given the prevalence of infertility and reproductive health issues, it’s no wonder this portion of health has been highlighted more vigorously in the past few years. Our reproductive system, in both men and women, is a highly delicate, complicated system that should be treated with the same attention and care as any other system in the body.

It used to be that when a couple was unable to get pregnant on their own, they would simply have to accept the fact that one of them was infertile. Today, there are so many options for boosting and battling infertility. From fertility trackers to IVF, there are more options for couples than ever before.

What was once seen as a personal problem that wasn’t to be discussed outside of the bedroom has now been destigmatized and prioritized as a part of our overall health.

Why Fit Healthy Momma is Reviewing DTC Reproductive Health Brands

Here at Fit Healthy Momma, we know firsthand the importance of seeking help, guidance, and assistance many people need to reach their goals of starting a family. There are so many amazing brands that are making people’s lives easier and more covneintt., which is why we want to use this platform to highlight them and to give other women the information they need to decide if a product is a right fit for their journey. 

Many of the products we review we have personally used in our own journeys, which allows us to give a very unique, personalized review of the product. Although we try to remain as objective as possible in our reviews, sometimes it’s nice to hear our real, honest opinions about a product.

Infertility is tough, having a community is important. Come join our community and get access to exclusive coupons and discounts on some of your favorite direct to consumer reproductive health brands.

How We Chose the Best Direct to Consumer Reproductive Health Brands

We’ll start by prefacing this section with the fact that we always recommend that you speak with your OBGYN or doctor before starting any kind of fertility treatment, supplement, or device. That said, we take very seriously our reviews of reproductive health brands and products.

We have a certain set of standards that each company must meet or exceed in order to make our list of the best. Below are some of the factors that we consider and research as we create our list:

  • Age of brand
  • Customer reviews
  • Credentials
  • Effectiveness
  • Speciality
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support

Top Reproductive Health D2C Brands & Products

Below is a table that shows the top fitness and health D2C brands and some useful information to go along with it.

Best D2C Brands


Brand Review

Great for

Mosie Baby

Mosie Baby helps same-sex couples and couples who have a hard time TTC make a baby!

Same-sex couples, anyone who is having a hard time trying to conceive.

Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility allows women to plan for the future by providing personalized fertility tests.

Women who want to plan on babies in the future.


Mira Fertility Tracker tracks ovulation digitally with an app so you know when you're going to ovulate.



Ovusense is an amazing ovulation tracker to help women get pregnant.





EU Natural

EU Natural creates a product called Conception, which is a supplement that helps women get pregnant



OrganiCup provides women a great option for menstrual cups.