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If you're looking for the next greatest supplement that can help you reach your fitness goals, chances are you will find our best BCAA for women top 10 list extremely helpful.

This supplement has been around for decades, they’ve been used as the fitness industry’s secret weapon for athletes to get the most out of their recovery phases.

While these supplements have been around for years, it wasn’t until recently that they’ve become more mainstream.

BCAAs for women, in particular, are fairly new to the market and are currently getting a ton of buzz in the fitness community.

The problem is, like all products out there, it’s tough to gauge the quality of a product and determine which one is right for you.

Quick Summary of the Best Women's BCAA Supplements Review

We’ve put in a lot of time researching the this supplement, analyzing countless reviews, trying products for ourselves, and scouring ingredient labels to bring you the list of the top BCAA supplements for women this year.

Below, you will find a table comparison and ranking, but note that we only added the top 8 of the 13 BCAA's for women we reviwed. You can also join the conversation at our facebook group where you can join other like-minded women and moms who live the fit, healthy life ethos.





1st Phorm BCAA's

$42.99 (Free shipping with our link)

4.9/5 ⭐ (2,596 Reviews)

Cira Nutrition Aminos


5/5 ⭐ (6 Reviews)

Performance Lab

$44 (+ shipping and handling)

5/5 ⭐ (6 Reviews)

Old School Labs BCAA with Probiotics


4.3/5 ⭐ (245 Ratings)



4.2/5 ⭐ (805 Ratings)

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Instantized Capsules


4.6/5 ⭐ (17,307 Reviews)

Truth Nutrition Fermented Vegan


4.3/5 ⭐ (1,291 Ratings)

Naked BCAAs Amino Acids Powder


4.5/5 ⭐ (1,000 Reviews)

1. 1st Phorm BCAA's (Intra-Workout Formula)

1st phorm bcaa supplement is best for women

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I've been taking 1st Phrom supplements for well over a year now and I can tell you first hand that this supplement is straight fire - it works, it taste great and there are thousands of positive reviews to support these claims. Without question, it is hands down the best BCAA for women on this list due to the highest quality ingredients that are made in the USA.

With this product, you're getting an Electrolyte and Mineral Blend that consists of potassium, citrate, sodium, chloride, TRACCS, magnesium, Bisglycinate chelate, and potassium glycinate complex. The Amino Blend has 1,723mg per serving, which is key for a great BCAA product and why 1st Phorm tops this list, especially for women.

1st Phorm's BCAAs help to facilitate fat loss and new muscle construction. They also help with recovery time after a tough workout by conducting optimal protein synthesis and balancing the intracellular energy economy.


  • Designed specifically for intra-workout consumption
  • High quality brand with high quality ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • 6 Flavors to choose from
  • The taste is AMAZING
  • Helps with muscle recovery
  • Promotes fat loss
  • A great building block for muscle construction
  • Optimizes protein synthesis


  • Could be too expensive for some
  • Some people like to take their BCAAs pre-workout, not intra-workout
  • WARNING: if you go with 1st Phorm, you'll never go with any other supplement (I cannot stress this enough - it's the HIGHEST QUALITY, hands down) Are you going to pay a little more for it? Yup, and you'll know why you did when you take the supplement. #realAF

2. Cira Nutrition Aminos

cira nutrition Aminos intra-workout

Cira Nutrition is a brand new women’s supplement brand that’s already making a huge impact on those looking for tasty, high-quality, and effective supplements to support their growth in the gym. Cira’s Aminos (BCAAs) are one of their most popular products to date. Designed to help you develop lean muscle, increase hydration, and enhance recovery, Cira’s BCAAs do not disappoint. There are three flavor options available: Glow-Jito, Pink Candy, and Pop & Rock. But don’t be fooled by the fun colors and tasty flavors, Cira packs a powerful punch!


  • Specific supplement brand for women
  • Promotes muscle recovery
  • Helps with muscle growth


  • Newer brand, but doing everything right
  • Could be too pricey for some

3. Performance Lab BCAAs

performance lab sport bcaa supplement

Not into drinking a powdered BCAA? Try Performance Lab’s versatile performance and muscle booster BCAAs that come in a convenient capsule form. This highly bioavailable BCAA is calibrated to get you the best possible results in the gym. Performance Lab’s BCAA capsules are engineered to elevate your strength and endurance, block muscle soreness, and optimize muscle growth. This is the only product that made our list that isn’t a powder!


  • Elevates Strength
  • Optimizes Muscle Growth
  • Speeds up recovery


  • Hasn't been on the market too long
  • Newer brand

4. Old School Labs BCAA with Probiotics

Old School Labs classic BCAA 2:1:1

Old School Labs BCAA receives our nod as the #4 overall pick for women's BCAA for several reasons. For starters, the brand itself has close to 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon so we certainly couldn’t ignore those. It's also one of the only supplements of this kind that also has probiotics in the formula.

There is a great flavor to choose from (natural watermelon) and they each contain 5G of amino acids, which is the industry standard. There’s 125mg of caffeine derived from natural resources that give you a little pre-workout boost without any crash or jitters. And there’s no sugar, calories, or carbs. They also have a vegan formula, here.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to mix
  • Lactation Friendly
  • Tastes great


  • Some people don’t want the extra caffeine
  • There isn’t an unflavored option

5. ideal lean BCAAs for Women

ideallean BCAAs for women

This is a supplement brand devoted to women and they barely squeaked in this list to be honest. Ideallean (IdealFit) came out strong, but they are almost losing sight in the bigger picture (helping women become fit and healthy). They need to really step up their game. That said, this BCAA for women product has a total of 805 ratings at amazon with an average rating of 4.2/5 stars, which is still pretty darn good.


  • Tastes like a candy treat
  • Formulated specifically for women
  • Caffeine-free


  • The sour gummy flavor isn’t really sour
  • If you don’t drink it quickly, it clumps

6. OPTIMUM NUTRITION Instantized Capsules

optimum nutrition bcaa capsules

If powders aren’t your thing, don’t worry because you can also get your daily dose in capsule form. We chose Optimum Nutrition’s formula as the best capsule option because it’s a simple, no-fuss option for those who want to get in their BCAAs without spending any time preparing it.

They come in easy to swallow pills, they’re designed to help boost your endurance and recovery and you can get them at a great price point.


  • Easy to swallow capsule
  • Very affordable
  • Keto-friendly


  • No additional nutritional benefits
  • Some dislike the size of the capsules

7. Truth Nutrition Fermented Vegan

truth sports women's vegan bcaa

There are several vegan options out there to choose from, however, this one takes the cake in our book. It’s 100% natural, plant-based and free of any artificial ingredients. It promotes increased strength and endurance as well as aids in muscle recovery.

It comes in four delicious flavors and has tons of 5-star reviews that support and commend this product. If you’re vegan, you can’t go wrong with Truth Nutrition’s formula.


  • Vegan
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery


  • Some complained of an upset stomach (yikes)

8. Naked BCAAs Amino Acids Powder


If you’re looking for a no-fuss, unflavored option—this particular supplement is a great choice. It’s 100 servings of pure amino acids with nothing to hide, hence the “naked.”

This simple formula is perfect for those who want to toss a stoop in their shaker, down it quickly and feel all benefits after their workout. Increased lean muscle max, decreased soreness, and increased energy are just a few of the promised benefits.


  • Vegan
  • All-natural
  • No artificial flavors


  • There’s a smell to the powder that’s off-putting to some

9. Amino Slim

amino slim vegan bcaas and weight management

Looking for the workout benefits without adding any bulk? Amino slim is a great option for women who’re looking to lose weight and lean out.

This formula got our vote as a top choice for weight loss as it combines BCAAs with other proven weight loss supplements to help women hit who hit the gym hard recover faster and slim down in the meantime.


  • Helps aid in weight loss
  • Appetite control
  • 3 flavors to choose from
  • Improved mood


  • Some women complained of a stomach ache

10. MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen

MuscleTech Amino Build supplement

For women who want to increase their muscle mass, choosing one that's specifically designed for muscle gain is beneficial. We chose MuscleTech’s formula because it has 8g of power, that's designed to help reduce protein breakdown, thereby leading to faster muscle growth. There are 7 tasty flavors to choose from and it mixes easily with water.


  • Designed to build muscle, faster
  • Great flavor choices
  • Hundreds of positive reviews
  • Great brand


  • Not vegan and allergen-friendly
  • On the pricey end
  • It is a wonderful brand, but they don't specialize in BCAAs for females

11. XTEND Original Powder

xtend original women's bcaa

We chose XTEND as the best sugar-free BCAA's for women because it has no sugar, no carbs, no calories, yet has 7g of pure amino acids and 15 different flavors to choose from. This formula mixes easily and promotes muscle recovery while keeping you hydrated throughout your workout.


  • Sugar-free
  • Zero calories
  • Stimulant free
  • Great flavors


  • Not vegan
  • Contain artificial sweeteners

12. MP Essentials Powder

mp essentials BCAA supplement

MP Essentials powder is our choice for those looking to find a budget-friendly option that still provides all the muscle building and recovery benefits of the pricier choices. This formula contains 6g per serving and has tons of awesome reviews from raving fans of the product.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Promotes workout hydration


  • Some don’t like the fruit punch flavor
  • Not allergen-friendly

13. Genius BCAA Powder

Genius BCAA product

We chose Genius Brand for the best all-natural powder, however, it would also be our choice for the most additional benefits, too.

This powder not only has all the muscle benefits of this supplement but it also has additional benefits for your mind and mood. It’s said to help boost memory and attention span and fight off daily stressors. It’s completely all-natural with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients.


  • All-natural
  • Helps boost mental clarity
  • Improves muscle recovery


  • Contains caffeine

What Are BCAA Supplements for Women All About?

If you’ve read our list, then you’ve likely heard the buzz about it and are wondering if it’s a good option for you and your lifestyle.

Here’s the scoop: your body naturally produces nearly two dozen different amino acids that are broken into two different categories; essential and non-essential.

Essential refers to whether or not your body can synthesize them or whether you need to obtain them through your diet—thus making them essential for your diet.

Branched-chain amino acids are considered essential amino acids because your body cannot produce them on its own. But, these amino acids play an important role in the production of strong muscle growth. Without an adequate supply of this supplement, you won’t able to max-out your workout to the highest potential.

The ones that we chose help you to ensure that you get the most from your workouts and reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

Benefits for Women's BCAAs

Depending on your specific workout and body composition goals, there are several reasons why women take it, we’ll run down the top reasons:

To combat the side effects of aging:

As women age, their muscles weaken and deteriorate, it’s an unpleasant side effect that comes along with getting older. Maintaining our muscle strength as we age is vital to our health and quality of life. Women who workout and use these to supplement their workout tend to have strong, leaner bodies than those who don’t.

To reduce muscle soreness:

Anyone who works out has experienced that feeling of extreme muscle soreness and fatigue the day or two after. By taking this supplement after your workout, you’re helping to prevent muscle soreness by giving your body what it needs to rapidly repair following a tough workout.

To increase endurance:

Ever feel like you’re just hitting a wall in your workouts? Like your body just simply can’t handle anymore. Breaking through that wall and pushing yourself to the next level is crucial in your pursuit to achieve the body of your dreams. BCAAs for women can help you do just that.

To build lean muscle mass:

Fit is the new skinny and women all over are jumping on this trend (and we couldn’t be more excited about it!) Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more lean, healthy muscle you have, the higher your metabolism is and the more fat you’ll incinerate. This leaves you with the lean, athletic look you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we came up with the most frequently asked questions for BCAA's for women.

What Are The Side Effects of Taking BCAA?

These are a completely natural amino acid that should have too many adverse effects on the body, however, some people do experience mild side effects. A lot has to do with the additional additives or flavors in some options. If you’re sensitive to these kinds of things, we recommend that you stick with an all-natural choice like this one. Some of these supplements can cause:

  • Fatigue: This is usually more to do with women pushing themselves too hard because they feel so powerful with the BCAAs in their system.
  • Lower insulant resistance: This happens when you take BCAAs on days that you don’t work out. Amino acids can convert to glucose if they aren’t put to use, i.e. burned off in a workout.
  • Stomachache: Too much of a good thing is never good. Many women consume too much and feel an upset stomach.
  • Blood ammonia surge: Leucine can increase blood ammonia concentrations. Again, you should only take the recommended dosages, nothing more. 

When Should You Take This Supplement?

After you take it, you can expect the level in your bloodstream to peak about 30 minutes later. Given this information, it’s in your best interest to begin your workout about 30 minutes after you drink it. However, some research suggests that it stays in your system for up to 5 hours, so you can likely get away with waiting longer to workout.

We recommend experimenting on your own to see how you and your body react and what yields the best results for you.

How Much Should You Take Per Day?

On average, women should take about 9g of this supplement on the days that she works out intensely. Be sure to read the dosage label that you choose to incorporate into your training for the most accurate dosage.

Is There a Preworkout with this Supplement?

Yes, as a matter of fact, most women who take it use it as part of their pre-workout routine. Most of these supplements for women have some kind of stimulant like caffeine in it that can help boost energy before a workout. This is a great option for an all-natural pre-workout with it.

Is BCAA for Women’s Weight Loss a Real Thing?

Yes, women can certainly lose weight while taking this supplement. Many women are misled into thinking that they’ll get “bulky” when they consume it, however, that’s not necessarily the truth unless you’re in a bulking phase of your workout regime.

I'm a woman, What's the best BCAA brand for weight loss?

Without question, the best women's BCAA for weight loss is 1st Phorm BCAA's because it’s designed for women and it’s geared towards speeding up your metabolism while promoting healthy, lean muscle mass.

Final Verdict

These options are great, natural supplement to add to your routine that will help fuel your workouts, increase lean muscle mass, and decrease soreness. Don’t be afraid to take this supplement for fear of bulking up or gaining weight—these on their own won’t make you gain weight. If you do, however, want to gain weight, this is a great option.

If you struggle with having the energy you need to work out, hitting a wall or plateauing, or dealing with debilitating soreness, this supplement is definitely a worthwhile investment. If you decide to try out one of the options for women we chose, be sure to come back and let us know what you think!

recommended bcaa for women - 1st phorm bcaa
1st Phorm BCAAs

You want the best? Well, here it is - the absolute best BCAA supplement for women is 1st Phorm BCAA's. There's really two words that sum up this product: High Quality!

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