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The AVIRON smart rowing machine is set up perfectly for beginners with their advanced software / programming that automatically tunes the resistance with the level of workout (easy, medium or hard) that you choose.

So you’re brand new to rowing and you want to buy an Aviron rowing machine but you’re stuck on one little detail: you aren’t sure if it’s good for beginners.

I’ve seen this question come up enough to the point where I’m happy to dedicate an article blog article on the topic. I mean, it’s important to know if you invest in a piece of equipment that you’re actually going to be able to use, right? Right.

I began rowing as an absolute beginner just about a year ago now and can tell you that while there was definitely a learning curve, it’s not as intimidating as you might think. Especially when you invest in a rowing machine that’s designed to work for people at all fitness levels like Aviron.

In this article, I will be addressing the question of whether or not Aviron is good for beginners (spoiler alert: it is!) and backing up my answer with plenty of evidence and personal experience so that you feel comfortable saying yes to this new fitness journey.

Is The Aviron Rower Good For Beginners? Yes! Here’s Why

Chances are you are already familiar with Aviron if you found yourself here, so I won’t go into a full Aviron review. Rather, I’m going to focus on the key features of Aviron that make it beginner-friendly.

great for beginners aviron rower

Simplicity in Design

aviron rower simple design

I want to start with the design of the actual machine as I definitely feel like this plays a role in its friendliness to beginners. The Aviron rower is very sleek and simple, there is nothing complicated about getting it set up and ready to row.

Once assembled (which is also quite simple and seamless), all you need to do to get your workout going is unfold your rower and hop on the seat. There are no adjustments that need to be made, so no matter who used the machine last, you can hop on and get to work.

Aviron is a large machine, but it’s surprisingly lightweight and super mobile. There are wheels on the bottom that make it easy to glide around the room and set up wherever you wish. Plus, the fact that it folds up makes it so easy to tuck away when not in use. Anyone can fold up and maneuver this machine, which makes it much less complicated for those new to working out.

Rowing 101 and 102 Programs

rowing 101 with aviron for beginners

After acknowledging that Aviron is easy to set up and maneuver, the next question is, once you get on the machine, will you be able to learn to row properly? The answer is, yes, absolutely!

I always recommend that those who are brand new to rowing begin with Rowing 101 and Rowing 102 on the Aviron rowing machine. Both of these guided programs are located right on your machine and are very simple to navigate to.

rowing 102 with aviron for beginners

Rowing 101 will take you through proper form, mechanics, and getting started and Rowing 102 will help you put what you learned into practice, allowing you to build confidence in your strokes before taking on a game or program.

Scalable Resistance Settings

resistance system aviron rower

On the screen, you can choose to up the ante (increase resistance) or lower the resistance level, even during your workout. That said, when you choose a "easy, medium or hard" setting, it will adjust your resistance to what you choose, which is awesome.

Varying resistance levels are completely unique to the Aviron and it’s one of the reasons that makes this rowing machine great for newbies. Aviron offers 16 levels of resistance, allowing you to start from where your strength is currently at and work your way up.

After completing the Rowing 101 and 102 courses, a great next step is to go to the open rowing feature that allows you to just row and track your metrics. Inside this program, you will also have the ability to adjust your resistance and test out what feels right for you. Adjusting the resistance is as easy as clicking a button on the HD touchscreen.

Easy to Advanced Levels

beginners can choose easy medium hard aviron levels

When you’re ready to jump into the games and programs that truly make Aviron so great, you can rest assured that they have options for beginners, so nothing is off-limits! Click on any game you’d like to try and before you get into it, you’ll be asked to set your pace based on your experience level and your goals for that particular workout.

The level choices range from easy to “pain”. For reference, I have been rowing for a few months now and still choose beginner level or intermediate, I’m nowhere near pain! But, hey, someday I might be and I love that Aviron gives users of all fitness levels the opportunity to show and get stronger.

Fun, Engaging Games That Inspire You To Get To Work

rowing games for beginners on aviron rower

If you’re someone who is new to working out and has struggled in the past with staying consistent and not getting bored with your plan, then you’re going to love Aviron. After all, Aviron’s goal is to “end boring workouts.”

Not only are the workouts on the shorter end, meaning you don’t have to commit to an hour session to get results, but they are fun, engaging, and addicting, too. The games and workouts on Aviron have a way of pulling you in and making you feel as though you’re inside a video game, not working out.

You’ll feel more motivated, excited, and you’ll feel your competitive spirit start to come out. The result is a great workout that flies by and that leaves you feeling accomplished and ready for more. I can’t say this about most workouts. In fact, I’ve heard from lots of folks who jumped on the spin bike trend, burned out, and how they switched to rowing with a smart rower like Aviron simply because they don’t feel like they need to work out for hours to get a good workout. Plus, rowing is a lot less boring and works far more muscles at once.

An Amazing Community to Lean On

At first, you might not think that having a community is important, but let me tell you, it is. This is especially true for beginner rowers or those new to getting in shape. Without community, accountability, and camaraderie, you’re far more likely to give up or put out less than your best effort.

But mix in the support, encouragement, and competition of being part of something bigger than yourself and you will find that you’re so much more motivated to put in the work. The Aviron Active community is one of the most engaging and active communities that I have been a part of. Inside, you’ll find people of all fitness levels and all walks of life looking to improve their fitness and have a great time in the process.

I always recommend that people join the community and get involved. Ask questions, look for friends to row with, and have fun connecting with others!

Still Feeling Intimidated to Try Rowing? Don’t!

aviron rower in garage - for beginners

At its core, rowing is a very low-impact workout that’s safe and accessible to nearly everyone. Because there is little to no impact on your joints, rowing tends to be a safer exercise for those with compromised joints.

Plus, when compared to other cardio workouts like running and spinning, rowing activates far more muscles (86% off your total muscular system!) than running or spinning and subsequently burns more calories.

As with trying anything new, there’s going to be a learning curve. You will need to learn how to nail proper rowing form, the general mechanics of the motion, and how to optimize your strokes to get the most out of your workout. Thankfully, Aviron has you covered and will walk you through the whole process. I have heard stories from people of all ages and fitness levels get on their  rower for the first time and fall in love with not only the machine and the workouts but with the sport of rowing, it’s pretty cool to see!

Wrapping Up: Should a Beginner Try Aviron?

Yes, beginners should absolutely feel confident in purchasing an Aviron rowing machine. The Aviron team takes the time and attention needed to make sure that people of all ages, fitness levels, and experience levels can get the most out of the rower.

Of course, rowing isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a way to get in shape, have some fun, and not spend hours doing so, rowing is a great choice. And although I am a big fan of several rowing machines, Aviron is truly my favorite and the one that I find to be the most user-friendly and exciting to use.

Be sure to join Aviron’s FB community to connect with the hundreds of other Aviron users there to support your journey and join our private FB group, Fit Home Healthy Life for even more fitness and wellness support and connection.

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beginning rowing with the aviron rower
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