Fresh coffee delivered right to your doorstep? Where do we sign up? Rather than standing in the coffee aisle at your local grocery store trying to figure out which coffee variety you want to try this month, coffee club services are taking control for you.

Let’s take a look at two popular coffee clubs: Atlas Coffee and Bean Box. We’ll look at some of the key features for both of these brands, including the pros and cons of each one.

Key Factors Before Buying Atlas Coffee or Bean Box

Atlas Coffee

Atlas Coffee Club provides you with access to unique coffee from all over the world, including Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia.

You receive 12 ounces of freshly roasted coffee each month when you sign up for Atlas Coffee.

Atlas Coffee provides literature on where your coffee is coming from, flavor notes to look out for and more.

Bean Box

Bean Box selects its coffees from over 50 roasters in the United States.

Your coffee preferences help determine what variety of Bean Box you receive.

Bean Box equates to $0.55 per cup, plus free shipping.

Overview of Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club sends you a new variety of freshly roasted coffee each month. You get 12 ounces in each subscription package, with options being selected from all over the world. Some of the best coffee producers in Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia are the key to the success of Atlas Coffee Club.

black atlas coffee just brewed

Key Features

  • Not only does Atlas Coffee provide you with coffee varieties from all over the world, but they also provide you with literature on each one.
  • You’ll become a coffee connoisseur thanks to the information Atlas Coffee provides on the different flavor notes you should look out for.
  • You can’t find this coffee anywhere else.
  • This monthly subscription is perfect for yourself or as a gift if you know a fellow coffee lover.


  • Unique coffee blends delivered right to your doorstep each month.
  • 12 ounces in each package is the perfect amount, whether you love or dislike the variety that month.
  • Signing up for an Atlas Coffee subscription is fast and simple.
  • You receive a coffee match guarantee. If you don’t love the coffee you get, the next bag is free.


  • There is also an Atlas Tea Club, but it would be nice if you could combine the two.
  • Coffee pods and cold brews are their own subscriptions as well.


The price of your subscription can vary based on the features that you choose. For example, you can indicate whether you want ground coffee for a drip machine or for espresso. There are also options for light to medium coffee or medium to dark.

The average price of a 12-ounce bag that should last for 30 cups of coffee is $14. There is also an option for a half bag at the price of $9 and a double bag at $28.

Overview of Bean Box Coffee Club

Bean Box Coffee Club provides a subscription to freshly ground coffees sourced from more than 50 top roasters in the United States. Sustainably sourced, Bean Box coffee allows you to save towards free coffee with 5% back in credits when you make a purchase. There is a lot of variety with Bean Box, stocking your cupboard with unique flavor notes every four weeks.

Key Features

  • You get a free tasting flight with your subscription.
  • There are other coffee gifts available from Bean Box in addition to their subscription.
  • The coffee is sourced from 50+ roasters that are located in the United States.


  • Bean Box experts test each variety of coffee before it becomes a monthly option.
  • You can choose between whole bean coffee and ground.
  • Other choices include decaf, espresso, curator’s choice, light, medium and dark.
  • Delivery options include weekly, every two weeks and every month.
  • You can pause your delivery at any time.


  • The variety doesn’t seem as impressive as Atlas Coffee.
  • You don’t have as many customization options.


The cost of a cup of Bean Box Coffee comes to approximately $0.55 per cup. Your price will depend on the options you choose; however, a weekly delivery of coffee costs about $20. A shipment every two weeks is $22, and monthly deliveries are $24.

Shipping is always free. You also receive access to special discounts and promotions when you sign up.

Comparison Section: Bean Box vs. Atlas Coffee Club

Let’s compare Bean Box and Atlas Coffee Club to see how they match up to one another.

Comparing Coffee Quality

We like the international aspect that Atlas Coffee Club provides. They scour the entire planet to find the best coffee varieties out there, so you can receive deliveries right to your door. Their quality is excellent, though Bean Box does pay close attention to quality as well.

Comparing Subscription Options, Price and Value

Both Atlas Coffee and Bean Box walk you through the process of signing up, with a pretty simple process. You choose what kind of coffee you want (whole bean or ground) and whether you want a light, medium or dark roast. There are also some options for decaf coffee and espresso. Atlas Coffee also has a customization option where you can choose how you plan on brewing your coffee (French press, traditional drip, etc.).

In regard to price and value, both companies offer subscriptions at pretty similar price points. However, Atlas Coffee is a little more affordable, and we feel that you get better-quality coffee when you purchase through them.

Comparing Taste

There are a number of coffee varieties available for both Bean Box and Atlas Coffee. Atlas Coffee Club provides you with notes on the flavor of your coffee, so you can really learn what to look for when you’re drinking your morning beverage. Because of this, we’re confident that Atlas Coffee pays close attention to the taste and quality of the coffee that they’re providing as part of their subscription services.

Bean Box does claim that they test their products to make sure you’re getting the very best coffee.

Main Differences Between Bean Box and Atlas Coffee Club

We noticed that Atlas Coffee seems to provide you with more value and customization options compared to Bean Box. Whether you’re choosing to give a coffee subscription as a gift or you want to subscribe for yourself, it’s nice to be able to choose different options to really add variety to this experience.

We like that Atlas sustainably sources their coffee from places all over the world. Bean Box markets their coffee as being from roasters that are located in the U.S.

Which Is Better: Atlas Coffee Club or Bean Box Coffee?

Atlas Coffee Club is the better option if you’re looking for a coffee subscription that includes variety, customization and value. We like the little added personalization of including a postcard with coffee history information and flavor notes. They seem to provide a full experience with each cup of coffee that you drink. There are also options to receive coffee that can be used in your Keurig or Nespresso machine.

Choose Atlas Coffee Club If…

You’re looking for a gift idea that is unique and provides an entire experience with one cup of coffee. If you’re very interested in learning about the different flavors and features of coffee from all over the world, Atlas Coffee Club is a great opportunity for your own use.

Over 100,000 coffee drinkers have used Atlas Coffee Club. Their products are roasted fresh to order, with Atlas coffee featuring a single-origin specialty-grade certification. This is quality coffee that you won’t find on your grocery store shelves or through other online retailers. You can't beat the value considering the quality of coffee that comes conveniently to your door with each delivery.

atlas coffee boxes and in a cup

Choose Bean Box If…

Bean Box advertises that they frequently offer discounts, promotions and even free gifts when you sign up for their coffee subscription service. This is a nice perk that makes it worth signing up. The brand also guarantees that you’re getting freshly roasted coffee with each delivery. You can choose the frequency of your delivery, though we feel this makes Bean Box feel a little less like a coffee club and more like a traditional product subscription.

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