November 16, 2022

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When looking for a macro tracking app, you’ll find a number of different options to choose from. The most talked-about app is MyFitness Pal with the 1st Phorm My TransPhormation App coming in at a close second.

I have personally used both apps and have definitely found my preferred option, however, if you’re comparing 1st Phorm to My Fitness Pal, this article should help you decide which option is the right choice for you.

Quick Table Comparison of MyFitnessPal Vs. 1st Phorm App

apps on screen



1st Phorm App

Macro Tracking:

Yes, but it's more of a calorie tracker


Food Tracking Scanner:



Workout & Training Programs:

Yes, on paid version only


Tracks Weight Goals:



1:1 Coaching Included:


Yes, limited

Progress Photos:



Great for weight loss:



Free version:

Yes with lots of ads



$9.99 per month

$12.99 per month

See it in App Store:

Overview of 1st Phorm App

overview 1st phorm app

The 1st Phorm App or the MyTransphormation App is a one-of-its-kind lifestyle app that covers all of your health, fitness, and mindset needs. It’s hands-down the most comprehensive, well-thought-out app on the market when it comes to getting into the best shape of your life.

1st Phorm (read reviews) takes a comprehensive look at health, fitness, and nutrition, bringing to the market a full lifestyle app, not just a macro tracking app. So while there is an incredibly intuitive macro tracking feature inside the app, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for 1st Phorm App users.

Your entire wellness journey is covered inside the app, from finding an effective and reliable workout plan to getting access to one-on-one coaching with an experienced, in-app advisor, there are so many ways to feel supported on your journey.

At the core of 1st Phorm’s values and mission is to help people, which is incredibly evident in every product that they produce, including the MyTransphormation App. Although 1st Phorm is a supplement company, they go far and above to actually help people to change their lives, setting them up for success not just in the short-term, but in the long-term

Key Features and Benefits

holding 1st phorm app workout programs
  • Custom Macros
  • Macro Tracking
  • Daily and Weekly Tasks Lists
  • Integrated Step Counter
  • Daily Livestream Education Videos
  • Weight Tracking
  • Dozens of Curated Workout Programs for all Fitness Levels
  • 1:1 Chat Acess to a Personal In-App Advisor
  • Daily Motivational and Educational Announcements from Your Advisor
  • 4 yearly 8-week TransPhormation Challenges Win Chances to Win $$$
  • Weekly Assessments
  • In-App Progress Photo Tracking
  • Body Metrics Tracking


  • It’s a complete lifestyle app, not just a macro tracking resource
  • Full library of workouts for people of all fitness levels
  • Daily live streams for education and self-improvement
  • Access to a personal 1:1 app coach who will work with you towards your goals
  • Huge library of foods for macro tracking
  • Label scanner
  • Personalized macro counts that auto-adjust based on your goals and current weight
  • Super easy tracking with tons of hacks to copy/paste and build recipes and meals
  • 4 exciting 8-week seasonal challenges to be used a “push” phases throughout the year


  • There’s no longer a free version of the app (Although the $12.99/month cost is a STEAL for what you get)
  • It doesn’t currently integrate with every fitness watch/device

Overview of My FitnessPal

overview myfitnesspal app

My Fitness Pal (MFP) has long been the king of macro tracking apps thanks to its cost (Free!) and its ease of use. MFP comes in two versions; the free version and the paid version. With the free version of the app, you get access to all the macro and calorie tracking tools you need to get yourself up and running, however, the paid version really takes things to the next level.

holding myfitnesspal app

The free version of the app is great for those who are looking for the most basic calorie counting/macro tracking functionality. You have access to the food scanner and a full library of food selections to choose from. However, if you are really dialing in your nutrition and paying close attention to your macros, upgrading to the paid version will be necessary as the free version doesn’t include the macro breakdown of your foods, which is essential for accurate tracking.

Other than that, My FitnessPal can integrate with your wearable tracking devices and account for your energy expenditure. Plus, MFP gives you the ability to sync up with other friends who are using the app. Unfortunately, if you are using the free version of the app, you will need to deal with a slew of ads all over the screen.

Key Features and Benefits of the PAID Version

workout routines myfitnesspal
  • Ad-free
  • Macros are broken down by gram
  • Food analysis
  • Quick Add Macros
  • Macros by Meal
  • Different Goals by Day
  • Access to Coaching Plans
  • Access to Workout Plans
main screen myfitnesspal


  • There’s a free and a paid versions of the app to choose from
  • Simple and easy calorie counting/tracking
  • Huge library of pre-logged foods to choose from
  • Scanner feature
  • Option to create your own recipes and meals


  • The free version is cluttered with ads
  • Free version doesn’t show your macronutrient breakdown
  • No access to workout programs
  • The app accounts for your workout calories and asks you to eat them back 
  • No access to a personal health coach (costs extra if there is)
  • Limited education and resources available
  • More of a nutrition-only app vs a lifestyle app

Head to Head Comparison: 1st Phorm App vs My Fitness Pal

both apps in hand

When it comes to comparing the 1st Phorm App to My FitnessPal, at first glance it might look like an apples to apples comparison, however, it’s more like an apples to oranges situation. Here’s why:

1st Phorm created its app to be a lifestyle app, encompassing every facet of your health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. My FitnessPal, on the other hand, is an app that’s almost singularly focused on tracking calories and nutrition.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong or bad about either app, however, it’s important to note the differences so that you can make sure that you’re choosing an app that’s in alignment with your goals and lifestyle.

Educational Resources and Coaching

1st Phorm’s App (My TransPhormation App) quite literally includes everything you need to not only track your healthy lifestyle but to understand how to go about it in the first place. From the daily educational live streams to the 1:1 access to your own personal in-app advisor, the value and education that you get with the 1st Phorm App is truly hard to beat.

Those who use the 1st Phorm App will have access to a personal advisor who is educated and trained on nutrition, fitness, and sustainable lifestyle. Your in-app advisor will deliver in-depth education and motivation announcements to the app every day, and you have the opportunity to send them a direct message to get personalized advice and coaching, which is completely unique to 1st Phorm’s platform.

My FitnessPal doesn’t offer anywhere near the same level of coaching and education, which is to be expected considering it’s solely a nutrition tracking app.

Nutrition Tracking

Between My FitnessPal and 1st Phorm, they are nearly even when it comes to nutrition tracking ease and availability. However, I believe MFP has a tad larger of a library at this point. Both offer easy scanning features and quick look-up access. It’s also very easy to save meals and recipes and copy/paste between your days for quick tracking.


MFP recently added a workout routine feature to the app that allows you to be able to create a library of multi-exercise routines based on your personal workout regimen. I haven’t personally tried MFP workouts, however, based on my research, these aren’t comprehensive workout plans.

1st Phorm’s workout section includes dozens of curated workouts that are tailored to all kinds of goals and workout preferences. From strength programs that implement progressive overload strategies to HIIT training and mobility, you’ll find a program that matches your needs. Plus, there are programs designed for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

Cost Comparison

MFP has a free version that makes it super accessible to everyone, however, it only offers the most basic functionality. If you’re someone who is serious about tracking macros and reaching a specific goal, you should definitely upgrade to the premium version of the app which costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year, which is very manageable.

1st Phorm’s App costs $12.99 per month or $129.99 per year, which is slightly more than MFP, however, the value increase is exponential, in my opinion. For those looking for a complete lifestyle app that allows them to build and expand their knowledge of sustainable nutrition while also working on their fitness, 1st Phorm is hands-down option that provides the most bang for your buck.

Which is Better: 1st Phorm App or My Fitness Pal?

1st phorm app or myfitnesspal better

When you line up 1st Phorm and My FitnessPal head-to-head, the clear winner is the 1st Phorm App based on the number of resources provided. 1st Phorm provides every tool you need to learn how to live and maintain a fit, healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

That’s not to say that My FitnessPal is a bad choice, in fact, I think it’s a perfect choice for those who simply want to use a basic calorie tracking app and not dish out any money. However, when it comes to learning more about nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, and getting access to real, live professionals, My FitnessPal can’t touch the 1st Phorm App.

I used to use MFP prior to making the switch to 1st Phorm and I found it to be useful for tracking my calories, however, there were many features that were missing and that weren’t in alignment with my goals. 

If you want to experience a complete lifestyle app that includes every tool and resource you need to live your fittest and healthiest life, give the 1st Phorm app a try for yourself. The $12.99 per month investment is an absolute steal.

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